Communist Party of Tajikistan

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Communist Party of Tajikistan
Leader Shodi Shabdolov
Founded 1991
Ideology Marxism–Leninism
Political position Far-left
International affiliation Communist Party of the Soviet Union
European affiliation None
Colours Red
Assembly of Representatives
2 / 63
Politics of Tajikistan
Political parties

The Communist Party of Tajikistan (Tajik: Ҳизби Кумунистии Тоҷикистон, Hizbi Komunistii Tojikiston; Russian: Коммунистическая партия Таджикистана) is a communist party in Tajikistan.

In the 2005 parliamentary election, the party won 13.97% of the popular vote and 4 out of 63 seats.[1]

The party is affiliated to the Communist Party of the Soviet Union of Oleg Shenin.[2]


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