List of Members of the United States House of Representatives in the 63rd Congress by seniority

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This is a list of members of the U.S. House of Representatives in the 63rd United States Congress by seniority. For the most part, representatives are ranked by the beginning of their terms in office.

As an historical article, the districts and party affiliations listed reflect those during the 63rd Congress (March 4, 1913–March 3, 1915). Seats and party affiliations on similar lists for other Congresses will be different for certain members.

This article describes the criteria for seniority in the House of Representatives and sets out the list of members by seniority. It is prepared on the basis of the interpretation of seniority applied to the House of Representatives in the 112th Congress. In the absence of information to the contrary, it is presumed that the twenty-first-century practice is identical to the seniority customs used during the 63rd Congress.[1]


House seniority[edit]

Seniority in the House, for Congressmen with unbroken service, depends on the date on which the members first term began. That date is either the start of the Congress (4 March in odd numbered years, for the era up to and including the 73rd Congress starting in 1933) or the date of a special election during the Congress. Since many members start serving on the same day as others, ranking between them is based on alphabetical order by the last name of the congressman.

Representatives who return to the House, after having previously served, are credited with service equal to one less than the total number of terms they served. When a representative has served a prior term of less than two terms (i.e., prior term minus one equals less than one), he is ranked above all others whose service begins on the same day.

Committee seniority[edit]

Until 1910, House committee members and chairmen were selected by the Speaker, who also ranked the members of the committee. Seniority on the committee was just one of the factors that was taken into account in ranking the members. In the 61st Congress, Speaker Cannon (R-IL) had used his power to change committee assignments to demote and punish insurgent Republicans. In March 1910 the Speaker was stripped of his powers over the composition of standing committees.

As a result of the events of 1910, at the start of the 63rd Congress in 1913, the committee assignments were made by each party and then formally approved by the whole House. Each party controlled the committee ranking of its members, but usually this followed the order of seniority of members in terms of service on the committee. It became customary for members of a committee, in the previous congress, to be re-appointed at the start of the next.

A seniority rule was normally used to decide committee chairmen, similar to that which the Senate had usually followed since 1846. The chairman was likely to be the majority member of a committee, with the longest continuous service on it. However, party leadership was typically not associated with seniority.[2]

Out of the group of fifty three standing committee chairmen, at the start of this Congress, Nelson Polsby identified thirty three as the most senior member of the majority on the committee. In the other twenty cases, thirteen senior majority members were compensated for not being chairman of the committee (seven chaired another committee and six received better committee assignments than in the previous Congress). Thus only in seven instances was the seniority custom violated, without obvious compensation for the Congressman passed over.[3]


This list refers to the standing committees of the House in the 63rd Congress, the year of establishment as a standing committee (adoption of the name used in 1913), the number of members assigned to the committee and the corresponding committee in the 112th Congress. Because of consolidation of committees and changes of jurisdiction, it is not always possible to identify a clear successor panel.[4]

