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The U.S. chemical weapons program began during World War I and ended in 1969. The United States renounced chemical weapons in 1997 and destruction of stockpiled weapons is still ongoing.

Agencies and organizations[edit]

Army agencies and schools[edit]

The U.S. chemical weapons programs have generally been run by the U.S. Army:

The regimental insignia of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps


Modern chemical depots[edit]

Active bases

Closed bases

Older chemical weapons program locations[edit]

Treaties, laws and policy[edit]

The U.S. is party to several treaties which limit chemical weapons:


M134 cluster bomblets in an Honest John warhead

Canceled weapon projects[edit]

While these weapon systems were developed, they were not produced or stored in the US chemical weapons stockpile.


Declared stockpile and other weapons[edit]

An M55 rocket being destroyed in 1990

Stockpiled chemical agents[edit]

Ball-and-stick model of the (S) enantiomer of VX

Agents stockpiled at the time of Chemical Weapons Convention:

Older chemical agents[edit]

Other equipment[edit]

Exercises, incidents, and accidents[edit]

Operations and exercises[edit]



Chemical testing[edit]

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