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Young Justice is an American animated television series created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for Cartoon Network. The series follows the lives of teenaged heroes who are members of a covert operations team that takes orders from the Justice League. The series debuted on January 7, 2011 with a two-week reairing of the first two episodes, which originally aired as an hour long special on November 26, 2010.[1][2]

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates) DVD title DVD release date
Season premiere Season finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 26[3] January 7, 2011 April 21, 2012 Part 1. Vol. 1 July 19, 2011[4] N/A July 4, 2012
Part 1. Vol. 2 October 25, 2011[5] N/A July 4, 2012
Part 1. Vol. 3 February 21, 2012[6] N/A March 27, 2013
Part 2: Dangerous Secrets July 31, 2012[7] N/A June 26, 2013
2 20[8] April 28, 2012 March 16, 2013 Part 1: Destiny Calling January 22, 2013 N/A
Part 2: Game of Illusions July 16, 2013 N/A


Season 1 (2011–2012)[edit]

No. # Title Directed by Written by U.S. Original air date Production code
1 1 "Independence Day" Jay Oliva Greg Weisman January 7, 2011 (2011-01-07) 101

July 4: After helping Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow take down Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, and Icicle Jr., Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy are brought to the Hall of Justice. Speedy is disappointed that they can't become members of the Justice League and walks out after admitting to the other three sidekicks that the Justice League's real base is orbiting the planet. While the Justice League are called away by Zatara to help in preventing Wotan from blotting out the sun, Dick Grayson, Kaldur'ahm and Wally West break into Cadmus (which was on fire at the time) and find that it is being run by Mark Desmond and the Genomorphs in the building's sub-levels. The Genomorphs have taken control of Guardian's mind. The sidekicks find a clone of Superman known as Superboy.

Introducing Characters: Robin / Nightwing / Dick Grayson, Aqualad / Kaldur'ahm, Kid Flash / Wally West, Speedy / Red Arrow / Roy Harper (clone), Superboy / Kon-El / Conner Kent, Batman / Bruce Wayne, Superman / Clark Kent, Aquaman / King Orin, Flash / Barry Allen, Green Arrow / Oliver Queen, Blockbuster / Mark Desmond, Guardian / Jim Harper, Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz / John Jones, Zatara / Doctor Fate / Giovanni Zatara, Red Tornado, Mister Freeze / Victor Fries, Icicle Jr. / Cameron Mahkent, Killer Frost / Crystal Frost, Captain Cold / Leonard Snart, Dubbilex, Dr. Amanda Spence, and the Computer

Note: On November 26, 2010, Cartoon Network aired the episode as a special "world premiere".

Absent: Miss Martian, Artemis, Zatanna, and Rocket
2 2 "Fireworks" Sam Liu Greg Weisman January 14, 2011 (2011-01-14) 102

July 5: Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash free Superboy from Cadmus's control. When getting close to the surface, Dubbilex and the Genomorphs arrive stating that they wanted their freedom from Mark Desmond. Mark Desmond arrives and drinks the Blockbuster Formula which transforms him into Blockbuster who knocks away Guardian. When Blockbuster is defeated by Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy, the Justice League arrive. When Superboy shows the S emblem on his suit, Superman is surprised as Batman demands an explanation. After the explanation, Blockbuster is arrested and taken away by some of the Justice League members. After a talk with the other members of the Justice League, Superman tells Superboy that "they'll work something out" before leaving to make sure that Blockbuster is locked away. Batman tells the young heroes that Cadmus will be investigated yet they still have to answer to him, Aquaman, and Flash for disobeying orders. With some helpful convincing from Superboy, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash end up with their team that works for the Justice League.
July 8: Mount Justice in Happy Harbor is reopened. Batman states that he will be giving the missions while Red Tornado lives with them and Black Canary becomes their trainer. Martian Manhunter's niece Miss Martian also joins the group. Meanwhile, Guardian takes over the Cadmus Building in Mark Desmond's place, but running it much different than the way that Mark Desmond has. As Guardian is discussing his plans with Dubbilex and Dr. Amanda Spence, Cadmus' Board of Directors called The Light contemplates the sidekicks' interference in their affairs.

Introducing Characters: Miss Martian / M'gann M'orzz / Megan Morse, Black Canary / Dinah Laurel Lance, Wonder Woman / Diana Prince, Green Lantern / Hal Jordan, Captain Atom / Nathaniel C. Adams, Captain Marvel / Billy Batson, Green Lantern / John Stewart, Hawkman / Katar Hol, Hawkwoman / Shayera Thal, G-Gnomes, and the Light (L-1 / Vandal Savage, L-2 / Ra's al Ghul, L-3 / Lex Luthor, L-4 / Queen Bee, L-5 / Ocean-Master / Prince Orm, L-6 / The Brain, and L-7 / Klarion the Witch Boy)

Note: On November 26, 2010, Cartoon Network aired the episode as a special "world premiere".

Absent: Artemis, Speedy, Zatanna, and Rocket
3 3 "Welcome to Happy Harbor" Jay Oliva Kevin Hopps January 21, 2011 (2011-01-21) 103

July 17: Speedy refuses to join the group after a battle with Brick.
July 18: Under the false belief that Red Tornado is testing them, the group faces off against Mister Twister who is attacking Happy Harbor. The team manages to defeat Mister Twister as Miss Martian uses a large rock to crush the pilot who was actually a robot. It turns out that the robot piloting the Mister Twister armor was controlled by Bromwell Stikk from an undisclosed location to test it out for T. O. Morrow who commented to Bromwell that he was lucky it wasn't him testing the armor.

Introducing Characters: Mister Twister (controlled by Bromwell Stick), T. O. Morrow / Thomas O. Morrow (android), Bromwell Stick, Brick / Daniel Brickwell, Lucas Carr, Daddy Lidz, Git N Payd, Henry, and Hoody Boy

Absent: Artemis, Zatanna, and Rocket
4 4 "Drop-Zone" Christopher Berkeley Andrew R. Robinson January 28, 2011 (2011-01-28) 104

June 19: Kobra has taken over the operations in Santa Prisca where Kobra's minion Mammoth ends up defeating Bane.
July 22:[9] Despite lacking a clear leader, the gang is assigned its first mission by Batman. They later get caught in the middle of a war between Bane's gang and the Cult of the Kobra (who are assisted by Cadmus' operative Sportsmaster) over the production of the drug Venom.[10] Aqualad agrees to be the leader until Robin is ready to take over.
July 23:[9] Batman congratulates the team on a successful mission despite a rocky start. Meanwhile, Sportsmaster gives The Light the remaining vial of the Venom/Blockbuster Formula combination. With L-6 mentioning that the formula can be reverse-engineered, L-1 states that they will plan to have their payback on the team someday.

Introducing Characters: Kobra / Jeffrey Burr, Bane, Sportsmaster / Lawrence Crock, Mammoth, and Shimmer

Note: The July 22 and July 23 dates incorrectly appeared in the episode as June 22 and August 4, respectively.[9]

Absent: Artemis, Speedy, Zatanna, and Rocket
5 5 "Schooled" Michael Chang Nicole Dubuc February 4, 2011 (2011-02-04) 105

August 3: Superboy's nonexistent relationship with Superman takes its toll on him, as he ignores Black Canary's training and becomes more angry and irrational. Things get worse when the team faces Professor Ivo's Amazo, a threat which even taxed the Justice League. Meanwhile, Batman advises and tries to convince Superman to accept Superboy as his protege.
August 4: Batman congratulates the team on their mission. They discover that an archer, who is not Green Arrow, saved their lives from Amazo. Superboy decides to train with Black Canary.