No. 1913 Committee Established Members 2011 Committee
1 Accounts 1805 11 House Administration
2 Agriculture 1820 21 Agriculture
3 Alcoholic Liquor Traffic 1893 11 Judiciary
4 Appropriations 1865 21 Appropriations
5 Banking and Currency 1865 21 Financial Services
6 Census 1901 16 Oversight and Government Reform
7 Claims 1794 16 Judiciary
8 Coinage, Weights and Measures 1864 (1867) 18 Financial Services
9 Disposition of Executive Papers 1911 2 House Administration
10 District of Columbia 1808 21 Oversight and Government Reform
11 Education 1867 (1883) 15 Education and the Workforce
12 Election of President, Vice President and Representatives 1893 13 House Administration
13 Elections No. 1 1789 (1895) 9 House Administration
14 Elections No. 2 1895 9 House Administration
15 Elections No. 3 1895 9 House Administration
16 Enrolled Bills 1876 7 House Administration
17 Expenditures in the Agriculture Department 1889 7 Oversight and Government Reform
18 Expenditures in the Interior Department 1860 7 Oversight and Government Reform
19 Expenditures in the Justice Department 1874 7 Oversight and Government Reform
20 Expenditures in the Navy Department 1816 7 Oversight and Government Reform
21 Expenditures in the Post Office Department 1816 7 Oversight and Government Reform
22 Expenditures in the State Department 1816 7 Oversight and Government Reform
23 Expenditures in the Treasury Department 1816 7 Oversight and Government Reform
24 Expenditures in the War Department 1816 7 Oversight and Government Reform
25 Expenditures on Public Buildings 1816 7 Oversight and Government Reform
26 Foreign Affairs 1822 21 Foreign Affairs
27 Immigration and Naturalization 1893 15 Judiciary
28 Indian Affairs 1821 21 Natural Resources
29 Industrial Arts and Expositions 1903 16 Foreign Affairs
30 Insular Affairs 1899 21 Natural Resources
31 Interstate and Foreign Commerce 1795 (1892) 21 Energy and Commerce
32 Invalid Pensions 1831 16 Veterans' Affairs
33 Irrigation of Arid Lands 1893 15 Natural Resources
34 Judiciary 1813 21 Judiciary
35 Labor 1883 13 Education and the Workforce
36 Merchant Marine and Fisheries 1887 21 ...
37 Mileage 1837 5 House Administration
38 Military Affairs 1822 21 Armed Services
39 Mines and Mining 1865 14 Natural Resources
40 Naval Affairs 1822 21 Armed Services
41 Patents 1837 14 Judiciary
42 Pensions 1880 15 Veterans' Affairs
43 Post Office and Post Roads 1808 21 Oversight and Government Reform
44 Public Buildings and Grounds 1837 19 Transportation and Infrastructure
45 Public Lands 1805 21 Natural Resources
46 Railways and Canals 1831 (1869) 14 Transportation and Infrastructure
47 Reform in the Civil Service 1893 13 Oversight and Government Reform
48 Revision of Laws 1868 13 Judiciary
49 Rivers and Harbors 1883 21 Transportation and Infrastructure
50 Rules 1880 11 Rules
51 Territories 1825 16 Natural Resources
52 War Claims 1825 (1873) 15 Judiciary
53 Ways and Means 1802 21 Ways and Means
Joint Committees (House standing committee members only)
Jt 1 Library Joint 1806 5 House Administration
Jt 2 Printing Joint 1846 3 House Administration
New standing committees, established during the 63rd Congress
54 Expenditures in the Commerce Department 1903 (1913) 7 Oversight and Government Reform
55 Expenditures in the Labor Department 1913 7 Oversight and Government Reform
56 Roads 1913 21 Transportation and Infrastructure

List of Representatives by seniority[edit]

A numerical rank is assigned to each of the 435 members initially elected to the 63rd Congress. Other members, who joined the House during the Congress, are not assigned a number.

Three Representatives-elect were not sworn in; of whom one died before the Congress started, one resigned to become a U.S. Senator and one was too ill to take his seat (before dying during the Congress). The list below includes the Representatives-elect (with names in italics), with the seniority they would have held if they had been able to be sworn in.

Major party designations used in this article are D for Democratic members and R for Republican representatives. Other designations include Ind for Independent and Prog for Progressive.

