Zero Tester

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Zero Tester
Zero Tester.jpg
Created byYoshitake Suzuki
Anime television series
Directed byRyosuke Takahashi
Music byNayazumi Yamamoto
StudioTohokushinsha Film
Crystal Art Studio
Sunrise Studio
Original networkFuji Network System (Fuji TV, Kantele)
Original run October 1, 1973 December 30, 1974
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Zero Tester (ゼロテスター, Zerotesutā) is a mecha produced anime series by Sunrise and Crystal Art Studio.

It consists of 66 episodes and was originally broadcast on Fuji TV.[1][2] The first 39 episodes tells the attempted invasion of the earth by Armanoid aliens, while the remaining 27 episodes, with the series retitled Zero Tester: Save the Earth! (Chikyu o Mamotte!), are about an attack by Gallos aliens.[1]

According to Jonathan Clements and Helen McCarthy's The Anime Encyclopedia, it was "an early gathering of many of anime's future greats, particularly for the Gundam series".[1]




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