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This is a Malay name; the name Mohamed Rasheed is a patronymic, not a family name, and the person should be referred to by the given name, Zainul Abidin.

Zainul Abidin bin Mohamed Rasheed (born 17 March 1948)[1] is a Singaporean politician and former Member of Parliament (MP) who last represented Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (Aljunied GRC) from 2001 to 2011.


Zainul Abidin attended Jalan Daud Primary School, followed by Raffles Institution and then the National University of Singapore, where he read economics. He was awarded the Gold Outstanding Young Singaporean Award in 1974.


Zainul Abidin worked for a long time in Singapore Press Holdings (Asia News Bulletin, The Sunday Times, The Straits Times, Berita Harian) before being seconded to the government sector, to Mendaki (1990 - 1993) and Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) (1991-1996).

He has held various appointments, among them being:

  • Member of the National University of Singapore Council,
  • Member of the board of trustees, NTUC Healthcare Co-operative Ltd
  • Member of the Board of directors of Mendaki Holdings
  • Member of the RI Board of Governors
  • Advisor of the Singapore Port Workers Union
  • Ex-deputy Chairman of the Malay Heritage Foundation
  • Member of the National Medical Ethics Committee

He first stood for the 1997 Singapore general elections under the People's Action Party (PAP) under Cheng San Group Representation Constituency (Cheng San GRC), against the Workers' Party (WP), whose notable candidates were J. B. Jeyaratnam and Tang Liang Hong. The PAP won that constituency.

Zainul Abidin later moved to Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (Aljunied GRC) for the 2001 general elections. In the 2006 general elections, the PAP contested Aljunied GRC against the WP. The PAP garnered 56.09% of the votes in this GRC.

He was appointed Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1998 - 2001. He also held the post of Mayor of the Northeast Community Development Council from 2001 to 2008. He was then appointed Minister of State for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2004 and given a Senior Minister of State role in 2006.

In the 2011 general elections, Zainul Abidin was part of the PAP team which lost Aljunied GRC to the WP.

Personal life[edit]

Zainul Abidin is married with four children.


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