Northern Guangdong

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Northern Guangdong
Country China
Province Guangdong

Northern Guangdong, commonly referred to as Yuebei (Chinese: ; pinyin: Yuèběi), is a region of northern Guangdong province, in southern China. It is a region encompassing mountainous and hilly terrain, and includes the region of Guangdong north of the Tropic of Cancer.

Yuebei is a multiethnic region, with a large population speaking Yuebei native languages (粵北土話/Yuebei Tuhua), Cantonese, Hakka, among others. While it has a history of engaging with variously government/NGO-led poverty alleviation projects since the 1980s, the region is increasingly becoming a location for the development of industrial parks, tourism, and organic food production.[1]

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Coordinates: 24°41′31″N 112°50′46″E / 24.691943°N 112.846069°E / 24.691943; 112.846069