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I Love Money
I Love Money logo.png
Created by Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Presented by Craig "C.J." Jackson
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 4 (Season 3 not aired)
No. of episodes 41
Executive producer(s) Mark Cronin
Cris Abrego
Ben Samek
Location(s) Huatulco, Mexico (Season 1 and 2)
Manzanillo, Mexico (Season 3 and 4)
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Production company(s) Endemol
(51 Minds Entertainment)
Distributor Endemol[1]
Original channel VH1
Original run July 6, 2008 (2008-07-06) – December 1, 2010 (2010-12-01)
Preceded by Flavor of Love
Rock of Love
I Love New York
Real Chance of Love
For the Love of Ray J
Daisy of Love
Megan Wants a Millionaire
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I Love Money is an American reality television series airing on VH1 and produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, a subsidiary of Endemol, and is a spin-off of Flavor of Love, Charm School, I Love New York, Rock of Love, Real Chance of Love, For the Love of Ray J, Daisy of Love and Megan Wants a Millionaire. Former contestants on these shows compete in physical and mental challenges, aiming for a $250,000 grand prize. Created by executive producers Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin.[2] The contestants of the first two seasons were located in Huatulco, Mexico for the duration of their time on the show, while the third and fourth season contestants were located in Manzanillo, Mexico.

Airing of the show[edit]

Season Premiere Finale Reunion show Winner Runner-Up Number of contestants Number of episodes
Season One July 6, 2008 (2.2M viewers)[3] October 5, 2008 (2.93M viewers)[4] October 12, 2008 Nicole Alexander
Joshua Gallander
17 14
Season Two February 2, 2009 (2.3M viewers)[5] May 4, 2009 (2.591M viewers)[6] May 10, 2009 Angela Pitts
George Weisgerber
"Tailor Made"
19 15
Season Three Cancelled
Season Four September 16, 2010
(731k viewers)[7]
December 1, 2010
(541k viewers)[8]
None Mindy Hall Chris Cas
18 12

Season one[edit]

In the first season, the contestants were selected from the first two seasons of Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love, and competed in physical and mental challenges in an attempt to win $250,000.[2] Production started in early February 2008, and concluded in March 2008. The show premiered on July 6, 2008 and the casting special aired on July 1.[2] The show is hosted by Craig J. Jackson. The winner was Nicole Alexander better known as "Hoopz".

Season two[edit]

In the second season, the contestants were selected from the shows I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and Real Chance of Love and are competing in physical and mental challenges in an attempt to win $250,000.[9] Production started in late October 2008, and concluded in November 2008. The show premiered on February 2, 2009,[10] with Craig J. Jackson returning as host.[9] The winner was Angela Pitts better known as "Myammee".

Season three: Ryan Jenkins[edit]

I Love Money 3 would have been a follow-up to the previous seasons of the show. The contestants were to be selected from other VH1 reality shows such as Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, I Love New York, Real Chance of Love, Daisy of Love, For the Love of Ray J, as well as Megan Wants a Millionaire. Production began in late June 2009 and wrapped early August 2009, with Craig J. Jackson returning to host. Reportedly, I Love Money 3 was set to air in January 2010.[11] In August 2009, VH1 canceled any showings of season three due to castmember Ryan Jenkins' involvement in the death of Jasmine Fiore, as well as Jenkins' suicide. It had been revealed that Jenkins had been convicted for assault in 2007, but this had not been disclosed to VH1 or 51 Minds.

The cast included Flavor of Love's Deelishis and Buckeey, Rock of Love's Lacey and Marcia, I Love New York's Wolf and Pretty, Real Chance of Love's Bubbles, For the Love of Ray J's Lil Hood, Cashmere and Cocktail, Daisy of Love's Weasel, Fox, Professor, Big Rig and Sinister and Megan Wants a Millionaire's Joe aside from Jenkins.[12]

Season four[edit]

I Love Money 4 had been taped and was the follow-up to I Love Money 3. In April 2010, it was confirmed by VH1 executive vice president Jeff Olde that neither season would air.[13] Despite earlier indicating that it would not air, it was later reported that it had been placed into a late night timeslot from September 2010,[14] though viewer demand gave VH1 the go-ahead to later move the episode premieres to a primetime Wednesday timeslot. The contestants were selected from the shows I Love New York, Rock of Love, Daisy of Love, For the Love of Ray J, Real Chance of Love, and Megan Wants a Millionaire they are competing in physical and mental challenges in an attempt to win $250,000. The show premiered on September 16, 2010 with Craig J. Jackson as the host. The winner was Rock of Love's Mindy Hall.


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