Anna Lee Walters

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Anna Lee Walters
Born 1946
Nationality Native American/USA
Notable awards American Book Award (1985)

Anna Lee Walters (born 1946) is an award-winning Pawnee/Otoe-Missouria author from Oklahoma.[1]


Walters works at the Diné College in Arizona, where she directs the college press.[2] She lives in Tsaile, Arizona with her husband Harry Walters. He is the former Director of the Museum at Diné College.[3]

Her first novel, Ghost Singer (1994) is a two-level mystery: one relates to the suicide of researchers at the Smithsonian Institution, which is attributed to ghosts related to Indian artifact (archeology)s; the other is that of how American Indians understand their position related to their ancestry and culture. Turning the genre on its head, Walters "solves" only the second mystery.

Her short story collection, The Sun Is Not Merciful, won the Before Columbus Foundation 1985 American Book Award.


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