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"You're My World"
Single by Cilla Black
from the album The Best of Cilla Black
B-side"Suffer Now I Must"
ReleasedMay 1964
Format7" single
Recorded3 April 1964
StudioAbbey Road Studios, London
GenreEasy listening
LabelParlophone (most countries)
Capitol (US/Canada)
Songwriter(s)Umberto Bindi, Gino Paoli, Carl Sigman
Producer(s)George Martin
Cilla Black singles chronology
"Anyone Who Had a Heart"
"You're My World"
"It's for You"

"You're My World" is a ballad originally recorded in 1963 as "Il mio mondo" ("My World") by Umberto Bindi, who co-wrote the Italian version with Gino Paoli. Given English lyrics by Carl Sigman as "You're My World", the song reached No. 1 in Australia (twice), Belgium, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa and United Kingdom in recordings by Cilla Black, Daryl Braithwaite, Guys 'n' Dolls and Helen Reddy. Black's and Reddy's versions reached the US Top 40 in 1964 and 1977, respectively. The song also reached No. 1 in France and Spain in the respective translations "Ce monde" and "Mi Mundo", both sung by Richard Anthony.

1960s hit versions[edit]

Cilla Black[edit]

Although the original Italian version by composer Umberto Bindi was not a hit, even in Italy, the song came to the attention of UK record producer George Martin, who commissioned an English version to be recorded by his protégée Cilla Black. The English lyrics were written by Carl Sigman whose son Michael Sigman would recall: "Inspired by Umberto Bindi's haunting melody, Carl evoked Gino Paoli's Italian title ('Il Mio Mondo' or 'My World'). But he created a wholly original English lyric."[1]

Black cut the song "You're My World" — as Carl Sigman entitled his English language rendering of "Il Mio Mondo" - in a session at Abbey Road Studios with Johnny Pearson conducting his orchestra on 3 April 1964[2] and The Breakaways providing background vocals. Black has said that her road manager and future husband Bobby Willis also sang on the track. Judd Proctor was the lead guitarist on the session[3] which also featured drummer Kenny Clare.[2]

"You're My World" reached No. 1 in Britain on the chart dated 30 May 1964 and remained there for a total of four weeks, one week more than Black's preceding single "Anyone Who Had a Heart".[4] Although Black returned to the UK Top Ten eight times, the song was her final No. 1 hit.

Black's "You're My World" was also No. 1 in Australia[5] for two weeks that July when it also spent three weeks at No. 2 in New Zealand,[6] while in South Africa the disc was the second biggest hit for the year 1964.[7] A Top Twenty hit in Denmark and a Top Thirty hit in The Netherlands,[8] the track also reached No. 12 in Canada,[9] No. 2 in Ireland, No. 8 in Norway[10] and No. 7 in Sweden.[11]

"You're My World" was the first track by Black to be released in the US, where the singer was signed to Capitol Records. Peaking at No. 26 in August 1964, the song was Black's only Top 40 hit in the United States. She also reached number four on the Easy Listening chart.[12]

An alternative take from the recording sessions which yielded the Cilla Black hit version of "You're My World" was later issued, with the opening notes being likened to be the sound of musicians tuning up. Both the 1964 versions, however, remain faithful to Bindi's strong vocal delivery and the instrumentation of his original recording in Italian.

Black remade the song in 1985 for her Surprisingly Cilla album and then again in 1993 for her Through the Years album; both tracks attempted to capture the original's orchestral quality via synthesizers. Over the Christmas season of 2008 Black came out of retirement for her professional swansong playing the Fairy Godmother in the Cinderella panto at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, each presentation of which would conclude with Black joined by her castmates in a performance of You're My World.[13]

Reportedly when the hearse bearing Black's body arrived at St Mary's Church, Woolton for her 20 August 2015 funeral mass, "hundreds of fans broke into Cilla's 1964 hit 'You're My World'".[14][citation needed] The grave marker beneath the headstone on Black's burial plot in Allerton Cemetery is inscribed with the second and third stanzas of "You're My World": lyrics from Black's hits "Step Inside Love" and "Alfie" also appear on the marker. (The black marble headstone and marker were installed 18 April 2016 some eight months after Black's 1 August 2015 passing: following the December 2015 theft of its original bronze nameplate Black's grave remained unmarked until drier weather permitted the installation of the marble headstone and marker.) [15][citation needed]