Introducing Characters: Professor Ivo (human), Amazo, Bibbo Bibbowski, and the MONQIs

Absent: Artemis, Speedy, Zatanna, and Rocket
6 6 "Infiltrator" Jay Oliva Jon Weisman February 11, 2011 (2011-02-11) 106

August 7: Speedy (now Red Arrow) rescues Dr. Serling Roquette from the League of Shadows who had kidnapped her and forced her to make the FOG program for them.
August 8: Newcomer heroine Artemis must prove herself to the team while protecting Dr. Serling Roquette from the League of Shadows (a mission brought to them by Red Arrow) as she prepares to make a program to counter the FOG. While Professor Ojo disperses the FOG, Sensei sends Cheshire, Black Spider, and Hook to assassinate Dr. Serling Roquette. While Superboy defeats Professor Ojo, Hook and Black Spider are also defeated while Cheshire gets away upon Artemis recognizing her. Artemis is accepted by the team.
August 9: Upon Artemis' return to Gotham City, she runs into Red Arrow. Red Arrow knows that Artemis is not who she seems and threatens her not to hurt his friends. The Sensei is revealed to be in league with The Light where dialogue between Sensei and L-2 reveals that they have someone on the inside.

Introducing Characters: Artemis / Tigress / Artemis Crock, Cheshire / Jade Nguyen, Sensei, Professor Ojo, Dr. Serling Roquette, Black Spider, and Hook

Absent: Zatanna and Rocket
7 7 "Denial" Michael Chang Thomas Pugsley February 18, 2011 (2011-02-18) 107

July 27: Kent Nelson visits Madame Xanadu and is kidnapped by Abra Kadabra.
August 19: The team is sent to the Tower of Fate by Red Tornado to find Kent Nelson and prevent the helmet of Doctor Fate from falling into the hands of Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy, forcing Kid Flash to put his skepticism of magic aside, Kid Flash and Kent later get to the rooftop, where the helmet is. Kid Flash is forced to put on the helmet after Kent dies putting up a shield against Klarion, who followed them. Doctor Fate then nearly loses the fight, but attacks the cat and so wins.
August 20: Kid Flash keeps the helmet until he finds a new host for Doctor Fate, still insisting to the team that magic doesn't exist and that his body was merely undone and his genetic structure biologically altered to change him into Doctor Fate. The episode ends with Kent's voice echoing in his head "find your own spitfire, one who won't let you get away with nothing" He looks up at Artemis who is leaving and hesitates. Miss Martian then walks by and Kid flash smiles and goes to flirt with her.

Introducing Characters: Abra Kadabra, Klarion the Witch Boy, Kent Nelson, Doctor Fate / Nabu, Madame Xanadu, Inza Nelson, and Teekl

Absent: Robin, Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket
8 8 "Downtime" Jay Oliva Kevin Hopps March 4, 2011 (2011-03-04) 108

August 27: The team's simulated battle with Clayface ends in disaster with Batman stepping in to save them and scolding Aqualad for letting the rest of Young Justice get taken down. Aqualad travels home to Atlantis to consider returning to the team or living with Tula below the ocean's surface. Aqualad is unaware that Tula is in a relationship with his friend Garth as Tula tells Garth that Aqualad must know of their relationship. While Aquaman is away, Black Manta and his Manta-Men invade Atlantis in order to steal a large starfish creature frozen in ice. However, with Aqualad's and Garth's interference, Black Manta ends up destroying the creature.
September 3: It is revealed that part of the starfish creature survived and is being moved to the surface world for study. Upon understanding the relationship between Tula and Garth, Aqualad retakes his responsibilities as team leader and the team is briefed on a new mission in Bialya. Black Manta reports his mission to The Light as L-5 states he did well.

Introducing Characters: Black Manta, Tempest / Garth, Aquagirl / Tula, Queen Mera, Lagoon Boy / La'gaan, Clayface / Matthew Hagen, Alfred Pennyworth, Flash / Jay Garrick, Joan Garrick, Iris West-Allen, Rudy West, Mary West, Huntress / Paula Nguyen-Crock, Vulko, Lori Lemaris, Topo, Beluga Boy, and Coral

Absent: Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket
9 9 "Bereft" Michael Chang Nicole Dubuc March 11, 2011 (2011-03-11) 109

September 4: The team discovers that they have forgotten the last six months of their lives, including each other and a final fateful mission in Bialya. The team turns to Miss Martian to recover their memories, before it is too late for Superboy. With help from Superboy after restoring his memories, Miss Martian manages to defeat Psimon and recover the piece of alien-tech.
September 5: Superboy and Miss Martian meet with the rest of the team who are tending to Aqualad. Miss Martian was able to get a 'souvenir' from the trip. Psimon reports his mission to The Light, mentioning that their new ally had sent another sphere through something that resembles a boom tube.

Introducing Characters: Psimon, Sphere / New Genesphere / Super-Cycle, and Marie Logan

Trivia: Marie Logan, who is the mother of Garfield Logan (a.k.a. Beast Boy), appears as Megan Wheeler, the title character of the fictional sitcom Hello, Megan!, in an illusion.

Absent: Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket
10 10 "Targets" Christopher Berkeley Andrew R. Robinson September 16, 2011 (2011-09-16) 110

September 7: While in Taipei, Red Arrow prevents Cheshire from assassinating Lex Luthor (who is assisting in a peace effort between General Singh Manh Li of Northern Rhelasia and Prime Minister Tseng of Southern Rhelasia). When Red Arrow questions Cheshire on why the League of Shadows wants to assassinate Lex Luthor, Sportsmaster appears and springs Cheshire from prison. Aqualad ends up coming to Red Arrow's aid. Meanwhile, Superboy and Miss Martian adopt the names Conner Kent and Megan Morse when they begin their first day of school where they meet Wendy and Marvin, Mal Duncan, Karen Beecher, and their teacher Lucas Carr. When the League of Shadows gets away upon defeat, Red Arrow tells Aqualad that he heard Sportsmaster mentioning something about a mole on the Young Justice team. Unbeknownst to the public, it turns out that Lex Luthor was in working with Ra's al Ghul in order to further the goals of The Light.

Introducing Characters: Guardian / Malcolm "Mal" Duncan, Bumblebee / Karen Beecher, Marvin White, Wendy Harris, Mercy Graves, Cat Grant, Tseng Dangun, Singh Manh Li, and Xiaping

Absent: Robin, Kid Flash, Artemis, Zatanna, and Rocket
11 11 "Terrors" Jay Oliva Greg Weisman September 23, 2011 (2011-09-23) 111

September 14: Superman and Martian Manhunter defeat the Terror Twins in New Orleans. With the Terror Twins defeated, Batman has Superboy and Miss Martian disguise themselves as the Terror Twins in order to infiltrate Belle Reve since the ice-based villains (consisting of Captain Cold, Icicle Jr., Killer Frost, and Mr. Freeze) that were defeated were sent there.
September 16: A disguised Superboy and Miss Martian arrive at Belle Reve which is run by Warden Amanda Waller and prison psychiatrist Hugo Strange. When in the male section of Belle Reve, Superboy hears of a plot by Icicle Jr.'s dad Icicle Sr. to break out of jail. Superboy and Miss Martian kiss when Megan gets thawed after she was frozen by Killer Frost for stopping another inmate from killing a female guard. In the aftermath of the breakout attempt, all the prisoners were rounded up except for Riddler and Hugo Strange becomes the new warden of Belle Reve. It is revealed that Hugo Strange is in working with Icicle Sr. in order to further the goals of The Light.

Introducing Characters: Icicle Sr. / Dr. Joar Mahkent, Amanda Waller, Hugo Strange, Riddler / Edward Nigma, Tommy Terror, Tuppence Terror, Devastation, Banks, Biggitz, Cooper, Hart, Hauser, Riker, Ripley, and Wilcox

Absent: Robin, Kid Flash, Artemis, Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket
12 12 "Homefront" Michael Chang Jon Weisman September 30, 2011 (2011-09-30) 112

September 22: Artemis attends the Gotham Academy. There, she meets the new student liaison Bette Kane. Dick Grayson quickly takes a picture of both of them, noting that they will 'laugh about this someday'. Upon returning to the cave, Robin and Artemis find that Mount Justice itself has been attacked by two "relatives" of Red Tornado named Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. Artemis and Robin, the team's only two non-superhumans, must save the team from the invaders. When Robin is captured, Artemis pretends to surrender, then quickly fires Kid Flash's "souvenir" arrow at the E.M.P. emitter to create a shock-wave that shuts down Red Torpedo and Red Inferno. Red Tornado arrives after hearing that something is wrong at Mount Justice. After making contact with other robots, Red Tornado creates a whirlwind that sucks the air out of the room, leaving the team unconscious. When they wake up, the "Reds" are gone.

