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Mangrove swamp in Khor Kalba
Mangrove swamp in Khor Kalba
Flag of Kalba
Kalba is located in United Arab Emirates
Location of Kalba
Coordinates: 25°04′27″N 56°21′19″E / 25.07417°N 56.35528°E / 25.07417; 56.35528
Country United Arab Emirates
Emirate Al-Sharjah
 • Emir Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi
Time zone UAE standard time (UTC+4)

Kalba (Arabic: كلباء‎) is a city in the United Arab Emirates. It is an exclave of the emirate of Sharjah lying on the Gulf of Oman coast north of Oman and south of the emirate of Fujairah. Khor Kalba (Kalba Creek), a mangrove swamp, is located further south of the town. The town was captured by the Portuguese Empire in the 16th century and was referred to as Chalba.[citation needed] It was an independent member of the Trucial States of the Coast of Oman from 1903 to 1952.

City access[edit]

Khor Kalba is accessible by three roads. The first merges after Wadi al-Haloo (وادي الحلو) tunnel with Maliha Road (شارع مليحة) which finally leads to the Sharjah-Kalba Road (90 km) from Sharjah International Airport. There is also the Fujairah-Kalba road (8 km). The Khor Kalba road extends until the border with Oman, and is one of the exit–entry points between the UAE and Oman.


The key tribes that live in Kalba are Al-Marashda and Al-Zaabi.


  • Majid ibn Sultan al-Qasimi (1871–1900)
  • Hamad ibn Majid al-Qasimi (1900–1903)

De facto independence of Kalba from Sharjah in 1903. Britain recognized Kalba on 8 December 1936.

  • Said ibn Hamad al-Qasimi (1903–30 April 1937)
  • Hamad ibn Said al-Qasimi (30 April 1937–1951)
  • Saqr ibn Sultan al-Qasimi (1951–1952; Ruler of Sharjah ruler from 1951–1965)

Re-incorporated into Sharjah in 1952.