On 16 January 2017 a bronze statue of Cilla Black was unveiled on Mathew Street in Liverpool being positioned outside the entrance of the Cavern Club where Black was discovered: Black is represented standing on an oversize depiction of a 45" single copy of "You're My World".[16]



Subsequent to the success of Cilla Black's "You're My World" in the English-speaking world, Richard Anthony recorded a translation for release in France as "Ce Monde", which was No. 1 for six weeks in the summer of 1964 and that autumn reached No. 3 in Belgium (Wallonia). Anthony also made the song a hit in its original Italian format, taking "Il Mio Mondo" into the Italian charts for the first time with a No. 20 peak in 1964/5. Anthony, who recorded the English rendition under the title "You Are My World", also reached No. 1 in Spain in January 1965 with the rendering "Mi Mundo" which afforded Anthony a concurrent Top Ten hit in Argentina despite a local version by Juan Ramón (es) - entitled "En Mi Mundo" - having reached the Argentine Top 20 in the autumn of 1964.

Ria Bartok Columbia ESRF 1509
A1/ Ce Monde  • A2/ Ne M'Appelle Plus Jamais
B1/ Tu As Perdu La Tête  • B2/ Tu Peux Pas Savoir
Ria Bartok Pathé 77-519
Ce Monde b/w Tu As Perdu La Tête

Paris-based German-born songstress Ria Bartok (fr) recorded "Ce Monde" for a four track EP released by Columbia/EMI (France) in September 1964: that same month the track was issued as 7" single Pathé 77-519 in Canada where it reached No. 1 on that nation's French-language chart.[17] Bartok also included "Mi Mundo" on a Spanish-language EP she recorded.[18] "Ce Monde" was also featured on the 1965 album release Ria Bartok Pathé PAM 67.214

The success of the Cilla Black version of "You're My World" in South Africa did not preclude the success of a local cover version by Ray Walter which rose as high as No. 2 on South Africa's weekly hit parade.

The Finnish language rendering of "You're My World" entitled "Olet kaikki" has become a pop music standard in Finland due to its success on the Finnish hit parade as recorded by Johnny Liebkind (fi) on October 26, 1968.

1970s hit versions[edit]

"You're My World"
Helen Reddy You're My World.jpg
Single by Helen Reddy
from the album Ear Candy
B-side"Thank You"
Released4 April 1977
Format7" single
GenreEasy listening
Songwriter(s)Umberto Bindi, Gino Paoli, Carl Sigman
Producer(s)Kim Fowley
Helen Reddy singles chronology
"You're My World"
"The Happy Girls"

Helen Reddy[edit]

"You're My World" became a Top 20 hit in the US in 1977 via a remake by Helen Reddy introduced on Ear Candy, her ninth studio album, whose February 1977 recording at Brother Studios in Santa Monica was helmed by veteran producer Kim Fowley with the assistance of Earle Mankey with arranging/conducting duties carried out by David Carr. Ritchie Blackmore has been credited with playing guitar on Reddy's recording of "You're My World":[19] Deep Purple, the group Blackmore had fronted, had been managed by Jeff Wald who in 1977 was Helen Reddy's manager and husband (Blackmore's name does not appear in the official credits listed on the Ear Candy album).

Although Reddy's eighth studio album Music, Music (1976) had been certified gold, its second single release "Gladiola" had been Reddy's first Billboard Hot 100 shortfall since her 1971 Hot 100 debut with "I Don't Know How to Love Him" (of Reddy's fifteen 1971-76 Hot 100 entries all but two had reached the Top 20 affording her ten Top 20 hits). Jeff Wald, then Reddy's husband and manager, would state in 1977: "Helen has enough hits to be established in the public mind...but it still shakes you when you're suddenly not on the charts".[20] Wald therefore had not wanted Reddy's ninth studio album to be (quote) "just another Helen Reddy album[:] I let it be known on the street that whoever came to me with the right material, with a hit song, was going to produce Helen Reddy"..."I wanted hit singles and something a little different":[21]"I called every publisher in town: listened to 800-900 songs";[20]"I let a dozen producers walk into this office and play me a song. I called Kim Fowley and let him know I would like to hear from him, what his ideas were and of all the guys who walked into my office he had the most material that I liked":[21]"He played me five songs, four of which I liked immediately".[20]

