Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway

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The Edinburgh, Loanhead and Roslin Railway was a seven mile long Edinburgh, Loanhead, and Roslin Railway Company built single track branch railway line in Midlothian, Scotland, that ran from a junction on the North British Railway line from Edinburgh to Carlisle near Millerhill to Glencorse via three intermediate stations, Gilmerton, Loanhead and Roslin serving local passenger and freight needs, a military barracks, and those of seven collieries along its length.



Authorised in by Parliament on 20 June 1870 the line built by the Edinburgh, Loanhead, and Roslin Railway Company and operated by the North British Railway was to open in 1873 but poor weather delayed its construction. The line opened in stages, for freight to Gilmerton on 6 November 1873, to Roslin in August 1874 and completely on 7 July 1877.[1]

Ownership changes[edit]

After parliamentary authorisation was granted the line was absorbed by North British Railway on 28 June 1877.[2] The North British Railway, and the line, became part of the London and North Eastern Railway on 1 January 1923 under 'grouping' and was nationalised in 1948.


The section from Glencorse to Millerhill was closed to passengers on 1 May 1933. The line beyond Roslin was closed on 7 August 1959, and from Bilston Glen Colliery on 1 June 1969.

Re-opening proposal[edit]

In 1998 Midlothian Council investigated reopening the branch as far as Loanhead but as yet nothing has been decided.

The route today[edit]

Sections of the line including the Bilston Glen Viaduct have become cycle tracks.


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