Fantasia: Music Evolved

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Fantasia: Music Evolved
Fantasia Music Evolved logo.jpg
Game logo
Developer(s) Harmonix
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive Studios
Director(s) Daniel Sussman
Composer(s) Inon Zur
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Xbox One
Release date(s)
  • WW October 21, 2014
Genre(s) Music, rhythm
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Fantasia: Music Evolved is an upcoming motion-controlled music rhythm game developed by Harmonix for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One with Kinect. It is the interactive successor to Walt Disney's 1940 animated film Fantasia and its 1999 sequel Fantasia 2000. It is scheduled to be released on October 21, 2014.


The narration directly references the "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" segment from Walt Disney's 1940 animated film Fantasia.[1] The sorcerer Yen Sid tasks his new apprentice, the player, with animating the worlds he has created.[2] Players generate life in initially desolate levels by moving in rhythm with licensed popular music, which unlocks gestures that change elements of the musical composition.[2] In an example, a player traced arrows with her body in time with a song, and was rewarded with a selection of rock, orchestral, and brass music overlays that fit over the song.[2] The Kinect's camera shows the player as an on-screen silhouette, which transforms other objects when the two touch.[3] The game is able to read nuance in the player's body movements and change the visual animations accordingly.[2]

Fantasia: Music Evolved is designed to emphasize creative control, although with that in mind, players score points based on how accurate they are in time with the music, and also build up a streak for even more points. The player is unable to fail or lose the game.[3] After completing a level, some musical elements are exported to the overworld.[2] Players collect magical energy while playing, which is used to unlock items that can be brought into the levels.[3]

The developers plan to let players share their final, saved mixes after the levels are complete.[3] They also plan a two-player mode.[3] Unlocked areas become available for arcade and party modes.[3]


Disney Interactive Studios first contacted Harmonix with the idea in 2010.[3] The Harmonix team was invigorated from the success of its Dance Central and brainstormed about further intersections between motion control and music.[1] Harmonix was not open to Disney's offer to meet at first since the team did not traditionally use third-party intellectual property.[1] At the meeting, there was an instant connection when Disney mentioned Fantasia, since the brand connected with Harmonix's projects in development.[1] Disney and Harmonix wanted a game more interactive for the player than simply participating in the actions of the film,[3] so the Harmonix team began planning from Walt Disney's original intentions via his production notes instead of from the final film release.[1] Disney Interactive Studios executive producer Chris Nicholls met with the Harmonix team to establish core principles upon which to base the game.[3] The development team liked the "Sorcerer's Apprentice" dream sequence scene best, where Mickey controlled the weather and background orchestra like a conductor from atop a mountain.[3][1] Its "reaching out" interaction is reflected in the gameplay.[3] This scene, where "magic and the manipulation of music itself were woven into a single act", became a central narrative conceit and "creative inception point" for the team.[1] While visiting the Disney creative teams, the Harmonix team was also inspired by Disneyland's World of Color show.[1]

Fantasia: Music Evolved was unveiled at a press event just prior to Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 as a modern update of Walt Disney's Fantasia.[2] The game was designed as an interactive successor to the film.[3] The team aimed to contemporize the film by connecting physical movement with music.[2] They chose to emphasize freedom of choice instead of themes from their previous games such as imitation and scores based on performance.[2] Harmonix co-founder and CEO Alex Rigopulos has called this evolution into "musical creativity" a long-term interest of the company, as well as its "creative responsibility".[1] Project lead Daniel Sussman differentiated the game from previous Harmonix releases and added that the team was "trying to make something accessible and creative".[3] The game is designed to read nuance in player gestures to afford for greater creativity.[2] Harmonix also wanted the game to be a tool for making music similar to the experience of musicians.[2] The team spent a long portion of its development period iterating through experiments before settling on the final combination of gameplay and creative elements.[1]

Harmonix's CEO affirmed that the team was excited about the innovative aspects of the game, specifically its options for creativity.[1] At the time of the game's announcement, creative director Matt Boch compared the creative spirit and innovation of the Fantasia film's team to that of the Harmonix staff.[2] While internally testing the game, the team competed to perform the "craziest" performance of the songs.[2] Disney and Harmonix have brainstormed about a theme park adaptation of the game as a future possibility.[1]

The game is expected to release on October 21, 2014 for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One Kinect.[1][3][4] Harmonix has plans for downloadable content (DLC), including additional music tracks and other game elements.[1]

There will be another sorcerer named Scout, that will act as the game's guide, and will help the player fight off a force called the Noise. The Noise is a force that brings distortion to the realms of the entire gameplay. Scout will help players how to remix music and restore music to each realm.


Songs from more than 30 artists are included in the game, and each song is accompanied by multiple remixes, which varies by the song.[2] "Bohemian Rhapsody", for example, has the original, an orchestral composition, and an 80s metal mix.[3] The licensed music includes compositions from the classical era, including Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky that is a feature piece of the original Fantasia film.[5] The span of music is a first for Harmonix, and represents a fusion of music genres across music history.[1] Classical songs are highlighted Italic and any other genre of songs are highlighted regular.[2][6][7]

The original score for the game was written by Inon Zur, who also produced and orchestrated many other tracks in the game.[8]

Song title Artist Venue
"Applause" Lady Gaga No Venue
"Blue Monday" New Order No Venue
"Bohemian Rhapsody" Queen The Shoal
"Eine kleine Nachtmusik" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart No Venue
"Enjoy the Silence" Depeche Mode Unnamed*
"Feel Good Inc." Gorillaz No Venue
"Fire" The Jimi Hendrix Experience No Venue
"Forget You" Cee Lo Green No Venue
"The Four Seasons: Winter, 1st Movement" Antonio Vivaldi The Haven
"Galang '05" M.I.A. The Neighborhood
"Get Ur Freak On" Missy Elliot No Venue
"Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2" Franz Liszt No Venue
"In Your Eyes" Peter Gabriel The Capsule
"Levels" Avicii The Press
"Locked Out of Heaven" Bruno Mars The Press
"Main Theme" Inon Zur No Venue
"Message in a Bottle" The Police No Venue
"Night on Bald Mountain" Modest Mussorgsky The Hollow
"The Nutcracker Suite, Op 71a" Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky No Venue
"Radioactive" Imagine Dragons No Venue
"The Real Me" The Who The Neighborhood
"Rocket Man" Elton John The Capsule
"Royals" Lorde No Venue
"Scout's Song" Inon Zur ft. Lindsey Stirling No Venue
"Settle Down" Kimbra The Haven
"Seven Nation Army" The White Stripes The Hollow
"Some Nights" Fun The Shoal
"Super Bass" Nicki Minaj No Venue
"Symphony No. 9: From the New World, 4th Movement" Antonín Dvořák Unnamed*
"Take Care" Drake ft. Rihanna No Venue
"Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565" Johann Sebastian Bach No Venue
"Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1" The Flaming Lips No Venue
"Ziggy Stardust" David Bowie No Venue

-*While the description and the name of the level is not yet known, it is confirmed that the pieces are to be featured there.

Downloadable content[edit]

In addition to the on-disc setlist, there will be downloadable content, with three songs available as a pre-order bonus.[9]

Song title Artist Venue Release date
"Counting Stars" OneRepublic No Venue TBA [a]
"Lay Me Down" Avicii No Venue TBA [a]
"Let It Go" Demi Lovato No Venue TBA [a]
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