Introducing Characters: Red Torpedo / Dr. Jim Lockhart, Red Inferno / Firebrand / Danette Reilly, Batgirl / Barbara Gordon, and Bette Kane

Absent: Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket
13 13 "Alpha Male" Jay Oliva Thomas Pugsley October 7, 2011 (2011-10-07) 113

September 10: In India, a group of hunters led by Mayor Hamilton Hill are set upon by Monsieur Mallah.
September 23: Already exhausted and rattled after a home turf invasion of The Cave and what had happened to Red Tornado, the team learns that Aqualad withheld vital information that put them all at risk after Superboy overhears Aqualad's conversation with Batman. Batman sends the team and their replacement “den-mother” Captain Marvel to India to investigate bizarre reports of armed animals attacking human beings. They discover that Brain is behind the Venom-enhanced animals. After Brain and Monsieur Mallah escape, the animals are freed from the Venom Collars as Superboy adopts a large genetically enhanced White Wolf that he calls Wolf while Captain Marvel befriends a tiger that he names Tawky Tawny.
September 24: Captain Marvel returns home to tell his Uncle Dudley about the mission. Then he reverts to Billy Batson before going to bed.

Introducing Characters: Monsieur Mallah, Dudley H. Dudley, Hamilton Hill, Mr. Tawny, and Wolf

Absent: Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket
14 14 "Revelation" Michael Chang Kevin Hopps October 14, 2011 (2011-10-14) 114

October 1: When Plant Monsters attack major cities around the world, Batman assigns the Team a dangerous task: taking out the Plant Monsters' masters, the Injustice League (consisting of the Joker, Count Vertigo, Poison Ivy, Atomic Skull, Wotan, Black Adam, and Ultra-Humanite). In the end, it is revealed that the Injustice League is a "fall guy" meant to distract the heroes from discovering who is really behind recent events which turns out to be The Light as its members (consisting of Vandal Savage, Ra's al Ghul, Lex Luthor, the Bialyan Queen Bee, Ocean Master, Brain, and Klarion the Witch Boy) are finally revealed.

Introducing Characters: Injustice League (Count Vertigo / Werner Vertigo, Poison Ivy, Black Adam / Teth-Adam, Wotan, Atomic Skull / Albert Michaels, Ultra-Humanite and Joker), Rocket / Raquel Ervin, Green Lantern / Guy Gardner, Icon / Augustus Freeman, Blue Devil, and Plastic Man / Patrick "Eel" O'Brien

Note: Red Arrow and Rocket make cameo appearances as some of the heroes that assist the Justice League against the plant monsters.
15 15 "Humanity" Matt Youngberg Greg Weisman October 21, 2011 (2011-10-21) 115

October 10: The team and Zatanna are on the hunt for Red Tornado, determined to find out once and for all whether the robot was the mole. After interrogating Professor Ivo at Belle Reve, the team tracks down Red Tornado and meets Tornado's little brother Red Volcano who attempts to destroy the Earth after destroying T. O. Morrow (who was revealed to be an android). The three reds attack him and manage to melt him in lava. Red Tornado is saved by Superboy and reveals the truth: he had left in order to protect the team from further attacks. He also admits that he does care about them, and soon after goes to take care of his "father" as the real T.O. Morrow is shown old and bedridden. Zatara talks with Black Canary stating how he was displeased that his daughter went with the team on their secret mission as Captain Marvel asks them when the team is going to come out and play with him and Wolf.

Introducing Characters: Zatanna / Zatanna Zatara, Red Volcano, Green Lantern / Alan Scott, Wildcat / Ted Grant, Sandman / Wesley Dodds, Dragon King, and T. O. Morrow / Thomas O. Morrow (human)

Absent: Red Arrow and Rocket
16 16 "Failsafe" Jay Oliva Nicole Dubuc November 4, 2011 (2011-11-04) 116

October 16: During an alien invasion, the Team faces the ultimate challenge when they are forced to replace the fallen Justice League. However, the team later learns that the invasion was a mental training simulation containing an unwinnable scenario held by Martian Manhunter, and Miss Martian's unexpectedly powerful psychic talents caused them all to forget that the experience was a simulation.[11]

Introducing Characters: Wade Eiling, Jason Bard, David Reid, and Danny

Note: Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket, along with Garth and Tula make cameo appearances as some of the young heroes that assist the Team.
17 17 "Disordered" Michael Chang Andrew R. Robinson November 11, 2011 (2011-11-11) 117

October 23: Still traumatized by the training exercise that went wrong in the last episode, the team attempts to work through their feelings with Black Canary. Meanwhile, Superboy's pet Sphere comes to the attention of the people who previously possessed it called the Forever People. They identify that Superboy actually saved the New Genisphere from the Bialyans and welcome him as a friend. Superboy and the Forever People end up stumbling upon Intergang who are using technology from Apokolips to rob an underground gold vault and learn that Intergang received the Apokolips technology from Desaad. They defeat the villains and gather up the rest of the missing technology. The episode ends with the Forever People allowing Conner to keep Sphere. Batman receives a report from Superboy about the truth of Sphere and Apokolips supplying their technology to Intergang.[11]

Introducing Characters: The Forever People (Vykin, Bear, Dreamer, Moonrider, and Serifan), Desaad, Intergang (Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim, Whisper A'Daire, and Norman), Infinity-Man, Mother Box, Father Box, and Norman's Mother

Absent: Red Arrow, Zatanna, and Rocket
18 18 "Secrets" Jay Oliva Peter David November 18, 2011 (2011-11-18)[11] 118

October 31: Artemis and Zatanna go to Manhattan for a girls' night after learning that Superboy and Miss Martian are a couple. While out, they get chased by a dangerous psychopath named Harm.[12] Meanwhile, Wally West, Megan Morse, and Conner Kent attend a Halloween party at Megan's and Conner's school. Also, Megan introduces Wally to Wendy, Marvin, Karen Beecher and Mal Duncan. There, they thwart the efforts of Marvin (who was playing a Halloween prank on the students) by playing a prank on him.[11]

Introducing Characters: Harm / Billy Hayes, Secret / Greta Hayes, and Detective Jim Daniels

Absent: Rocket
19 19 "Misplaced" Michael Chang Greg Weisman March 3, 2012[13] 119

November 5: When every adult on the planet disappears because of a spell cast by Klarion the Witch Boy, Wizard, Wotan, Felix Faust, and Blackbriar Thorn, only the team, Zatanna, and Billy Batson are left to figure out what's going on.
November 6: It is revealed that the adults and children are in different dimensions. With the help of Captain Marvel, a battle plan is formulated. During the showdown, Zatanna dons the Helmet of Fate to help fight Klarion. Zatara later becomes the new Doctor Fate in order to free his daughter from Nabu's thrall since Nabu had moved Kent Nelson to the afterlife.
November 7: Zatanna moves in permanently at Mount Justice with Miss Martian and Superboy, still missing her father. Klarion reports back to Brain and The Light where it turns out that Klarion's scheme was just a distraction to enable Sportsmaster and Riddler to steal the starfish creature as Brain states that they will "bring it into the Light."[13]

Introducing Characters: Commissioner James Gordon, Felix Faust, Wizard, Blackbriar Thorn, and Amber Joyce

Note: Rocket makes a cameo appearance as one of the young heroes saving young kids from cars.

