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This is a list of wolves in fiction including normal wolves and anthropomorphic wolf characters, for werewolf characters see Werewolf fiction.


Character Source Author Notes
Aragh / Aargh The Dragon and the George Gordon R. Dickson A medieval English wolf
Akela The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling Wise leader of the wolf pack
Baree Baree, Son of Kazan James Oliver Curwood
Beja, Mathias, Tierney and Murdock The Nocturne Jordan Scott (novelist) Magical Wolves.
Brokefang and Frostfur Wolf-Speaker Tamora Pierce Leaders of the wolf pack
Brynach and Briavel The Chronicles of Prydain Lloyd Alexander
Direwolves A Song of Ice and Fire George R. R. Martin
Faolan Woves of the Beyond Kathryn Lasky A cursed wolf that had been set out to die but reaches great suscess with other wolves by his side
Fell Fell David Clement-Davies
Huttser and Palla The Sight David Clement-Davies
Kazan Kazan James Oliver Curwood
Ladybird Wolf Memoirs Gordon Ebenezer Gourd A wolf in Yellowstone
Larka The Sight David Clement-Davies
Marta Wolf: The Journey Home Asta Bowen The alpha female of the wolf pack
Maugrim The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe C.S. Lewis Chief of the White Witch's Secret Police
Nashoga Nashoga: Book 1 of the Redstone Series Rebecca Weinstein Alpha male of the Redstone Pack
Nighteyes The Farseer Trilogy Robin Hobb
Nitka Shasta of the Wolves Olaf Baker
Requius Cor Requius Cor Daphne (Lekhrite Oslapas) An ancient Lycori spirit
Runt Runt Marion Dane Bauer The runt of the wolf litter of four cubs
Sam Roth the Shiver trilogy Maggie Stiefvater A member of the werewolf pack
White Fang White Fang Jack London
White Wolf Flight of the White Wolf Mel Ellis
Wolf Chronicles of Ancient Darkness Michelle Paver
Wolf The Crossing Cormac McCarthy
Wolf In the Shadow of a Rainbow: The True Story of a Friendship Between Man and Wolf Robert Franklin Leslie
Wolf A legend of wolf song George Stone
Wolf Malu's Wolf Ruth Craig
Wolf Never Cry Wolf Farley Mowat
Wolf Wolf of Shadows Whitley Strieber
Wolf pack Wolf Totem Jiang Rong
Wolves Julie of the Wolves Jean Craighead George
Wolves Promise of the Wolves Dorothy Hearst
Wolves The Wolves of Aam Jane Louise Curry
Wolves The Wolves of Time William Horwood

Folk tale[edit]


Character Source Notes
Alpha wolf The Grey
George and Angeline Never Cry Wolf (1983) A biologist studying artic fauna comes into close contact with a pack of wolves. Based on Farely Mowat's book.
Humphrey & Kate Alpha and Omega Shipped off to another park but must make it back to prevent a war between their pack and a rival pack
Wolf The Journey of Natty Gann Played by Jed, a wolf-dog Scar Snout
He tried to eat the children
Kävik Kävik the Wolf Dog
Lobo The Legend of Lobo
Two Socks Dances with Wolves Friend of John J. Dunbar
Wolf 300 Pitted against the adolescent Leonidas as he went through the wilderness in the Agoge
Ame and Yuki Wolf Children

Comics and Manga[edit]

Character Source Notes
Devil The Phantom A trained wolf
Florence Ambrose Freefall.[1] A bio-engineered wolf
Alberto Lupo Alberto A blue wolf who is a resident of the McKenzie farm. Alberto pursues his relationship with Martha, whilst being antagonised by the sheepdog Moses.
Timber Wolf G.I. Joe A pet of Joe operative Snake Eyes
Lufsig The Princess and the Happiness


