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Directed by Takashi Miike
Produced by Saburô Naitô
Written by Shigenori Takechi
Release date
25 June 2003
Running time
100 min.
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Kikoku (鬼哭?, distributed as Yakuza Demon in USA) is a Japanese yakuza film directed by Takashi Miike. The film reunites Miike with Riki Takeuchi, who stars as the main character.


Seiji (played by Takeuchi) grew up as an orphan who was raised by Boss Muto. The Muto family is composed only of Boss Muto, Seiji and Yoshi. Boss Muto gets arrested and sentenced to serve 2 years in prison.

They nearly succeed as the boss is in critical condition. The act has compromised the future of the Date family. The Tendo family respond quickly with a wave of brutal murders.

Yoshi is killed by an assassin squad under the order of the Tendo family, while visiting his girlfriend. After hearing of his bosses expulsion Seiji returns to the Date headquarters and shoots the first person who yells at him. A member of the Date clan explains boss Muto was expelled because he went to prison as when he was supposed to commit an assassination, so they think Boss Muto himself in to police. Seiji readily explains it was him who told on the boss. Seiji carries out the assassination of the number two boss and is shot shortly after.

Seiji then goes to the bar of Boss Muto's wife, who takes him to a doctor. Soon after, Boss Date is assassinated. The Taiwanese arms dealer shows up at Boss Muto's wife's house with weapons. Before he leaves he tells her that Seiji must love her because of his actions. Boss Muto is murdered in prison. Seiji then retaliates by killing boss Muto's killer on the way to his trial. Seiji and boss Muto's wife plan to escape to the Philippines.

As their boat begins to arrive, Boss Muto's wife throws Seiji's gun into the water with hopes of a peaceful future. As they turn to get their luggage, they notice a policeman, who had provided information to Seiji, hanging from a crane nearby. The two become aware they are cornered at the end of the dock and their boat turns around when it sees trouble. The assassin squad closes in on them and open fire as Seiji blocks all the shots from hitting Muto's wife. As Seiji lies dead, the leader of the assassin squad tells him that he's "way too cool" and walks off without harming boss Muto's wife.


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