Absent: Red Arrow
20 20 "Coldhearted" Victor Cook Jon Weisman March 10, 2012[14] 120

November 11: Kid Flash is disappointed on his birthday when he is tasked by Batman to deliver a heart to a sick girl, while the rest of the team is sent to join the Justice League and destroy flying fortresses causing nationwide snowstorms. On the way he is attacked by Vandal Savage, who delays him for some time. Kid Flash reaches the hospital only to be informed by a doctor that the girl already passed away and takes the heart from him. Kid Flash finds out a minute later that the girl is Queen Perdita of Vlativa, and realizes he's been tricked. He goes after the doctor, a henchmen of Count Vertigo (Perdita's uncle who plots to let her die and take the throne), and manages to retrieve the heart and get it to the doctors. However, it is reported on the news that Perdita died during the operation.
November 12: Count Vertigo approaches Kid Flash in his hospital room and gloats over his success. It is revealed that Perdita is alive with Kid Flash having faked the news and tricked him into confessing. Perdita revokes Vertigo's diplomatic immunity and he is arrested. Perdita offers Count Vertigo's sword to Kid Flash as a souvenir.
November 13: At Mount Justice, it is shown that Wally kept the heart carrier instead having realized that saving Perdita's life was more meaningful. At Belle Reve, Count Vertigo is served cafeteria food by Brick. Hugo Strange meets Batman and Flash and explains that the five ice-powered villains (Batman's prime suspects of the fortresses) were apparently in their cells the whole time.[14]

Introducing Characters: Pieter Cross, Mattie Harcourt, Queen Perdita, and Henchy

Note: Superboy and Aqualad appear in this episode, but neither have any lines.

Absent: Red Arrow and Rocket
21 21 "Image" Jay Oliva Nicole Dubuc March 17, 2012[14] 121

November 22: The team is sent to the borders of Qurac when Queen Bee has convinced President Rumaan Harjavti that Qurac and Bialya used to be one country. A covert operation against Queen Bee's forces in Qurac results in the Team encountering Garfield Logan and his mother, Marie Logan. The Team make the connection between Miss Martian and the "Hello, Megan!" program.
November 23: During an attempt to rescue Qurac's president, Miss Martian encounters Psimon, who forces her to revert to her White Martian form. She manages to keep this form concealed by knocking her teammates unconscious and rendering Psimon catatonic. On a televised bulletin, Miss Martian poses as Queen Bee where Rumaan Harjavti turns away Queen Bee's offer. Miss Martian covers up her White Martian side by showing a bald version of herself similar to that of Martian Manhunter as her true form. When Miss Martian goes to check up on Garfield, she finds Queen Bee in the room with him. Queen Bee seeks to blackmail Miss Martian into becoming a spy by threatening to reveal her true identity upon somehow finding out her secret.

Introducing Characters: Beast Boy / Garfield Logan, Rumaan Harjavti, Noor Harjavti, Paul Sloane, Sandra Stanyon, Rita Farr, Jonathan Lord, and Monkey

Trivia: In the fictional sitcom Hello, Megan!, the roles of Conner, Mrs. Wheeler, Megan Wheeler's friend, and Mr. Wheeler are played by Paul Sloane, Sandra Stanyon, Rita Farr, and Jonathan Lord, respectively. In the main DC Comics continuity, Paul Sloane was an actor who was to play Harvey Dent, but ended up disfigured like Dent after an accident, and Rita Farr was an Hollywood actress who became superheroine Elasti-Girl when exposed to unusual volcanic gases, while in the comic series Silverblade, Jonathan Lord was an retired actor who could turn into movie characters he's played, and Sandra Stanyon was his former co-star and lover.

Note: Aqualad, Artemis, and Zatanna only appear in Miss Martian's illusion.

Absent: Red Arrow and Rocket
22 22 "Agendas" Michael Chang Kevin Hopps March 24, 2012[14] 122

November 25: At the JLA Watchtower, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman meet with the other members of the Justice League to discuss expanding the Justice League's roster. Superboy returns to Project Cadmus to investigate a rumor by Lex Luthor that the top-secret genetics lab has created another Superman clone.[14] When he discovers this to be true, he learns that the clone, code-named "Match" was the first attempt to clone Superman from purely Kryptonian DNA. The resulting clone is far more unstable, and Superboy reluctantly decides that the clone needs to remain in cryogenic stasis. He also learns that his DNA is mixed with that of a human - Lex Luthor himself - and that Luthor can shut Superboy down with a simple phrase called "Red Son." At the JLA Watchtower, the Justice League have finished their deliberations as to possible recruits.

Introducing Characters: Match, Benny, and Erin

Note: Aqualad, Robin, Red Arrow, and Rocket only appear as holograms.

Absent: Artemis
23 23 "Insecurity" Jay Oliva Peter David March 31, 2012[14] 123

December 4: Artemis and Green Arrow stop an assassination attempt by Black Spider. Then Green Arrow is approached by Red Arrow, who had agreed to meet him. Meanwhile, Sportsmaster springs Professor Ivo from Belle Reve.
December 5: Red Arrow joins the Team and embarks on a mission with Kid Flash, Aqualad and Artemis to track down Sportsmaster, which results in them battling Cheshire too. Wally starts to express his feelings for Artemis. Artemis discovers that Klarion the Witch Boy, Brain, and Professor Ivo are all working together doing something to the starfish creature. Wally realizes that Artemis lied to them about the tracker and decides the tracker she used to track Cheshire is the right souvenir. Meanwhile at the Cave, the other members of the Team discover Red Tornado's human body which Red Tornado plans to use to blend into the human race.
December 6: Artemis returns home and is confronted by Sportsmaster (who is revealed to be her father). He tries to persuade her that she belongs with her villainous family, not the Team.

Introducing Characters: John Smith, Professor Ivo (android), Bernell Jones, and Cissie King-Jones

Trivia: In the main DC Comics continuity, Cissie King-Jones is better known as herione Arrowette, a bow-wielding member of the Young Justice, who she became after being forced by her mother, Bonnie King, formerly Miss Arrowette. Ironically, when Young Justice was in its early stages, actress Stephanie Lemelin announced that she had been cast as the voice of Arrowette for the show, but it was later revealed that the female archer on the team was actually Artemis Crock, a completely different character.

Absent: Robin and Rocket
24 24 "Performance" Michael Chang Jon Weisman April 7, 2012[15] 124

December 22: The Team goes undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to locate a thief stealing weapons technology across Europe with Agent King Faraday suspecting that Jack Haly's circus performers are responsible.
December 23: The experience of working with the circus again drives Robin to distraction as he reflects on his family's death and the possibility of Jack Haly losing the circus if the thief isn't caught. As the circus moves location, the Team encounters the thief: Parasite. Superboy starts to rely on Lex Luthor's 'Shields' more.
December 24: The Team track down Parasite and defeat him with Parasite being arrested by Agent King Faraday. Afterwards, Jack Haly reveals to Robin that he knows and remembers him, and implores the Boy Wonder to perform for the circus one more time.

Introducing Characters: Parasite / Raymond Jensen, King Faraday, Jack Haly, Carlo, and Dragon's Breath

Absent: Aqualad, Zatanna, and Rocket
25 25 "Usual Suspects " Jay Oliva & Tim Divar Kevin Hopps April 14, 2012[15] 125
December 30: Red Arrow, Icon, Plastic Man, The Atom, and Doctor Fate are welcomed into the Justice League while Icon's protégé Rocket joins the Team. During the ceremony, the Team receives an alert about Cheshire boarding a plane. After finding the plane crashed, the group is attacked by the Riddler, Cheshire, Mammoth, and Shimmer. After winning the battle, the Team recovers a suitcase containing heavily modified Starro bio-technology[16] and deliver it to Batman. Later, Superboy takes the Sphere to Santa Prisca after receiving a message from Lex Luthor, finding Luthor, Queen Bee, Cheshire, Sportsmaster, Bane, and Blockbuster there. Artemis and Miss Martian arrive separately, causing the three heroes to display shock at each other. However, in flashbacks, these three reveal their secrets to the rest of the team, showing their current actions as a ploy to lure the villains into the open. The Team defeat all but Luthor and Queen Bee, who escape by helicopter, and Chesire who disappears as Sportsmaster is captured. In the Watchtower, the mole is revealed to be Red Arrow who was brainwashed into using the biotech to gain control of the entire Justice League. A mind-controlled Batman authorizes Vandal Savage's entry into the Watchtower.
26 26 "Auld Acquaintance" Michael Chang & Lauren Montgomery Greg Weisman April 21, 2012[15] 126