Reddy would recall singing along to radio play of Cilla Black's 1964 hit version of "You're My World": (quote) "When it was suggested [in 1977] as a track for me to record, I leapt like a trout to the fly." [22]

Reddy gave her debut televised performance of "You're My World" on the 6 May 1977 broadcast of The Midnight Special.[23] During the year 1977 Reddy promoted "You're My World" via performances on five episodes of The Tonight Show.[21]

A smash hit in Chicago (chart peak: #4),[24] Reddy's "You're My World" otherwise failed to break in any first-tier metropolitan market: the track did reach #1 in Buffalo - where WKBW-AM would rank "You're My World" as the #5 hit of 1977 [25] - and received moderate support in a number of regional markets, reaching a Billboard Hot 100 peak of #18 in July 1977. "You're My World" was thus Reddy's highest charting single since "Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady" almost two years previously, besting the #29 peak of "I Can't Hear You No More" the lead single off Reddy's precedent Music, Music album: however "You're My World" would prove to be Reddy's last Top 40 hit. With a debut on the Hot 100 dated 30 April 1977 and final appearance 24 September 1977, "You're My World" ties with Reddy's signature #1 hit "I am Woman" as the singer's longest-running Hot 100 hit. Commenting on the lengthy chart tenure of the Top Ten shortfall "You're My World", Jeff Wald would state: "As busy as [Capitol Records] are with ten [or] eleven acts with [rising chart hits] they didn't lose the Helen Reddy record, they didn't give up on it...There's not many [major labels] that would stay with the record of an established artist, not a new artist that they're trying to break, stay with a record for nineteen [or so] weeks like that and pound it and pound it and pound it." [21]

"You're My World" fell short of "I Can't Hear You No More"' #1 peak on the Billboard Easy Listening Top 50 which afforded "You're My World" a peak of #5: however "You're My World" would overall be a more substantial Easy Listening hit than "I Can't Hear You...", as evidenced by Billboard ranking "You're My World" as the #12 Easy Listening hit for the year 1977:[26] "I Can't Hear You..." had placed on Billboard's annual Easy Listening tally for 1976 at #39.[27] Reddy would place seven more tracks in the Easy Listening Top 50, the most successful of which was her 1978 remake of "We'll Sing in the Sunshine" (peak #12).

"You're My World" also reached number #13 on the Canadian pop chart.[28] The potential for further international success for Reddy's version of "You're My World" was narrowed by the concurrent release of a remake by UK pop group Guys 'n' Dolls which was a #1 hit in the Netherlands and Flemish Belgium: although the Guys 'n' Dolls version was unsuccessful in the British Isles its release there did cause Capitol UK to make Ear Candy's lead single the track "Long Distance Love" with "You're My World" as B-side, while in the Netherlands Reddy's co-write "Midnight Skies" was the choice for single (with "Long Distance Love" as B-side) with neither local release affording Reddy any success. In Reddy's native Australia a remake of "You're My World" had been a #1 hit in January 1975 for Daryl Braithwaite factoring into the Australian release of the spring 1977 Australian release of Reddy's version being unsuccessful. "You're My World" did afford Reddy a #1 hit in Mexico, with the track remaining in that nation's Top Ten from October 1977 to March 1978.

Reddy's 1978 concert album Live in London - recorded at the London Palladium - features the singer performing "You're My World".

Chart performance[edit]


Daryl Braithwaite of Sherbet remade "You're My World" as his first solo recording; released in October 1974 the track entered the Australian chart dated November 11, 1974 following Braithwaite's performing of "You're My World" on the debut episode of the iconic Australian pop music show Countdown broadcast November 8, 1974. Produced by Tweed Harris, Braithwaite's "You're My World" spent the first three weeks of 1975 at No. 1 on the Australian chart. It was Braithwaite's version of "You're My World" that inspired a young Tina Arena who heard her sister's copy of Braithwaite's single; Arena's impromptu performance of "You're My World" at a wedding led to her launching her performing career at age 7 on the TV show "Young Talent Time". However Arena has never recorded "You're My World". Daryl Braithwaite remade "You're My World" for his 2008 album The Lemon Tree which featured acoustic remakes of several of his hits.