Rank Representative Party District Seniority date Notes
Fifteen non-consecutive terms
001 Sereno E. Payne R NY-36 December 2, 1889 Previously served 1883-87. Dean of the House.
Died December 10, 1914.
Twelve consecutive terms
002 William A. Jones D VA-1 March 4, 1891 Chairman: Insular Affairs. Dean of the House (1914).
Eleven consecutive terms
003 Richard Bartholdt R MO-10 March 4, 1893 Last term
004 Henry A. Cooper R WI-1
005 Frederick H. Gillett R MA-2
Ten consecutive terms
006 Charles L. Bartlett D GA-6 March 4, 1895 Last term
007 Stephen M. Sparkman D FL-1 Chairman: Rivers and Harbors
Ten non-consecutive terms
008 James B. (Champ) Clark D MO-9 March 4, 1897 Speaker of the House. Previously served 1893-95.
009 Oscar W. Underwood D AL-9 Chairman: Ways and Means. Majority Leader.
Previously served 1895-June 9, 1896. Last term.
Nine consecutive terms
010 William C. Adamson D GA-4 March 4, 1897 Chairman: Interstate and Foreign Commerce
011 Thomas S. Butler R PA-7 Ind R, 1897–99
012 Robert F. Broussard D LA-3 Chairman: Expenditures in the Justice Department
Last term
013 Henry D. Clayton D AL-3 Chairman: Judiciary
Resigned to become a Judge: May 25, 1914
014 Edward L. Hamilton R MI-4
015 James Hay D VA-7 Chairman: Military Affairs
016 Robert L. Henry D TX-11 Chairman: Rules
017 James R. Mann R IL-2 Minority Leader
018 John A. Moon D TN-3 Chairman: Post Office and Post Roads
019 Thetus W. Sims D TN-8
020 James L. Slayden D TX-14
021 Samuel W. Smith R MI-6 Last term
022 John H. Stephens D TX-13 Chairman: Indian Affairs
023 Frederick C. Stevens R MN-4 Last term
024 George W. Taylor D AL-1 Last term
025 James T. Lloyd D MO-1 June 1, 1897 Chairman: Accounts
026 William S. Greene R MA-15 May 31, 1898 Republican Conference Chairman
Nine non-consecutive terms
027 Frank W. Mondell R WY-al March 4, 1899 Previously served 1895-97
Eight consecutive terms
028 Albert S. Burleson D TX-10 March 4, 1899 Resigned, to become Postmaster General: March 6, 1913
029 John L. Burnett D AL-7 Chairman: Immigration and Naturalization
030 John J. Esch R WI-7
031 David E. Finley D SC-5
032 John J. Fitzgerald D NY-7 Chairman: Appropriations
033 Joseph W. Fordney R MI-8
034 Gilbert N. Haugen R IA-4
035 Ernest W. Roberts R MA-9
036 William W. Rucker D MO-2 Chairman: Election of President, Vice President and Representatives
037 John H. Small D NC-1
038 Dorsey W. Shackleford D MO-8 August 29, 1899 Chairman: Roads
039 William N. Richardson D AL-8 August 6, 1900 Chairman: Pensions. Died March 31, 1914.
Seven consecutive terms
040 George F. Burgess D TX-9 March 4, 1901
041 Ezekiel S. Candler, Jr. D MS-1
042 Henry D. Flood D VA-10 Chairman: Foreign Affairs
043 Henry M. Goldfogle D NY-12 Chairman: Elections No. 3. Last term until 66th Congress.
044 James A. Hughes R WV-5 Last term until 70th Congress
045 Joseph T. Johnson D SC-4
046 Claude Kitchin D NC-2
047 Lemuel P. Padgett D TN-7 Chairman: Naval Affairs
048 Edward W. Pou D NC-4 Chairman: Claims
049 Asbury F. Lever D SC-7 November 5, 1901 Chairman: Agriculture
050 Augustus P. Gardner R MA-6 November 4, 1902
051 Carter Glass D VA-6 Chairman: Banking and Currency
Seven non-consecutive terms
052 Charles H. Burke R SD-2 March 4, 1909 Previously served 1899-1907. Minority Whip. Last term.
053 Julius Kahn R CA-4 March 4, 1905 Previously served 1899-1903
054 J. Frederick Talbott D MD-2 March 4, 1909 Previously served 1879-85 and 1893–95
055 Eben W. Martin R SD-3 November 3, 1908 Previously served 1901-07. Last term.
Six consecutive terms
056 Wyatt Aiken D SC-3 March 4, 1903