December 31: The Team arrive at the Cave, and are informed by Batman that Red Arrow is a Roy Harper clone who replaced the original 3 years ago and has tried to betray the Justice League to Vandal Savage. Just as Red Tornado tries to infect Aqualad with Starro biotech, he immediately shuts down. Suspicious of this strange situation, the Team split up: Aqualad, Artemis, Miss Martian, and Superboy try to track down Red Arrow (who has gone on the run) while Kid Flash, Robin, Rocket, and Zatanna investigate what is wrong with a malfunctioning Red Tornado. Once his consciousness is transferred to his humanoid body, Black Canary shows up and attacks, but is quickly subdued. As the team evacuate Mount Justice, Tornado explains that the entire League is under the control of Vandal Savage and he managed to avoid being controlled himself. The Team plot an attack on the Watchtower in an attempt to ambush the League members individually and expose them to a reverse-engineered cure to the Starro biotech. After a fierce battle, they succeed, and Savage and Klarion (who was pulling the strings on the controlled League members) flee.
January 1: Realizing it's New Year's Day, the Team celebrates and romance blossoms between several members. Later, Superman and Superboy have a heart-to-heart talk. The Light storm the Cadmus facility and apprehend Match and the real Roy Harper (who's missing his right arm). Robin alerts some of the other heroes to the fact that six Justice League members' (Batman, Hawkwoman, John Stewart, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman) whereabouts for 16 hours while under Savage's control cannot be accounted for, leaving Batman asking the question of what they did during that time.

Introducing Characters: Speedy / Arsenal / Roy Harper

Trivia: The six members of the Justice League that were missing for 16 hours, consisting of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern and Hawkwoman, corresponds to six of the seven core members of the League in the Justice League animated TV series, although Hawkwoman / Shayera Thal replaces Hawkgirl / Shayera Hol.

Season 2: Invasion (2012- 2013)[edit]

The first episode of season 2 takes place after a five-year time gap, and the show is now titled, Young Justice: Invasion.

No. # Title Directed by Written by U.S. Original air date Production code
27 1 "Happy New Year" Tim Divar Greg Weisman April 28, 2012 (2012-04-28)[15] 201

January 1: Batman and Robin try to figure out what happened to the six Justice League members in the missing 16 hours.
January 1 (Five Years Later): The Team has gained new members (consisting of Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Mal Duncan) with Tim Drake as the new Robin (the former Robin having become Nightwing) while Rocket and Zatanna have joined the Justice League. Lagoon Boy is Miss Martian's new boyfriend.
January 3: After the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo attacks the United Nations and reveals the Secretary-General Tseng as a Krolotean in disguise, G. Gordon Godfrey is shown on his television program trying to turn the public against the Justice League.[15] On the Watchtower, Adam Strange reports that aliens have stolen Zeta technology from the planet Rann and used it to invade Earth. To make matters worse, Strange also reveals that during the missing 16 hours, the mind-controlled Leaguers attacked Rann's sector of space, making the entire League wanted criminals there. Members of the Team are dispatched to Rann while others are set to deal with the aliens on Earth.
January 4: The Team splits into three squads to destroy the different Zeta platforms. Robin, Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle stumble upon a massive base occupied by throngs of aliens and liberate the human hostages. Meanwhile, Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Adam Strange arrive on Rann.

Introducing Characters: Robin / Tim Drake, Blue Beetle / Jaime Reyes, Wonder Girl / Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark, Lobo / The Main Man / Hahn Sho Lobo, Adam Strange, Catherine Cobert, G. Gordon Godfrey, Black Lightning / Jefferson Pierce, and Sardath

Trivia: Interlac, a fictional language utilized by various alien races within the DC universe, is spoken by Lobo in this episode. The language is most commonly used by the Guardians of the Universe and Legion of Super-Heroes.

Absent: Artemis, Aqualad, Speedy, Impulse, and Static
28 2 "Earthlings" Doug Murphy Nicole Dubuc May 5, 2012 (2012-05-05) 202

January 4: Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy arrive on Rann with Adam Strange to halt the Krolotean invasion at its source. They are assisted by Alanna and Sardath.
January 5: Alanna learns of Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship, that he cannot age (physically), and that he dumped her. It is revealed that Beast Boy is Garfield Logan and that his mother was killed by Queen Bee. Following a battle, Miss Martian incapacitates a Krolotean and when Superboy questions her she says that she uncovered the truth about what the six Justice League members did during their missing 16 hours.[17]

Introducing Characters: Alanna

Absent: Nightwing, Artemis, Aqualad, Blue Beetle, Impulse, Speedy, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Lagoon Boy, Robin, Mal Duncan, Static and Wonder Girl
29 3 "Alienated" Mel Zwyer Kevin Hopps May 12, 2012 (2012-05-12) 203

January 5: Bumblebee, Blue Beetle and Bibbo Bibbowski try to detain a Kroletean but it escapes.
January 6: Miss Martian shares what she has learned about the Justice League's attack on Rimbor during the missing 16 hours with Nightwing and several Leaguers. Later, she forcefully probes the mind of a captured Krolotean and uncovers the location of their base. Members of the Team and the League investigate the island but are discovered and a fight ensues, during which the enemy is revealed to be Aqualad, who left the team in anger after Aquagirl died when they were unable to save her, as well as discovering that Black Manta is his father. Aqualad escapes, and a bomb planted by the enemy seemingly obliterates the island and most of the Kroloteans present.
January 7: He reports to Black Manta, who in turn reports to the Light as Ocean-Master's replacement.
January 26: The six Leaguers accused of attacking Rimbor, along with Hawkman and Icon, leave Earth with the captured Krolotean to try and resolve the dispute peacefully, bidding a temporary farewell to their proteges in the process.[17]

Introducing Characters: Eduardo Dorado Sr. and Black Beetle

Note: Robin and Batgirl appear in this episode, but have no lines.

Absent: Artemis, Impulse, Speedy, Mal Duncan, and Static
30 4 "Salvage" Tim Divar Greg Weisman May 19, 2012 (2012-05-19) 204

February 13: Nightwing, Wally West, Jim Harper, Green Arrow and Black Canary reach out to Red Arrow, who has fallen into despair over his failed quest to find the original Roy Harper. Superboy, Blue Beetle, Wolf, and Super Sphere track Intergang leader Bruno Mannheim and his liuetenant Whisper A'Daire to the Hall of Justice, where the criminals reanimate the four Appellaxians into one Appellaxian Golem. The Appellaxian Golem attacks a nuclear power plant. Blue Beetle finds a way to communicate with the Appellaxian Golem, and learns it just wants to stop feeling pain. In the distance, Sportsmaster makes an example of Bruno and Whisper as his unseen partner destroys the Appellaxian Golem to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
February 14: Wally returns home to Artemis and wishes her a happy Valentines Day. They are attending college and living together. Red Arrow returns home where Cheshire – now his estranged wife – is waiting for him. She had returned to a life of crime due to his obsession with finding the original Roy Harper. Cheshire reveals to him that they have a daughter, and wants him to end his obsession for their daughter's sake. Cheshire has acquired a lead to the location of the original Roy Harper.[17]

Introducing Characters: Appellaxian Golem, Jeremiah, Lian Nguyen-Harper and Brucely

Note: Miss Martian and Beast Boy make non-spoken cameos at the beginning of the episode.