Prior to the massive success of the Helen Reddy version of "You're My World" in Mexico that territory had afforded hit status to a version of the song's Spanish rendering, "Eres mi mundo" having given Grupo Yndio (es) their career record in 1976.

A remake of "You're My World" by the British group Guys 'n' Dolls was overlooked in the UK but reached No. 1 in the Netherlands for four weeks in May and June 1977 with a #4 ranking on the year-end tally for the Netherlands' hit parade:[37] the track also reached No. 1 in Belgium and was a minor hit in Germany (No. 48)[38] (in its release in the two last-named territories the track was identified as "You Are My World"). Dominic Grant sang lead on the Guys 'n' Dolls version of "You're My World" with Martine Howard's vocals also prominently featured.

Other recorded versions of the song[edit]

Year Artist
*alternate title
of rendition if
Details Year Artist
*alternate title
of rendition if
1964 Joan Baxter Embassy WB 633
budget soundalike of Cilla Black hit recording
B-side is "Walk on By"
2nd of 2
Joe Longthorne on his album The Joe Longthorne Songbook Ronco Silver CDSR 059
Maria Candido fr
*Ce monde* French
EP Disques Festival FX 1392 M 1995 PJ Powers on her album Woman of Africa
Michel Cogoni fr
*Ce monde* French
EP Philips 434.920 BE 1996 Alain Urban fr
*Ce monde* French
Phenix Music – 373304
A-side is "Vivre Seul"
Robert Demontigny fr
*Ce monde* French
on his album Un baiser pour toi
Trans-Canada TF 337
1997 Sam Brown track featured on her single "I Forgive You" Demon Records D2002CD & as bonus track on Japanese release of her album Box Crown/Loudwoof LRCL-4023
Gloria Lasso
*Ce monde* French
on her album Canta en Frances
Musart D 991
Angelina Monti de
*Il mio mondo* Italian
Telefunken #?
1978 is estimated year of recording/ release.
Garry Hagger nl on his album My Life Paradiso PA 670 2
Shirley Zwerus Imperial IH 610
B-side is "Who Knows Why"
Raff Vetrugno
*Il mio mondo* Italian
Polygram PY901
B-side is "Il mio mondo" (instrumental)
1965 Heidi Bruhl on her album Verliebt Wie Du Und Ich
Philips 843 734 PY
1998 Jane McDonald on her album Jane McDonald
Focus Music Int'l Ltd FMCD1:
track features Hank Marvin on guitar
António Calvário
*Ce monde* French
EP A Voz Do Dono 7 LEM 3150
Michel Louvain
*Ce monde* French
on the album Gala 65 Avec Margot Et Michel La Compagnie Campo Ltée CT-33310 Ivy Violan tl *Ikaw Ang
Aking Daigdig
on her album Hanggang Ngayon
Viva Records Corporation #?
Kirsti Sparboe
*Du er alt* Norwegian
Triola TN 245
B-side is "Gaar omkring i solen"
1999 Tuba Önal
*Çok istersem seni* Turkish
on her album Onun adı aşk
Anita Traversi
*Meine welt bist du* German
Ariola 18208
B-side is "Fast zu spät"
2000 Frans Bauer
& Marianne Weber nl
*Mijn Hart*Dutch
on their album Wat Ik Zou Willen
Tiptop TTC 22332
1966 The British Modbeats Red Leaf TTM625
B-side of "Love's Just a Broken Heart"
Dreamlovers on their album 15 Hits CNR Music 2103130
Vince Hill on his album Heartaches Columbia – SX 6046 Stig Rossen on his album Stories Polydor 07 3145 47806 2
Elvira Voća
*Moj svijet* Croatian
on her EP Kupi mi malo cvijeca
Jugoton EPY 3557
Renato Zero on his album Tutti gli zeri del mondo
Fonopoli/Sony Music FON 498489
1967 Glen Campbell on his album Gentle on My Mind
Capitol ST 2809
2001 Alison Jiear on her album Forgiveness' Embrace Dress Circle DAD0072
Britt Bergström sv
*Du är min* Swedish
Scan Disc SC 1073
B-side is "Romeo och Jula"
Ornella Vanoni
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on her album E Tua Bocca Da Bacciare Epic 50 9975 04972 2 7
1968 Dionne Warwick on her album
Dionne Warwick in Valley of the Dolls
Scepter 568