057 James A. Beall D TX-5 Last term
058 Philip P. Campbell R KS-3
059 Charles R. Davis R MN-3
060 John N. Garner D TX-15
061 Alexander W. Gregg D TX-7 Chairman: War Claims
062 Thomas W. Hardwick D GA-10 Chairman: Coinage, Weights and Measures
Resigned to become a U.S. Senator: November 2, 1914
063 Joseph Howell R UT-al
064 William E. Humphrey R WA-1
065 Benjamin G. Humphreys D MS-3
066 Moses P. Kinkaid R NE-6
067 George S. Legaré D SC-1 Died, as Representative-elect: January 31, 1913
068 Robert N. Page D NC-7
069 Henry T. Rainey D IL-20
070 J. Swagar Sherley D KY-5
071 William R. Smith D TX-16 Chairman: Irrigation of Arid Lands
072 Augustus O. Stanley D KY-2 Last term
073 Halvor Steenerson R MN-9
074 Andrew J. Volstead R MN-7
075 Edwin Y. Webb D NC-9 Chairman: Judiciary (1914)
076 H. Olin Young R MI-12 Resigned, during an election challenge, May 16, 1913
077 Victor Murdock R KS-8 May 26, 1903 Last term
078 J. Thomas Heflin D AL-5 May 19, 1904
079 Joseph R. Knowland R CA-11 November 8, 1904 Last term
Six non-consecutive terms
080 Daniel J. Riordan D NY-11 November 6, 1906 Previously served 1899-1901
Five consecutive terms
081 Andrew J. Barchfeld R PA-32 March 4, 1905
082 Thomas M. Bell D GA-9 Majority Whip
083 James F. Burke R PA-31 Last term
084 William M. Calder R NY-6 Last term
085 Frank Clark D FL-2 Chairman: Public Buildings and Grounds
086 Lincoln Dixon D IN-4
087 John C. Floyd D AR-3
088 Finis J. Garrett D TN-9
089 Everis A. Hayes R CA-8
090 William C. Houston D TN-5 Chairman: Territories
091 Gordon Lee D GA-7
092 Martin B. Madden R IL-1
093 John T. Watkins D LA-4 Chairman: Revision of Laws
094 John W. Weeks R MA-13 Representative-elect resigned, to become a U.S. Senator:
March 4, 1913
095 John M. Nelson R WI-3 September 4, 1906
096 J. Hampton Moore R PA-3 November 6, 1906
097 Edward W. Saunders D VA-5
Five non-consecutive terms
098 Burton L. French R ID-al March 4, 1911 Previously served 1903-09. Last term until 65th Congress.
099 Joseph A. Goulden D NY-23 March 4, 1913 Previously served 1903-11
100 Courtney W. Hamlin D MO-7 March 4, 1907 Previously served 1903-05.
Chairman: Expenditures in the State Department.
101 Francis B. Harrison D NY-20 Previously served 1903-05. Resigned September 1, 1913.
102 Isaac R. Sherwood D OH-9 Previously served (R) 1873-75. Chairman: Invalid Pensions.
103 William H. Stafford R WI-5 March 4, 1913 Previously served 1903-11
104 Frank E. Wilson D NY-3 March 4, 1911 Previously served 1899-1905. Last term.
105 Charles F. Booher D MO-4 March 4, 1907 Previously served February 18-March 3, 1889
Four consecutive terms
106 John A. M. Adair D IN-8 March 4, 1907 Chairman: Expenditures in the War Department
107 Joshua W. Alexander D MO-3 Chairman: Merchant Marine and Fisheries
108 Timothy T. Ansberry D OH-5 Resigned, to become a Judge: January 9, 1915
109 William A. Ashbrook D OH-17
110 William J. Cary R WI-4
111 William E. Cox D IN-3
112 Charles G. Edwards D GA-1
113 George W. Fairchild R NY-34
114 Martin D. Foster D IL-23 Chairman: Mines and Mining
115 Hannibal L. Godwin D NC-6 Chairman: Reform in the Civil Service
116 James A. Hamill D NJ-12 Chairman: Elections No. 2
117 Winfield S. Hammond D MN-2 Resigned, to become Governor: January 6, 1915
118 Rufus Hardy D TX-6 Chairman: Expenditures in the Navy Department
119 Willis C. Hawley R OR-1
120 Harvey Helm D KY-8 Chairman: Census
121 Richmond P. Hobson D AL-6 Last term
122 Cordell Hull D TN-4
123 Ben Johnson D KY-4 Chairman: District of Columbia
124 Charles A. Kennedy R IA-1
