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Alberta Highway 35 (Mackenzie).png

Highway 35
Mackenzie Highway
Route information
Length: 465 km (289 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Hwy 2 at Grimshaw
  Hwy 690 near Deadwood
Hwy 697 near Paddle Prairie
Hwy 58 at High Level
North end: Highway 1 at the Alberta-Northwest Territories border near Indian Cabins
and rural
Peace No. 135 M.D., Northern Lights County, Mackenzie County
Towns: Manning, High Level
Highway system

Provincial highways in Alberta

Hwy 33 Hwy 36

Alberta Provincial Highway No. 35,[1] which forms the majority of Alberta's portion of the Mackenzie Highway, is a north–south highway in northwest Alberta, Canada.

From the south, Highway 35 begins at its intersection with Highway 2, approximately 4 km (2.5 mi) north of the Town of Grimshaw, Alberta and ends at Alberta's boundary with the Northwest Territories. It continues on as Northwest Territories Highway 1. It is one of only two highway-grade roads connecting the NWT with a province (the other being in BC).

Construction of Highway 35 originally began prior to World War II, but the project was abandoned at the outbreak of war. Construction resumed in the early 1960s and was completed to Hay River, Northwest Territories.

Major intersections[edit]

From south to north:

Municipality km Mile Description
Municipal District of Peace No. 135 0 0 Alberta Highway 2.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 2 east.
County of Northern Lights 9 6 Alberta Highway 37.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 737 (Warrensville Rd) west.
15 9 Alberta Highway 986.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 986 east.
35 22 Passes through Dixonville.
58 36 Alberta Highway 690.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 690 east.
70 43 Passes through North Star.
78 48 Alberta Highway 691.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 691 east.
Town of Manning 79 49 Passes through Manning.
County of Northern Lights 95 59 Passes through Hotchkiss.
205 127 Passes through Paddle Prairie.
214 133 Alberta Highway 697.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 697 east.
Town of High Level 273 169 Enters High Level.
274 170 Alberta Highway 58.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 58 west.
Highway 58 concurrency begins.
275 171 Alberta Highway 58.svg Intersects Alberta Highway 58 east.
Highway 58 concurrency ends.
Mackenzie County 345 214 Passes through Meander River.
460 286 NWT-1.svg Terminates at Northwest Territories border.
Continues north as NWT Highway 1.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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