2002 George Salinas on his album 20 Love Songs Mouse Music Company 120300-1
1969 Norro Wilson on his album Dedicated to: Only You
Smash SRS-67116
2003 Los Angeles de Charly
*Eres mi mundo* Spanish
on their album Recuerdos Fonovisa 350872
Miranda Martino
*Il mio mondo* Italian
Victory Records – VY 020 B-side is "Stagione" Anita Sarawak on her album Love Me
EMI Music Distribution 541845
1970 Roy Drusky on his album All My Hard Times
Mercury MCR 4 61306
Franco Simone
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on his album
Dizionario (Rosso) Dei Sentimenti
Azzura 907816
Buddy Greco on his album Let the Sunshine In
Wand WNS 3
2004 Bouke nl on his album A Song For Love
CD Hal C45924
Terry Rice Milton CBS 5101 B-side: "Sure Enough Baby" El Chalinillo
*Eres mi mundo* Spanish
on his album Mientras viva
EMI Music Distribution 50059
1971 Tom Jones on his album
Tom Jones Sings She's a Lady
Decca SKL5089 (UK)/Parrot XPAS 71046 (US)
2005 Laura Gissara on album Australian Idol Final 13: Australian Made - The Hits
Sony Music Distribution 674719
1973 Judy Page af on her album Portrait
Aztec ACL 11000
Marcie Jones on her album Here I Am
CDBY 60017
Frances Yip on her album Frances Yip's Target Hits
Life Records FA 6
2006 Claudio Baglioni
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on his album Quelli degli altri tutti qui Sony BMG srl 08 2876 89732 7 1
1974 Birthe Kjær
*Du' mit liv* Danish
on her album Tennessee Waltz
Philips 6318 023
Julie Dingman Evans, Marie-France Arcilla tl on Shout! The Mod Musical cast recording Rhino 74791
medley with "All I See is You"
Wizex *Du är hela min värld* Swedish on their album Skratta & le Starec SR 2001 Patrizio Buanne
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on his album Forever Begins Tonight
UMTV 1707174
1977 Howard Carpendale on his album Jede Farbe ist schön
Electrola 066-32 082
2007 Amy Cruz tl on her album Remember My Name
Able Music Int'l #?
Matti & Teppo fi/
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on their album Sait mitä hait
M&T Productions MTLP-8/
single release
M&T Productions MTHLP-1009
A-side is "Pää pyörälle"
The Dakotas on their album Evolution
Maximus Records #?
Pentti Hietanen fi/
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on his album Con Amore
Capitol/EMI 946 3 86663 25
Anneli Pasanen fi/
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on her album Rakastan jokaista päivää
CBS 82423
*Eres mi mundo* Spanish
on her album Porque Te Vas Disa B000NJLLZQ
Kari Tapio
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on his album Kaipuu Scandia SLP 643 Antonella Ruggiero
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on her album Genova, la Superba
Libera 0186882
Claude Valade
*Ce monde* French
on her album Ce monde Telson AE-1513 2008 AK-7
*Eres mi mundo* Spanish
on their album Renaciendo
Fonovisa 353692
1978 Eve Bridger on her EP The World of Eve Bridger
Hillside HIL EP 4009
Jade Adams on her EP Forever & a Day
Everyday Records #?
Mike Fabian EMI Columbia 1C 006-32 947
A-side is "Was Der Sommer Weiss..."
Natasha Hamilton
& Kush
on Liverpool – The Number Ones Album
EMI 50999 5 19522 2 8
Jimmy Crawford on his album Close Encounters Jacklyne Productions – JPR 1061
1978 is estimated year of recording/ release.
Marko Lämsä fi
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on his album Olet Kaikki
Suomen Mediamusiikki Oy #?
1979 Johnny Rodriguez on his album Rodriguez Was Here
Mercury – SRM-1-5015
Anke Pietrangeli on her album Tribute to the Great Female Vocalists EMI #?
1980 Tracy Nelson on her album Come See About Me
Flying Fish FF209
2009 Alexia
*Il mio mondo*Italian