Character Source Notes
Dire wolves The sigil of House Stark


Character Source Notes
Aleu Balto II: Wolf Quest Balto and Jenna's wolfish daughter.
Chitti and Poppo Ken the Wolf Boy Twins
Ding-a-Ling Wolf Huckleberry Hound Ding-A-Ling is the younger sidekick to Hokey Wolf who always accompanies him throughout each misadventure. He is usually eager to follow in Hokey's ambitious con-artist footsteps, but often reconsiders the plans Hokey will come up with in many situations.
Gabu Arashi no Yoru Ni
Hokey Wolf Huckleberry Hound Hokey Wolf is the smooth-talking title character throughout each cartoon. His main hobby in life was to outsmart and coax the clueless out of free meals or places to stay, much of which he seemed to do so with ease, despite possible consequences later on.
Holo Spice and Wolf A Wolf Harvest Deity
Kiba Wolf's Rain An Arctic Wolf who is dedicated solely to finding the Paradise and the Lunar Flower for opening the way to it.
Koga Inuyasha The young leader of the eastern yōkai-wolf tribe, aged fifteen, who was nearly wiped out by Kagura and Naraku.
Loopy De Loop Loopy De Loop A gentleman wolf who mangled the English language in his bid to converse in a bad French-Canadian accent. A self-appointed good Samaritan, he dauntlessly fought to clear the bad name of wolves, and would open every episode. Though he was always kind and helpful, his exploits usually got him arrested, beaten up, or chased out of town by those he helped, all for no other reason than the prejudice of being a wolf.[2] The series, distributed to theatres by Columbia Pictures, ran in theaters from November 5, 1959 (1959-11-05) to June 17, 1965 (1965-06-17).
Moro Princess Mononoke The Goddess of Wolves
Pete Mickey Mouse universe Antagonist to Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. He is occasionally depicted with a peg-leg.
Ralph Wolf Looney Tunes Co-stars with Sam Sheepdog. Almost identical in appearance to Wile E. Coyote
Sajin Komamura Bleach An anthropomorphic wolf. Captain of the 7th Division
Uruno Damekko Dōbutsu
Wolf Nu Pogodi A grey wolf who is determined to catch and eat a hare. Wolf is also a smoker who is seen smoking in almost every episode of the series. He is also an excellent guitar player. Wolf was originally voiced by Russian actor Anatoli Papanov but after his death in 1987 episodes 17 and 18 contained voice samples from previous episodes.In episodes 19 and 20 he is voiced by Igor Khristenko. Wolf is very well known in several European countrys including Russia, Czech Republic and Netherlands.
Wor Ringing Bell Called the "Wolf King" in the English dub

Video games[edit]

Canine Origin System(s) Notes
Amaterasu Ōkami PS2 · Wii · PS3 · PSN Japanese Sun-Goddess in the form of a White Wolf, not given a specific gender in the North American version of the game.[3]
Bill Grey Star Fox 64 N64 Trained at the Cornerian Flight Academy with Fox McCloud, elected commander of the Husky and Bulldog squadrons of Corneria.
Blanca Shadow Hearts 2 PS2 A white wolf as one of the early party members and has a special Wolf Bout mini-game.
Blizzard Wolfang Mega Man X6 PlayStation Robotic wolf. A boss character fought in a North Pole area.
Bo[Note 1] Breath of Fire SNES, GBA Archer and member of the wolf-like Forest Clan who joins the player's party.[4]
Bruce Animal Boxing Nintendo DS Male blue-furred wolf boxer.[5]
Cami Animal Boxing Nintendo DS Female white wolf boxer.[6]
Chibiterasu Ōkamiden Nintendo DS A white wolf, son of Amaterasu from Ōkami.[7]
Duga Shining Force EXA PlayStation 2 Blue-furred warrior of the Wolfling race who joins the player's party and fights with close combat weapons.
Fenri Lunaedge Mega Man Zero 4 Game Boy Advance Robotic wolf antagonist and member of the Einherjar Eight Warriors.[8]
Grey Animal Boxing Nintendo DS Male grey wolf boxer.
Hutch Animal Boxing Male white wolf boxer.
Larc Legend of Mana PSX · PSN A dead wolf warrior resurrected to serve the underworld king
Luceid Wild Arms PlayStation The Guardian of Desire; member of a group of spirit beings that embody a particular aspect of the world.[9]
Sabre Wulf Sabre Wulf GBA An evil wolf with a penchant for kleptomania, Sabre Wulf steals everything and anything in sight to add it to his hoard. Previously seen in the ZX Spectrum 1984 video game.
Shikuru Samurai Shodown III Arcade, PlayStation, Saturn Companion of Nakoruru while in her "Bust" fighting style.[10] Later becomes the partner of Rera in Samurai Shodown V.[11]
Sierra Legend of Mana PSX · PSN Larc's sister, a wolf guardian serving one of the Dragons
Thane Armello Windows · Mac · Linux · iOS Warrior and chosen hero of the Wolf Clan.[12]
Wolf Mega Man Star Force Nintendo DS Alien wolf made of electromagnetic particles. Can fuse with his master, a human named Damian Wolfe, to become "Wolf Woods".[Note 2][13]
Wolf Wolf MS-DOS
Wolf Link The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Game Cube, Wii Cursed transformation of Link
Wolf O'Donnell Star Fox 64 N64 Leader of the Star Wolf team and rival to Fox McCloud
Wolf villagers Animal Crossing Game Cube Species type that includes several characters who may inhabit the player's town.
Zylo[Note 3] Shining Force Sega Genesis White-furred member of the Wolfling race who joins the player's party.[14]


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