Absent: Impulse, Speedy, Robin, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Static, Aqualad and Wonder Girl
31 5 "Beneath" Doug Murphy Brandon Vietti May 26, 2012 (2012-05-26) 205

February 18: Blue Beetle tries to intercept his friend Tye before he boards a bus, but the boy is abducted before Jaime can reach him.
February 19: A visit to Tye's house leads Jaime to believe that his mother's boyfriend is responsible for his disappearance. Meanwhile, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian and Bumblebee are en route to Bialya.
February 20: The girls arrive in Bialya and learn that Psimon is active again. They discover a shipment of runaways who are being transported by plane which is guarded by Psimon, Icicle Jr., Mammoth, Shimmer, and Devastation. Elsewhere, Reyes investigates Tye's mother's boyfriend and determines that he had nothing to do with Tye's disappearance. Miss Martian takes down Shimmer and learns that the runaways are being sent to an "unknown partner". Alpha Team rescue the abducted teens but Queen Bee is content, since a second shipment, which includes Tye, has already been acquired.[17]

Introducing Characters: Tye Longshadow, Shelly Longshadow, Maurice Bodaway, Holling Longshadow, Static / Virgil Hawkins, Eduardo Dorado Jr., and Asami Koizumi

Trivia: Both Tye and Holling Longshadow's physical appearances and ethnic background allude to Apache Chief, a character in the Super Friends animated TV series, while their surname alludes to Long Shadow, a character in the Justice League Unlimited animated TV series.

Note: Virgil Hawkins makes a cameo appearance at the end of the episode

Absent: Impulse, Robin, Lagoon Boy Speedy, Mal Duncan, Superboy, Artemis, Aqualad, and Beast Boy
32 6 "Bloodlines" Mel Zwyer Peter David June 2, 2012 (2012-06-02) 206

February 28: A stranger appears within Mount Justice claiming to be a time traveler and the grandson of the current Flash (Barry Allen). The boy, Bart Allen/Impulse, soon gatecrashes the Garricks' wedding anniversary party and reveals his identity. Kid Flash/Wally West arrives soon after. The party is interrupted when they all learn that a villain called Neutron is on a rampage, and the Flash, Kid Flash, and Impulse head off to stop him. Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Cheshire travel to a League of Shadows base in Tibet where they finally find the original Roy Harper. In Central City, the Flashes defeat Neutron, and Impulse secretly administers a cure to Neutron's uncontrollable power. Later, Impulse also pretends to discover that he is stranded in the present day.
February 28 (Forty Years Later): Through a nonlinear narrative, it is discovered that before Impulse embarks on his voyage to the present day, he bids farewell to Neutron, fully aware that the time travel is going to be a one-way trip. After he departs (and the events of the episode take place), Neutron reverts to normal but is horrified to discover that the post-apocalyptic future around him remains unchanged.[18]

Note: Mal Duncan makes a non-spoken cameo at the beginning and Speedy makes a non-spoken cameo at the end of the episode

Absent: Miss Martian, Lagoon Boy, Superboy, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Blue Beetle, Static, Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, and Artemis
33 7 "Depths" Tim Divar Kevin Hopps & Paul Giacoppo June 9, 2012 (2012-06-09)[18] 207

March 19: At Nightwing's request, Artemis rejoins the Team to help ensure the safe launch of one of Carol Ferris's communications satellites. The satellite is meant to strengthen relations between Earth and Mars, but Black Manta has sent Aqualad and his men to destroy it. Upon confronting the villains, Lagoon Boy is captured and shipped off to the Light's Partner while Nightwing and Artemis deal with the ground assault. They soon find themselves up against Aqualad, who fails to destroy the rocket but kills Artemis with his water sword. The rocket explodes anyway, and the heroes are unable to save their fallen friend.
March 20: Aqualad reports to Black Manta, who reveals that he had planted the bomb that destroyed the rocket in order to test whether his son would take credit for the victory or not. At Mount Justice, the Team mourns the death of Artemis. On the waterfront of Blüdhaven, Nightwing and Wally meet in secret with Aqualad and Artemis (whose death was faked). Aqualad's defection from the Team and "killing" of Artemis was part of a ruse to ensure that the pair could go undercover to learn more about the Light and their Partner. Artemis is given an amulet (which Zatanna had made without knowing its purpose) that will disguise her looks to everyone except Nightwing, Aqualad and Wally, then she and Aqualad leave together.[18]

Note: Impulse and Speedy only appear in photos.

Note: Beast Boy, Batgirl, Bumblebee, Robin, Blue Beetle, and Wonder Girl make cameo appearances at the end of the episode mourning Artemis's "death".

Absent: Static
34 8 "Satisfaction[20]" Doug Murphy Greg Weisman[21] September 29, 2012 (2012-09-29)[20] 208

March 21: After recuperating in the hospital, Roy Harper seeks vengeance against Lex Luthor, who ruined his life the day when he was taken down during a stakeout on LexCorp. His motive causes Green Arrow and Red Arrow to try to head to Metropolis before he accomplishes his goals. In exchange for his life, Luthor gives Roy a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost. Green Arrow and Red Arrow arrive too late to avert the battle, and are informed by a satisfied Roy that he wants to go by the name Arsenal from now on. Elsewhere, Rocket hosts a bridal shower which is interrupted by Captain Cold. Cheshire swears revenge on Aqualad for killing Artemis while Sportsmaster swears revenge on Black Manta for killing her without his permission. Superboy finds himself with only Wendy Harris for company on his birthday. Impulse befriends Blue Beetle.[19] Note: Lagoon Boy and Aqualad only appear in photos while Artemis appears as a hologram

Note: Nightwing, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, and Robin make cameo appearances throughout the episode

Absent: Static
35 9 "Darkest[22]" Mel Zwyer Jon Weisman[21] October 6, 2012 (2012-10-06)[23] 209

March 23: Aqualad, Tigress (a disguised Artemis), Icicle Jr., and the Terror Twins are sent by Black Manta to capture Blue Beetle for the Partner, but they are thwarted due to Impulse's interference. However, Kaldur's tracking device (stolen by Impulse during the fight) remotely deactivates all security at the Cave, and Aqualad's team launches another attack. They capture Beast Boy, Blue Beetle and Impulse and escape, before Aqualad orders Tigress to detonate a bomb (which resembled the same one that blew up Malina Island) which obliterates Mount Justice. Having left Karen Beecher and Ray Palmer at the university lab, Mal Duncan returns just in time to rescue an unconscious Nightwing and Superboy.
March 24: Wally West confronts Nightwing at the Hall of Justice about what happened and reveals his fears that Aqualad might be a triple agent. Elsewhere, Black Manta inducts Kaldur into the Light as a reward for his success as Ra's al Ghul states that it is time that he met their Partner.[22]

Absent: Arsenal, Robin, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Miss Martian

Note: Beast Boy appears, but doesn't have any lines and Virgil Hawkins makes a cameo appearance
36 10 "Before the Dawn[22]" Tim Divar Kevin Hopps[21] January 5, 2013 (2013-01-05) (Cartoon Network)[24] 210

March 30: Nightwing leads the Team on a mission to rescue its members from The Light's Partner: an alien race known as the Reach. Aqualad (now affiliated with the Light) learns that teenagers have been abducted in order to test a human's ability to develop meta-human powers. He deduces that the Reach are trying to weaponize these powers and the aliens do not reject his claim. While in containment, Blue Beetle overhears his captors' intentions to remove his scarab at the cost of his life. Impulse eventually frees Blue Beetle revealing that in the future, a Blue Beetle has taken over the Earth and enslaved mankind. Miss Martian encounters Aqualad for the first time since Artemis' death and in a rage, telepathically attacks him leading her to discover the truth about Aqualad and Artemis as double agents. This leaves her in shock and Aqualad in an apparently catatonic state. The Team battles face-to-face with an agent of the Reach called Black Beetle who savagely beats them until Blue Beetle intervenes. Once everyone has been rescued, the Team makes their retreat.[22]
March 31: The Reach has reached out to the United Nations and is embraced by the public much to the irritation of Nightwing and the Justice League. G. Gordon Godfrey comments on this stating that they "used the front door" unlike the alien members of the Justice League. Elsewhere, a large fleet of ships belonging to The Reach lie in wait on the ocean floor.

