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Hardcore Gamer
HardcoreGamer Magazine logo.png
Editor Steve Hannley
Categories Computing, Gaming, Computer magazine
Frequency Monthly from 2005–200
Quarterly from 2008-2011
Online from 2008-Present
Founder Tim Lindquist
First issue June 2005
Final issue First Half 2010
Company Hardcore Gamer
Country United States, Canada
Language English
Website Hardcore Gamer
ISSN 19362110

Hardcore Gamer is an online American video game magazine published by Steve Hannley. Founded in 2005, Hardcore Gamer published over 30 issues in print before switching to an online-only format.

Hardcore Gamer concentrates on "hardcore" or niche video game titles, such as Disgaea and Shin Megami Tensei. Every issue contains specialty features which differ from what more mainstream magazines generally cover. The Graveyard feature, for instance, covers forgotten retro games. Although usually focusing on specialty games, Hardcore Gamer has featured cover stories for larger releases such as Dead Space and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


Hardcore Gamer Magazine printed its first issue in June 2005. While most magazines were strictly print, Hardcore Gamer offered free copies of every issue in PDF file format in addition to the hard copies. Until April 2007, nearly every issue's cover was hand drawn by former GameFan artist Terry Wolfinger. Beginning in 2008, Hardcore Gamer changed its format by switching their release schedule from monthly to quarterly and shifting much of their coverage to their newly launched website. In addition to the change of format, Hardcore Gamer Magazine's logo was changed and the magazine began to be referred to as simply Hardcore Gamer. In 2009, Hardcore Gamer changed their release schedule once again to become a bi-annual magazine. On January 6, 2009, the gaming blog Kotaku[1] reported that Hardcore Gamer was listed for sale on the auction website eBay.[2] It was listed with a starting bid of US $42,000.00. The auction was ended early by the seller on January 13, 2009 at 15:57:21 PST. Former Editorial Director, Steve "Dack" Hannley, purchased Hardcore Gamer and continued publishing online content with all current staff.

Related publications[edit]

Tim Lindquist, the founder of Hardcore Gamer, co-founded GameFan with Dave Halverson. Both magazines have an emphasis on the hardcore gaming community and feature article layouts stylistically embedded with images. In addition to Tim Lindquist, Terry Wolfinger and Greg Off, who were key staff of GameFan, both worked on Hardcore Gamer.


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