125 John W. Langley R KY-10
126 Charles A. Lindbergh R MN-6
127 James T. McDermott D IL-4 Resigned July 21, 1914. Last term until 64th Congress.
128 James C. McLaughlin R MI-9
129 Andrew J. Peters D MA-11 Resigned August 15, 1914
130 George W. Rauch D IN-11
131 John H. Rothermel D PA-13 Chairman: Expenditures in the Commerce Department.
Last term.
132 Adolph J. Sabath D IL-5 Chairman: Alcoholic Liquor Traffic
133 Daniel R. Anthony, Jr. R KS-1 May 23, 1907
134 Charles C. Carlin D VA-8 November 5, 1907
135 Charles D. Carter D OK-4 November 16, 1907
136 Scott Ferris D OK-5 Chairman: Public Lands
137 Bird S. McGuire R OK-1 Previously served as Delegate 1903-07. Last term.
138 C. Bascom Slemp R VA-9 December 17, 1907
139 Henry A. Barnhart D IN-13 November 3, 1908
140 Albert Estopinal D LA-1
141 Frank E. Guernsey R ME-4
Four non-consecutive terms
142 James M. Gudger, Jr. D NC-10 March 4, 1911 Previously 1903-07. Chairman: Expenditures in the
Post Office Department
(1914). Last term.
Three consecutive terms
143 Richard W. Austin R TN-2 March 4, 1909
144 William P. Borland D MO-5
145 Joseph W. Byrns D TN-6
146 J. Campbell Cantrill D KY-7
147 Cyrus Cline D IN-12
148 James W. Collier D MS-8
149 Michael F. Conry D NY-15
150 James H. Covington D MD-1 Resigned to become a Judge: September 30, 1914
151 William A. Cullop D IN-2
152 S. Hubert Dent, Jr. D AL-2
153 Martin Dies D TX-2 Chairman: Railways and Canals
154 Daniel A. Driscoll D NY-42
155 Thomas Gallagher D IL-8
156 James W. Good R IA-5
157 James M. Graham D IL-21 Chairman: Expenditures in the Interior Department
Last term
158 William W. Griest R PA-9
159 Dudley M. Hughes D GA-12 Chairman: Education
160 Eugene F. Kinkead D NJ-8 Resigned February 4, 1915
161 Charles A. Korbly D IN-7 Last term
162 Jonathan N. Langham R PA-27 Last term
163 Irvine L. Lenroot R WI-11
164 John A. Maguire D NE-1 Last term
165 Clarence B. Miller R MN-8
166 Dick T. Morgan R OK-2
167 Martin A. Morrison D IN-9
168 Ralph W. Moss D IN-5
169 William A. Oldfield D AR-2 Chairman: Patents
170 A. Mitchell Palmer D PA-26 Democratic Caucus Chairman. Last term.
171 Frank Plumley R VT-2 Last term
172 William G. Sharp D OH-14 Resigned July 23, 1914
173 Thomas U. Sisson D MS-4
174 Edward T. Taylor D CO-al
175 Robert Y. Thomas, Jr. D KY-3
176 Frank P. Woods R IA-10
177 Clement C. Dickinson D MO-6 February 1, 1910
178 Seaborn A. Roddenberry D GA-2 February 6, 1910 Died September 25, 1913
179 H. Garland Dupré D LA-2 November 8, 1910
Three non-consecutive terms
180 Jefferson M. Levy D NY-14 March 4, 1911 Previously served 1899-1901. Last term.
181 Joseph J. Russell D MO-14 Previously served 1907-09
182 James S. Davenport D OK-3 Previously served November 16, 1907–09
183 Timothy D. Sullivan D NY-13 March 4, 1913 Previously served 1903-July 27, 1906.
Representative-elect, died: August 31, 1913.
Two consecutive terms
184 Alfred G. Allen D OH-2 March 4, 1911
185 Sydney Anderson R MN-1
186 Elsworth R. Bathrick D OH-19 Last term until 65th Congress
187 Fred L. Blackmon D AL-4
188 William G. Brown, Jr. D WV-2
189 Frank Buchanan D IL-7
190 Robert J. Bulkley D OH-21 Last term
191 Michael E. Burke D WI-2
192 James F. Byrnes D SC-2
193 Oscar Callaway D TX-12
194 Horatio C. Claypool D OH-11 Last term until 65th Congress
195 Ira C. Copley R IL-11
196 James M. Curley D MA-12 Resigned February 4, 1914. Last term until 78th Congress.
197 Henry G. Danforth R NY-39
198 John W. Davis D WV-1 Resigned August 29, 1913
199 Robert E. Difenderfer D PA-8 Last term
200 Michael Donohoe D PA-5 Last term