on her album Ale & C Edel 845753
1981 Barry Crocker on his album You're My World JB 084 C Morgan
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on his album Italian Songbook, Vol. 1
Columbia 08 8697 49561 2 9
Joe Harris nl
duet with Chrissy
on his album 25 Jaar
Gnome GD 29011 GL
El Trono de Mexico
*Eres mi mundo* Spanish
on their album Reunion entre amigos
Skalona Records SKAL6900
Iva Zanicchi
*En mi mundo* Spanish
on her album Nostalgias Epic EPC 32396 2010 Jane McDonald on her album Live at the London Palladium
1982 François Deguelt
*Ce monde* French
EP French Medley - Pot-Pourri Anglais
JPF FD 4.12.17
*Ce monde* French
on his album Histoires d'amour
Play It Again Sam 35 9697 22913 2 6
1985 Umberto Bindi
*Il mio mondo*Italian
on his album Bindi Arison TAR 12422
as a duet with Loredana Bertè
Pate Mustajärvi
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on album Reino & Aino – Rakkaustarina
Motley MOTCD 223
Claudette Dion fr
*Ce monde* French
on her album Hymnes à l'amour volume 2 Les Productions TBS – TBS 502 2011 The Borderers on their album Tales of Love & Loss+Rise Up! Celtic Records 9330938001307
1987 Michèle Torr
*Ce monde* French
on her album Chansons de toujours
AZ 105112
Mary Byrne on her album Mine & Yours
Sony Music 88697869142
1988 Jorma Kalevi fi/
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
JKS 103
A-side is "Si Si Si"
Janene Lovullo on her album This Moment
1989 Lisa Nilsson on her album Lean on Love
RCA 74321 10992 2 (BMG)
Denisse Malebrán
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on her album Mi Caravana
Oveja Negra 5903340
track is a duet with Camilo Salinas es
Rose-Marie on her album The Rose-Marie Party Album
Telstar STAR-2374
2012 Boy George
*Il mio mondo* Italian
on EP recorded as charity record to benefit the Marie Curie hospices
1990 Bles Bridges on his album Let Me Love You
Brigadiers – BRIGL 2035
2014 Ilkka Koivula
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on his album Wichita LM TurenkiCD-14200-25
1991 Kikki Danielsson *Du är hela min värld* Swedish on her album Vägen hem till dej
Sweden Music/ Universal Music 849 064-2 2564605085
Sheridan Smith soundtrack of Cilla
Zdzisława Sośnicka *Jesteś Moim Światem* Polish on her compilation album
Zaśpiewane Niewydane / Musicals
Polskie Nagrania Muza – PNCD 1584 A/B
Topi Sorsakoski
*Olet Kaikki* Finnish
on his album Yksinäisyys
Parlophone 777-798268
2015 Amaury Vassili
*Ce monde* French
on his album Chansons Populaires
Warner B0153OW0IC
1993 Joe Dolan on his album Here and Now K-Tel – KLP 150 Rose-Marie on her album My Gift of Love For You
Sapphire #?
1st of 2
Tanja Berckmans on album VTM Soundmixshow 1994
Paradiso PA 645 2
2016 Mari Wilson on her album Pop Deluxe WG 001


A thirty-three second outtake from an Abbey Road Studios session by the Beatles dated 3 June 1964 is said to be a snippet of "You're My World": presumably still in the Abbey Road vaults, this track has yet to be released or bootlegged.[39]

Elvis Presley kept a copy of the Cilla Black single of "You're My World" in his personal jukebox.[40] When the Beatles visited Presley at his Bel Air home on 27 August 1965 the group jammed with Presley in an impromptu rendition of "You're My World":[41] reportedly the song was deemed a tribute to Presley's intended wife Priscilla Beaulieu, as its singer Cilla Black's full first name was Priscilla.[42]

Miss America 1986 Susan Akin - Miss Mississippi 1985 - sang "You're My World" in the talent competition of the Miss America Pageant broadcast on NBC 14 September 1985 from Convention Hall in Atlantic City.[43]

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