Finland-Swedish Sign Language

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Finland-Swedish Sign Language
finlandssvenskt teckenspråk (Swedish)
suomenruotsalainen viittomakieli (Finnish)
Native to Finland
Ethnicity Finland-Swedes
Native speakers
150  (2001)[1]
? British Sign
Language codes
ISO 639-3 fss
Glottolog finl1235[2]

Finland-Swedish Sign Language (FinSSL) is a moribund Deaf sign language in Finland. It is now used only in private settings by older adults who attended the only Swedish school for the deaf in Finland (in Porvoo/Borgå), which was established in the mid 19th century but closed in 1993. FinSSL is said to be a distinct language; however, "Finland-Swedish Deaf have few problems understanding Finnish signers" (London 2004). There had been, moreover, continuous input from Swedish Sign Language over its history.


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