201 Frank E. Doremus D MI-1
202 Robert L. Doughton D NC-8 Chairman: Expenditures in the Agriculture Department
203 Leonidas C. Dyer R MO-12 Unseated June 19, 1914. Last term until 64th Congress.
204 John M. Faison D NC-3 Last term
205 John R. Farr R PA-10
206 William J. Fields D KY-9
207 H. Robert Fowler D IL-24 Last term
208 William B. Francis D OH-16 Last term
209 Henry George, Jr. D NY-21 Last term
210 J. Henry Goeke D OH-4 Last term
211 William S. Goodwin D AR-7
212 Finly H. Gray D IN-6
213 Pat Harrison D MS-6
214 Henry T. Helgesen R ND-1
215 Walter L. Hensley D MO-13
216 Asher C. Hinds R ME-1
217 Edward E. Holland D VA-2
218 William S. Howard D GA-5
219 Henderson M. Jacoway D AR-5
220 William Kent[5] Ind CA-1
221 George Konig D MD-3 Died May 31, 1913
222 Thomas F. Konop D WI-9 Chairman: Expenditure on Public Buildings
223 Walter Lafferty R OR-3 Last term
224 William L. La Follette R WA-3
225 Robert E. Lee D PA-12 Last term
226 David J. Lewis D MD-6 Chairman: Labor
227 J. Charles Linthicum D MD-4
228 Charles O. Lobeck D NE-2 Chairman: Expenditures in the Treasury Department
229 James P. Maher D NY-5 Chairman: Expenditures in the Labor Department
230 Walter I. McCoy D NJ-9 Resigned October 3, 1914
231 Daniel J. McGillicuddy D ME-2
232 John C. McKenzie R IL-13
233 Luther W. Mott R NY-32
234 William F. Murray D MA-10 Resigned September 28, 1914
235 George F. O'Shaunessy D RI-1
236 Thomas G. Patten D NY-18
237 Charles E. Patton R PA-21 Last term
238 Irvin S. Pepper D IA-2 Chairman: Expenditures in the Post Office Department
Died December 22, 1913
239 Stephen G. Porter R PA-29
240 James D. Post D OH-7 Chairman: Elections No. 1. Last term.
241 Caleb Powers R KY-11
242 Solomon F. Prouty R IA-7 Last term
243 John E. Raker D CA-2
244 Thomas L. Reilly D CT-3 Last term
245 Edwin E. Roberts R NV-al
246 Arthur B. Rouse D KY-6
247 Thomas L. Rubey D MO-16
248 Thomas J. Scully D NJ-3
249 Sam R. Sells R TN-1
250 Charles H. Sloan R NE-4
251 Charles B. Smith D NY-41
252 John M. C. Smith R MI-3
253 Charles M. Stedman D NC-5
254 Hubert D. Stephens D MS-2
255 William I. Stephens[6] Prog CA-10
256 Claude U. Stone D IL-16
257 Robert M. Switzer R OH-10
258 Charles A. Talcott D NY-33 Last term
259 Horace M. Towner R IA-8
260 Edward W. Townsend D NJ-10 Last term
261 Samuel J. Tribble D GA-8
262 William E. Tuttle, Jr. D NJ-5 Last term
263 Edwin S. Underhill D NY-37 Chairman: Industrial Arts and Expositions. Last term.
264 John J. Whitacre D OH-18 Last term
265 George White D OH-15 Last term until 65th Congress
266 William H. Wilder R MA-3 Died September 11, 1913
267 Frank B. Willis R OH-8 Resigned, to become Governor: January 9, 1915
268 Samuel A. Witherspoon D MS-5
269 James Young D TX-3
270 William R. Green R IA-9 June 5, 1911
271 William D. B. Ainey R PA-14 November 7, 1911 Last term
272 William J. Browning R NJ-1
273 Kenneth McKellar D TN-10
274 Dan V. Stephens D NE-3
275 Joseph Taggart D KS-2
276 Harvey B. Fergusson D NM-al January 8, 1912 Previously served as Delegate 1897-99. Last term.
277 George A. Neeley D KS-7 January 9, 1912 Last term
278 Carl T. Hayden D AZ-al February 19, 1912
279 William S. Vare R PA-1 May 24, 1912
280 Frank L. Greene R VT-1 July 30, 1912
281 Edwin A. Merritt R NY-31 November 5, 1912 Died December 4, 1914
282 Lewis L. Morgan D LA-6
283 George C. Scott R IA-11 Last term until 65th Congress
284 Samuel M. Taylor D AR-6 January 15, 1913
Two non-consecutive terms
285 James McAndrews D IL-6 March 4, 1913 Previously served 1901-03
