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This is a Korean name; the family name is Kim.
Kim Hyo-yeon
Hyoyeon Kim at the 2010 Melon Music Awards 02.jpg
Hyoyeon in 2010
Background information
Birth name Kim Hyo-yeon (김효연)
Born (1989-09-22) September 22, 1989 (age 25)
Incheon, South Korea
Genres K-pop
Occupation(s) Singer, actress
Years active 2007–present
Labels S.M. Entertainment
Associated acts
Korean name
Revised Romanization Gim Hyo-yeon
McCune–Reischauer Kim Hyoyŏn

Kim Hyo-yeon (born September 22, 1989), is a South Korean singer, dancer and actress. She is a member of the South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation, formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2007.

Early life[edit]

Hyoyeon was born in Incheon, South Korea on September 22, 1989.[1] She grew up with her parents and her younger brother, Kim Min-gu. She auditioned for S.M. Entertainment at the age of 11 through SM 2000 Casting System. Hyoyeon said she auditioned because her mother brought her to the offices of S.M. Entertainment in the hopes of meeting H.O.T.[2] Hyoyeon then danced in an audition show.[3] In 2004, along with Super Junior's Siwon, she was sent to study Chinese in Beijing. Hyoyeon was also picked as Korea's No. 1 idol dancer on Star News.[4]

Hyoyeon's formal dance training started in elementary school. At her neighborhood's small hip-hop school,[5] she learned hip hop, jazz and Latin dance.[6] In 1999, she enrolled in Winners Dance School,[7] a famous dance school in South Korea specializing in popping, locking, animation and various other hip-hop styles. At the school she met Miss A's Min, with whom she formed the dance team Little Winners (리틀위너스). The duo performed at various showcases and was spotlighted by in 2004.[8]

She received dance instruction from the Electric Boogaloos[9] and top choreographers such as Kim Hye-rang,[10] Poppin Seen,[11] Kwang Hoo (aka Crazy Monkey),[12] Poppin DS,[13] Kwon Seok-jin (aka Locking Khan)[14] and Black Beat's Shim Jae-won.[5] She also worked with one of Justin Timberlake's choreographers and a few foreign teachers.[5]

Before debuting with Girls' Generation, she worked with Janet Jackson[15] and was BoA's silhouette dancer during a performance at KM Music Festival 2005.[16] In 2007, she teamed up with Jae Won for a dance collaboration to "Anonymous".[17]


Girls' Generation[edit]

Main article: Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation is a South Korean girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2007.[18] Originally a 9-member group, now eight: Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun. Former member Jessica was officially dismissed from the group in September 2014.


On March 7, 2010, she played a cameo role on SBS Oh! My Lady starring Choi Siwon and Chae Rim with fellow members Jessica and Sooyoung.[19]

On October 17, 2011, it was confirmed that Hyoyeon would be joining the second season of Invincible Youth, a Korean reality show, alongside Sunny.[20]

On March 25, 2012, it was revealed that Hyoyeon would be making an appearance on the second season of Dancing with the Stars. Hyoyeon joined the cast of the second season of MBC's Dancing with the Stars, which aired its first episode on April 27.[21] Hyoyeon and her partner ended up winning second place.

In July 2012, Hyoyeon and fellow member Seohyun were featured in the August issue of Nylon, a fashion and pop culture magazine. To promote the upcoming release, the magazine uploaded videos of Hyoyeon and Seohyun onto its YouTube channel. The clips show behind-the-scenes footage of the photoshoots Nylon did with the two.[22]

On October 30, 2012, Hyoyeon posed for beauty and fashion look book, 0/1 creativebook. The first issue of 0/1 creativebook, featuring Hyoyeon, was released on October 31. In the first issue of the book, Hyoyeon is the only celebrity selected to model for the fashion book.[23][24]

In October 2012, Hyoyeon took part as a member of SM Entertainment's Younique dance unit which has partnered with Hyundai to release the single "Maxstep".[23][25]

In May 2013, Hyoyeon was chosen as Asian ambassador for the Hong Kong branch of Topshop.[26]

On June 17, 2013, it was revealed that Yuri together with Hyoyeon and others would appear on Dancing 9, Mnet's global dance survival show. The two Girls' Generation members coached the show's contestants as "K-pop dance masters" alongside other notable stars.[27][28]

In February 2014, Hyoyeon participated in the 13th Korean Council of Sport All National Skiing Competition which was held at Welli Hilli Park in Hoeongseonggun, Gangwondo on February 17. She competed in the skiing race for young women and ended up placing first with a gold medal.[29]

On May 6, 2015 was revealed that Hyoyeon will have her own reality show on OnStyle called Hyoyeon's One Million Likes. The show will start airing in June.[30]

Personal life[edit]

On April 3, 2014, it was announced that Hyoyeon had been dating writer Kim Jun Hyung, age 35, for two years. SM Entertainment confirmed that the two had been a couple, but broke up on April 1 following a controversial incident where she accidentally hit him and was reported to the police for assaulting him.[31]


Solo discography[edit]

Year Title Song Duration Artist
2012 PYL Younique Volume 1 "Maxstep" 03:45 Younique Unit (with Eunhyuk, Taemin, Henry, Kai & Luhan)



Year Title Role Notes
2012 I AM. – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden Herself Biographical film of SM Town[32]

Television drama[edit]

Year Title Network Role Notes
2008 Unstoppable Marriage KBS Bulgwang-dong's Seven Princesses Gang Cameo
2010 Oh! My Lady SBS Herself Cameo

Variety shows[edit]

Year Title Network Role Notes
2007 Cutie Honey, Mini Musical KBS2 A bully with Yuri & Jessica
2011–2012 Invincible Youth 2 KBS Main Cast with Sunny
2012 Dancing with the Stars 2 MBC Main Cast Hyoyeon & Kim Hyung-suk won 2nd place
2013 Dancing 9 Mnet Coach with Yuri
2015 Immortal Song 2 KBS2 Contestant
Hyoyeon's One Million Likes OnStyle Herself

Television shows hosting[edit]

Year Title Role
2008 Star Live Power Music Co-hosted with members
2009 Mnet's The M Guest host with Jessica and Sunny (Aug 27th)
2012 MBC Show! Music Core Guest host with Seohyun and Yonghwa (April 7)
2013 M! Countdown Guest host with Yuri (Jan 3rd)

Hosted events[edit]

Year Date Event Co-host
2014 March 22 HEC Korea Festival in Vietnam Isaac


Year Awards Notes Result
2012 MBC Entertainment Awards Female Newcomer Show Variety for Dancing With The Stars 2 Nominated


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