Absent: Arsenal and Mal Duncan

Note: Robin, Lagoon Boy, and Virgil Hawkins appear, but don't have any lines
37 11 "Cornered[22]" Doug Murphy Nicole Dubuc[21] January 12, 2013 (2013-01-12)[25] 211

April 1: Despero, on the advice of his majordomo L-Ron, sets his sights on Earth's champions. He attacks the Hall of Justice while the members of the Team who used to live at the Cave are at the Hall to remove their belongings. Mal becomes the new Guardian to help in the battle. Elsewhere, Captain Atom attends a private meeting with the Reach ambassador and Black Canary interviews the Team members and teenagers abducted by the Reach, including Tye Longshadow and Virgil Hawkins.
April 2: The Reach ambassador uses his technology to remove the dome Despero had created around the Hall, but exposes the existence of the Watchtower to the public, which G. Gordon Godfrey uses as ammunition against the Justice League on his show. M'gann decides to take up residence at J'onn's apartment, where Conner confronts her about her strange behavior during the battle. Meanwhile, Black Canary shares her deductions about the Reach with her teammates. Against the wishes of Impulse and the Scarab, Jaime informs the League about his role in the Reach Apocalypse of Bart's time and asks that they find a way to get the Scarab off him.

Note: Aqualad and Tigress appear in archive footage

Note: Beast Boy and Lagoon Boy appear during the therapy sessions, but have no lines

Absent: Arsenal, Robin, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl
38 12 "True Colors[22]" Mel Zwyer Paul Giacoppo[21] January 19, 2013 (2013-01-19)[25] 212

April 7: Bumblebee and the Atom try to remove the Scarab from Jaime's back but find that its defenses are too strong.
April 8: Robin, Blue Beetle, Impulse and Arsenal are sent undercover to investigate LexCorp's new partnership with the Reach, crop additives being tested in Smallville.
April 9: Sportsmaster requests payback against Black Manta for what happened to Artemis, only to find that the Light expected him to be disgruntled and replaced him with Deathstroke. He flees, and later Vandal Savage calls in Psimon to try and salvage Kaldur's mind for Manta. At the LexCorp lab, the Team procure a sample of the Reach's work, but Arsenal blows their cover and they end up fighting Black Beetle. They are saved by the Green Beetle, a Martian who chanced upon a Scarab like Jaime did and now wants to help stop the Reach. Lex Luthor and Vandal Savage meet to discuss the break-in and that the team did not discover the true purpose of the lab which involves some Reach chemicals entering the food and drink supply. Luthor suggests that they put together their own team of young enforcers.

Note: Aqualad, Lagoon Boy, Guardian, Superboy make non-spoken cameos in the episode.

Note: Virgil Hawkins appears in a photo

Absent: Batgirl, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, and Tigress
39 13 "The Fix[26]" Tim Divar Greg Weisman[21] January 26, 2013 (2013-01-26)[25] 213

April 9: Tigress intervenes before Psimon can enter Kaldur's mind and discover their secret; she drugs him, but he discovers her true identity before passing out. She persuades Black Manta that she ought to kidnap Miss Martian in order to force her to fix the damage she has done, and Manta sends Deathstroke to accompany her. Meanwhile M'gann determines that the Green Beetle is an ally, and he states that the energy drink created by the Reach contains chemicals that will eventually addict the population and make them incapable of revolt, as well as a tracer that seeks out the meta-gene. Lagoon Boy privately confronts Miss Martian about her behavior, but is interrupted when Deathstroke and Tigress attack the pair and take M'gann hostage. Aboard Black Manta's ship, Miss Martian and Artemis work on fixing Kaldur's damaged mind and, in spite of some resistance, they make progress; M'gann states that the process could take weeks, however. Nightwing reveals the truth about Aqualad and Artemis to Superboy and Lagoon Boy, both of whom are outraged. Elsewhere, Jaime Reyes convinces Green Beetle to modify his Scarab, and is ecstatic when he finds that the Scarab's voice has been silenced.

Note: Robin and Arsenal make non-spoken cameos

Absent: Batgirl, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Static, Guardian, and Wonder Girl
40 14 "Runaways[27]" Doug Murphy Kevin Hopps[21] February 2, 2013 (2013-02-02)[27] 214

May 13: Four of the super-powered former Reach abductees (consisting of Virgil Hawkins, Tye Longshadow, Asami "Sam" Koizumi, and Eduardo "Ed" Dorado Jr.) escape from the League's Taos base after being put through endless metagene training exercises, much to the objection of Neutron. Nightwing sends Blue Beetle to track them down, and Jaime reveals his secret identity to them in order to get them on his side. Meanwhile, the Taos base comes under attack from Red Volcano, who has come to steal the AMAZO body parts. The runaways follow Blue Beetle back to Taos to rescue the endangered civilians ranging from Eduardo Dorado Sr., Dr. David Wilcox, Burton Thompson, and Neutron. They are unnerved by Jaime's apparent disregard for the lives of those caught in the crossfire. After the fight, they evade Jaime, who is caught up in talking to the press.
May 14: On the roof of the Taos Pueblo, Jaime talks to Green Beetle about the battle. Black Beetle then arrives and compliments Green Beetle for reprogramming the Blue Beetle to completely take control over Jaime's body. Elsewhere, the runaways are confronted by Lex Luthor (who planned Red Volcano's attack and the sudden press arrival) and Mercy. Lex offers to bring the runaways under his wing. Note: Nightwing's voice is only heard on Blue Beetle's phone.

Absent: Batgirl, Arsenal, Robin, Bumblebee, Impulse, Guardian, Miss Martian, Superboy, Lagoon Boy, Aqualad, Beast Boy, Tigress, and Wonder Girl
41 15 "War[27]" Mel Zwyer Jon Weisman February 9, 2013 (2013-02-09)[27] 215

April 2: At the Justice League's trial on Rimbor, Vandal Savage manipulates Mongul into taking action against the Reach.
May 23: The Justice League and Nightwing learn that something is fast approaching the Earth. As Green Beetle informs them that it is a weaponized, moon-sized satellite known as the War World which is captained by the former dictator Mongul, the Reach make contact with Mongul to persuade him to turn around – only for him to state that he is there because of them.
May 24: Mal and Karen notice the War World in the sky, while Cat Grant warns citizens of the so-called moon's devastating effect on tides.
May 25: The Reach's ambassador speaks out to calm the public, stating that they will stand by the people of Earth.
May 26: Mongul opens fire on the Earth, but the Justice League intervene and distract him while the Team infiltrates the War World. When it becomes clear that the heroes can't hope to stop all of Mongul's missiles, the Reach sacrifice two-thirds of their fleet to destroy the remaining missiles. Bumblebee manages to re-route the War World's power into Mongul's helmet, and the electrical surge leaves him weak enough for the Team's strongest members to take him down. Karen finally realizes that she has been taking Mal for granted and their relationship is reaffirmed, but suddenly the Team faces fresh danger when Blue Beetle turns on them and takes everyone down, except for Arsenal, who escapes. The ambassador takes comfort in the fact that Blue Beetle now has the key to the War World in the palm of his hand.

Absent: Static, Miss Martian, Lagoon Boy, Aqualad, and Tigress

Note: Wonder Girl speaks, but is uncredited

Note: Impulse, Beast Boy, and Robin appear, but have no lines
42 16 "Complications[27]" Tim Divar Kevin Hopps February 16, 2013 (2013-02-16)[27] 216

May 27: Nightwing arrives on the War World to inquire about the Team's disappearance, but Blue Beetle covers his tracks by insisting that a boom tube opened which sucked in everyone except for himself. Meanwhile, Artemis, M'gann and Aqualad (who has been cured but is playing possum) are stalling for time to try to figure out how to save M'gann's life. They formulate a plan after Black Manta gives M'gann the ultimatum that she has 24 hours left to finish her task, but before they can get very far, Kaldur and M'gann are attacked by Cheshire, who has infiltrated the sub with Sportsmaster. While the latter battles Black Manta, Aqualad tells Cheshire that Artemis is alive, but Jade (Cheshire) does not accept the truth until Artemis disables Miss Martian's inhibitor collar so that a full account of what has happened can be disclosed on the psychic plane. Sportsmaster is eventually convinced as well when Tigress demonstrates a move he taught her. The five concoct a plan for Kaldur and Artemis to remain undercover while the others make their escape, and they manage it successfully.
May 28: In Gotham City, Jade decides to inform Paula Crock that Artemis is alive. Back on the submarine, Black Manta shares the news that his son is well again with Vandal Savage and the Reach Ambassador. Meanwhile, Nightwing looks on in fury as the Ambassador publicly praises Blue Beetle as Earth's savior. Nightwing's detective work, in finding Robin's scratched birdarang, has led him to discover that Jaime turned on the Team.

