Battle Ground Lake State Park

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Battle Ground Lake
Battleground lake.jpg
Battle Ground Lake State Park
Location Clark, Washington
Coordinates 45°48′19″N 122°29′39″W / 45.8053930°N 122.4942640°W / 45.8053930; -122.4942640Coordinates: 45°48′19″N 122°29′39″W / 45.8053930°N 122.4942640°W / 45.8053930; -122.4942640[1]
Elevation 509 feet (155 m)[1]

Battle Ground Lake State Park is a 280-acre (110 ha) park 21 miles (34 km) northeast of Vancouver, Washington, U.S., consisting of an ancient 400-foot (120 m) volcano in the Boring Lava Field where a magma-induced steam explosion made a large bean-shaped crater, a maar, which later filled with water, forming a crater lake.[2]

The lake was originally named Crater Lake, but was renamed in deference Oregon's more famous Crater Lake.

The Park is vegetated with mostly evergreen forest, and the lake is stocked with bass, catfish and trout. Facilities include a swimming area, boat launch ramp, camping grounds and cabin rentals. Bridle trails ring the lake and criss-cross the summit area. Paddleboats may be rented for $10 hourly.[2]

There are a few small bass present, and catfish, but trout fishing is the main attraction for anglers, especially on opening day.

The property at the lake is now a Washington State Park, but it was formerly owned by the Dollars, a local family for which Dollars Corner, a nearby intersection, was named.

There was a lodge and store on the shore, along with a large dock area from which boats could be rented.


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