286 William E. Williams D IL-al Previously served 1899-1901
287 Charles R. Crisp D GA-3 Previously served 1896-97
One term
288 John W. Abercrombie D AL-al March 4, 1913
289 James B. Aswell D LA-8
290 Samuel B. Avis R WV-3 Only term
291 Warren W. Bailey D PA-19 Chairman: Mileage
292 J. Thompson Baker D NJ-2 Only term
293 William N. Baltz D IL-22 Only term
294 Alben W. Barkley D KY-1
295 Silas R. Barton R NE-5 Only term
296 Samuel W. Beakes D MI-2
297 Charles W. Bell[7] Prog CA-9 Only term
298 Charles M. Borchers D IL-19 Only term
299 Stanley E. Bowdle D OH-1 Only term
300 Robert G. Bremner D NJ-7 Died February 5, 1914
301 Frederick A. Britten R IL-9
302 Franklin Brockson D DE-al Only term
303 Andrew R. Brodbeck D PA-20 Only term until 65th Congress
304 Lathrop Brown D NY-1 Only term
305 Edward E. Browne R WI-8
306 Henry Bruckner D NY-22
307 Clement L. Brumbaugh D OH-12
308 James W. Bryan Prog WA-al Only term
309 Thaddeus H. Caraway D AR-1
310 John F. Carew D NY-17
311 Wooda N. Carr R PA-23
312 John J. Casey D PA-11
313 Walter M. Chandler Prog NY-19
314 Denver S. Church D CA-7
315 John R. Clancy D NY-35 Only term
316 John R. Connelly D KS-6
317 Maurice Connolly D IA-1 Only term
318 Louis C. Cramton R MI-7
319 Robert Crosser D OH-al
320 Charles F. Curry R CA-3
321 Harry H. Dale D NY-4
322 Perl D. Decker D MO-15
323 Frederick S. Deitrick D MA-8 Only term
324 Franklin L. Dershem D PA-17 Only term
325 Charles H. Dillon R SD-1
326 Jeremiah Donovan D CT-4 Only term
327 Peter J. Dooling D NY-16
328 Dudley Doolittle D KS-4
329 Thomas B. Dunn R NY-38
330 John J. Eagan D NJ-11
331 Joe H. Eagle D TX-8
332 George W. Edmonds R PA-4
333 J. Walter Elder D LA-5 Only term
334 John M. Evans D MT-al
335 Jacob Falconer Prog WA-al Only term
336 Simeon D. Fess R OH-6
337 Louis Fitzhenry D IL-17 Only term
338 James A. Frear R WI-10
339 Warren Gard D OH-3
340 Daniel E. Garrett D TX-al Only term until 65th Congress
341 Peter G. Gerry D RI-2 Only term
342 Edward Gilmore D MA-14 Only term
343 Robert H. Gittins D NY-40 Only term
344 Forrest Goodwin R ME-3 Died May 28, 1913
345 William Gordon D OH-20
346 George E. Gorman D IL-3 Only term
347 George S. Graham R PA-2
348 Daniel J. Griffin D NY-8
349 Charles M. Hamilton R NY-43
350 Guy T. Helvering D KS-5
351 Robert P. Hill D IL-25 Only term until 75th Congress
352 William H. Hinebaugh Prog IL-12 Only term
353 Stephen A. Hoxworth D IL-15 Only term
354 Willis J. Hulings Prog PA-28 Only term until 66th Congress
355 William L. Igoe D MO-11
356 Albert Johnson R WA-2
357 Jacob Johnson R UT-al Only term
358 Edward Keating D CO-al
359 Abraham L. Keister R PA-22
360 Patrick H. Kelley R MI-al
361 M. Clyde Kelly R PA-30 Only term until 65th Congress
362 Ambrose Kennedy R RI-3
363 William Kennedy D CT-5 Only term
364 William Kettner D CA-6
365 John A. Key D OH-13 Chairman: Pensions (1914)
366 Edgar R. Kiess R PA-15
367 George J. Kindel D CO-1 Only term
368 Sanford Kirkpatrick D IA-6 Only term
369 Aaron S. Kreider R PA-18
370 Ladislas Lazaro D LA-7
371 Claude L'Engle D FL-al Only term
372 John V. Lesher D PA-16
373 Fred E. Lewis R PA-al Only term
374 Charles Lieb D IN-1
375 Francis O. Lindquist R MI-11 Only term
376 J. Washington Logue D PA-6 Only term
377 Augustine Lonergan D CT-1 Only term until 65th Congress
378 Bryan F. Mahan D CT-2 Only term
379 James Manahan R MN-al Only term
380 Carl E. Mapes R MI-5
381 Lewis J. Martin D NJ-6 Died May 5, 1913
382 George McClellan D NY-27 Only term
383 Herman A. Metz D NY-10 Only term
384 Andrew J. Montague D VA-3
385 John M. Morin R PA-al