Absent: Robin, Batgirl, Lagoon Boy, Impulse, Superboy, Arsenal, Guardian, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Virgil Hawkins, and Wonder Girl
43 17 "The Hunt[27]" Doug Murphy Brandon Vietti February 23, 2013 (2013-02-23)[27] 217

May 27: Black Beetle laments the setbacks that the Reach have suffered, such as the loss of most of their fleet, while on another part of the War World, Arsenal continues to flee from the Reach's forces.
May 29: Lex Luthor encourages the runaways to rescue the Team from the Reach, and provides them with a Father Box which transports them to the War World. The Reach scientist informs the ambassador of this new development, and he becomes further disgruntled when he appears on G. Gordon Godfrey's show only to be taken to task about his blatant lie concerning the Reach only having the one ship.
May 30: Nightwing and Miss Martian revisit the site of the Team's abduction, where they are met by Sphere. The Father Box directs the runaways to the captive Team members, with Arsenal on their tail as well after catching sight of them. When Black Beetle attacks the runaways, Roy intervenes and manages to free Mongul in the ensuing battle. As Mongul takes on Black Beetle, all of the heroes meet up and make their escape, but not before Deathstroke uses the confusion to snatch the key to the War World. Bumblebee alerts Nightwing to Arsenal's reckless behavior in the confrontation with Blue Beetle, resulting in Nightwing kicking Roy off the Team. The runaways offer him an olive branch and they return to their hideout, where Arsenal learns that they work for Lex Luthor and manages to turn them against him upon Luthor admitting being a party to the theft of the War World key. The four youths decide to end their deal with Luthor and depart with Arsenal.

Absent: Tigress and Aqualad

Note: Wonder Girl, Guardian, Robin, Batgirl, Impulse, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, and Superboy appear, but have no lines
44 18 "Intervention[28]" Mel Zwyer Peter David March 2, 2013 (2013-03-02)[28] 218

May 30: With the help of Green Beetle, Black Beetle is able to defeat Mongul and imprison him again. They discover that the War World key has been stolen, while in Bludhaven, the Team return to base and realize that they need to turn their attention to saving Blue Beetle.
June 13: Blue Beetle boosts the Reach's image by defeating Toyman in Metropolis. On his way home, he is ambushed by Batgirl and Impulse, who act as decoys while Zatanna and Rocket subdue him. Elsewhere, Miss Martian picks Lagoon Boy up from Atlantis, his leg having healed.
June 14: The four heroes take Jaime back to the underground cavern in Bialya where the runaways were stored, and Zatanna sets about casting a spell to free Jaime from the Reach's control. When Green Beetle intervenes, the other Team members who were lying in wait reveal themselves and engage him in combat while the spell is completed. Both Beetles are placed off-mode and Batgirl and Zatanna explain that the cavern runes had their origin in a human mystic ritual that was the cause of Jaime's Scarab being placed off-mode when it first arrived on Earth. They even bring up the histories of the previous Blue Beetles Dan Garrett and Ted Kord. While en route from Atlantis, Miss Martian breaks up with Lagoon Boy having decided that they aren't right for each other. After Nightwing gets word on the status with Blue Beetle and Green Beetle, Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy arrive where they learn about what happened. While Lagoon Boy leaves to go watch some television Miss Martian later learns that she has missed her chance with Conner as Nightwing tells her that he has gone on a date with Wendy Harris. Meanwhile in Bialya, Queen Bee reveals to Mammoth, Shimmer, and Devastation that the Light's plans for the Reach, the Justice League, and the Team are set to proceed on schedule.

Note: Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, Guardian, and Superboy appear, but have no lines

Absent: Virgil Hawkins, Tigress, Arsenal, and Aqualad
45 19 "Summit[29]" Tim Divar Greg Weisman March 9, 2013 (2013-03-09)[29] 219

June 19: The Light call a summit with the Reach to discuss how their plans are advancing. As the tensions between the two groups begin to come to the fore, Ra's al Ghul notices the glamor charm on Tigress's neck and exposes her as Artemis, leading Deathstroke to execute both her and Kaldur. However, a hologram of Aqualad then plays which reveals to the Reach the extent of the Light's manipulations, leaving their alliance in tatters. Aqualad and Artemis suddenly rise, and as "Deathstroke" turns out to be Miss Martian in disguise, the Team and Kid Flash make their entrance, leading to an all-out battle. In the midst of the chaos, the Reach ambassador and the Brain are captured, while Aqualad defeats Black Manta and Black Beetle mortally wounds Ra's al Ghul. However, Ubu rescues Ra's (pledging that he will be revived), Black Beetle escapes with the Reach Scientist, and Vandal Savage summons Klarion to elude the Team. In the aftermath of the battle, Nightwing insists that Aqualad take over leadership of the Team, while Savage ousts the League from the War World by defeating Black Lightning, Black Canary and Captain Marvel; then uses it to flee into space. On Earth, the League present the public with proof of the Reach's duplicity, and Black Beetle assumes control of the alien fleet, swearing to destroy the Earth now that it is of no further use to them and before the Green Lantern Corps and Guardians of the Universe arrive.

Absent: Arsenal

Note: Virgil Hawkins appears in a photo.

Note: Batgirl, Robin, Guardian, Blue Beetle, Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy, and Wonder Girl appear, but have no lines.
46 20 "Endgame[29]" Doug Murphy Kevin Hopps March 16, 2013 (2013-03-16)[29] 220

June 20: The council of Rimbor has finally made its decision and declares the Justice League to be guilty. Superboy and Miss Martian show up with new evidence, but are told that it is too late. Back on Earth, Aqualad and Blue and Green Beetle take on Black Beetle on board the Reach ship. Black Beetle destroys Green's scarab, but Blue destroys Black's. However, he learns that Black Beetle has set an endgame in motion. Back on Rimbor, the council reconvenes and after some persuading, agree to reassess the case, and eventually release the League.

Around the world, twenty Reach devices begin to damage the Earth's magnetic field, causing various types of natural disasters. Every hero is called in to split into teams of two, each duo carrying one of twenty devices provided by Lex Luthor that will shut down the machines. They succeed, but Jaime discovers a twenty-first machine in the Arctic. Flash and Impulse arrive to find that it has already gone into "chrysalis" mode and will soon destroy Earth; the two, directed by Luthor, use their speed to create a vortex that draws off the device's energy but need a further boost in order to succeed. They are soon joined by Kid Flash, but Wally's slower speed makes him a target for stray energy discharges which apparently cause him to disintegrate. The machine is shut down and Flash tells a distraught Artemis that Wally said he loved her before vanishing. The Justice League arrive back on Earth to be greeted by the Team, who inform them of Wally's disappearance.
July 4: The world is finally free of the Reach, who are set to face trial for their actions. Blue Beetle watches as the Reach leave, his scarab assuring him he is free, leaving him satisfied. G. Gordon Godfrey starts campaigning for Lex Luthor to replace the now-resigned Secretary General Tseng, much to Superman's dismay. Impulse honors Wally's memory by taking on the mantle of Kid Flash, as Wally had asked him to do previously, and Artemis rejoins the team as Tigress, unable to continue fighting as Artemis for the time being, stating that "Artemis was Wally's partner". Virgil joins the Team as Static, and romance blossoms between Robin and Wonder Girl as Superboy and Miss Martian begin to patch up their own relationship. Nightwing, grieving the loss of Kid Flash, takes a break from being a hero and maintains that Aqualad should remain leader for the time being with Batgirl as his assistant. The Team are told that they will work out of the Watchtower, side-by-side with the League.
July 5: G. Gordon Godfrey and Desaad look on as Vandal Savage meets with Darkseid on Apokolips.

Note: Arsenal, Batgirl, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, and Guardian appear, but have no lines


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