386 Hunter H. Moss, Jr. R WV-4
387 William H. Murray D OK-al
388 John I. Nolan R CA-5
389 Patrick D. Norton R ND-3
390 James H. O'Brien D NY-9 Only term
391 Woodson R. Oglesby D NY-24
392 Frank T. O'Hair D IL-18 Only term
393 Denis O'Leary D NY-2 Resigned December 31, 1914
394 James S. Parker R NY-29
395 John B. Peterson D IN-10 Only term
396 Michael F. Phelan D MA-7
397 Edmund Platt R NY-26
398 Percy E. Quin D MS-7
399 J. Willard Ragsdale D SC-6
400 Sam Rayburn D TX-4
401 Eugene E. Reed D NH-1 Only term
402 Michael K. Reilly D WI-6
403 John J. Rogers R MA-5
404 Arthur R. Rupley R PA-al Only term
405 Harry H. Seldomridge D CO-2 Only term
406 Milton W. Shreve R PA-25 Only term until 66th Congress
407 Nicholas J. Sinnott R OR-2
408 Addison T. Smith R ID-al
409 Frank O. Smith D MD-5 Only term
410 George R. Smith R MN-5
411 Raymond B. Stevens D NH-2 Only term
412 Tom Stout D MT-al
413 Lawrence B. Stringer D IL-al Only term
414 Hatton W. Sumners D TX-al
415 Howard Sutherland R WV-al
416 Clyde H Tavenner D Il-14
417 Benjamin I. Taylor D NY-25 Only term
418 Henry W. Temple Prog PA-24 Only term until 64th Congress
419 Peter G. Ten Eyck D NY-28 Only term until 67th Congress
420 Thomas C. Thacher D MA-16 Only term
421 Joseph B. Thompson D OK-al
422 Charles M. Thomson Prog IL-10 Only term
423 Allen T. Treadway R MA-1
424 Horace W. Vaughan D TX-1 Only term
425 John R. Walker D GA-11
426 Samuel Wallin R NY-30 Only term
427 Allan B. Walsh D NJ-4 Only term
428 Anderson H. Walters R PA-al Only term until 66th Congress
429 Walter A. Watson D VA-4
430 Claude Weaver D OK-al Only term
431 Emmett Wilson D FL-3
432 Otis T. Wingo D AR-4
433 Samuel E. Winslow R MA-4
434 Roy O. Woodruff Prog MI-10 Only term until 67th Congress
435 George M. Young R ND-2
Members joining the House, after the start of the Congress
John J. Mitchell D MA-13 April 15, 1913 Special election. Previously served 1910-11. Last term.
James P. Buchanan D TX-10 Special election
Richard S. Whaley D SC-1 April 29, 1913 Special election
Archibald C. Hart D NJ-6 July 22, 1913 Special election. Previously served 1912-13.
William J. MacDonald Prog MI-12 August 26, 1913 Seated, after election challenge. Only term.
John A. Peters R ME-3 September 9, 1913 Special election
Matthew M. Neely D WV-1 October 14, 1913 Special election
Jacob A. Cantor D NY-20 November 4, 1913 Special election. Only term.
Charles P. Coady D MD-3 Special election
George W. Loft D NY-13 Special election
Calvin D. Paige R MA-3 Special election
Frank Park D GA-2 Special election
Henry Vollmer D IA-2 February 10, 1914 Special election. Only term.
Dow H. Drukker R NJ-7 April 7, 1914 Special election
James A. Gallivan D MA-12 Special election
Christopher C. Harris D AL-8 May 11, 1914 Special election. Only term.
Michael J. Gill D MO-12 June 19, 1914 Seated, after election challenge. Only term.
William O. Mulkey D AL-3 June 29, 1914 Special election. Only term.
Jesse D. Price D MD-1 November 3, 1914 Special election
Carl Vinson D GA-10 Special election
Richard W. Parker D NJ-9 December 1, 1914 Special election. Previously served 1895-1911.
Non voting members
Jonah K. Kalaniana'ole R HI-al March 4, 1903 Territorial Delegate
James Wickersham R AK-al March 4, 1909 Territorial Delegate
Manuel L. Quezón N PI-al November 23, 1909 Resident Commissioner. Nationalist Party (PI).
Luis Muñoz Rivera U PR-al March 4, 1911 Resident Commissioner. Unionist Party (PR).
Manuel Earnshaw Ind PI-al March 4, 1913 Resident Commissioner

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