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This is a list of fictional fish from literature, animation and movies. This also includes sharks, shellfish (though not actually fish), and eels. Whales, seacow and dolphins are aquatic mammals, not fish, and are therefore excluded.


Name Type Work Notes
Ankoro Anglerfish One Piece
Blinky Fish The Simpsons A three-eyed fish.
Bobo Tropical fish Adventures of the Little Mermaid
Captain Sunfish Ocean Sunfish Those Who Hunt Elves
Dino Eel Flint, the Time Detective
Dory Pacific regal blue tang Finding Nemo a female palette surgeonfish in Disney's Pixar's Finding Nemo.
Dudley Hammerhead Shark Adventures of the Little Mermaid
Flounder Tropical fish The Little Mermaid Ariel's sidekick in Disney's The Little Mermaid. Although, he resembles a convict surgeonfish because of his stripes.
Jabberjaw Great white shark Jabberjaw A shark and main character of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon shorts.
Jet Shark Maji de Otaku na English! Ribbon-chan: Eigo de Tatakau Mahou Shoujo
Karlos K. Krinkelbein Goldfish The Cat in the Hat 1971 Animated musical television special first aired on CBS.
Kenny Tiger shark Kenny the Shark A shark and main character in the animated series.
Misterjaw Great white shark The Pink Panther and Friends produced at DePatie-Freleng Enterprises in 1976 for The Pink Panther and Friends television series on NBC.
Mr. Limpet Fish The Incredible Mr. Limpet A 1964 live-action/animated film from Warner Brothers.
Mack Salmon Salmon The Adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police A human with a fishbowl for a head, Mack Salmon is really a fish who travels on top of a fake body.
Nemo Clown Fish Finding Nemo a juvenile ocellaris clownfish in Disney's Pixar's Finding Nemo.
Mrs. Puff pufferfish SpongeBob SquarePants A pufferfish with blonde hair, who is the owner and teacher of a boating school(analogous to driving school, as the "boats" are underwater equivalents to cars).
Oscar Bluestreak cleaner wrasse Shark Tale An underachieving worker in the Whale Wash of Reef City.
Picco Rosso Goldfish Galilei Donna
Shark Shark Gyo
Fishtronaut Fishtronaut A Brazilian cartoon.
Cleo Goldfish Pinocchio A goldfish owned by the wood-carver Geppetto.
Winnie Sea Horse Adventures of the Little Mermaid'


Name Type Publisher First Appearance Notes
Mr. Fish Piscine Humanoid Marvel Comics Luke Cage, Powerman
#29 (April, 1975)
A supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe who is an enemy of Luke Cage.
Sherman Great white shark Sherman's Lagoon
North County Times
(May, 1991)
Inspector Gill Anthropomorphic fish Fishwrap Comics Fish Police


Name Type Film Notes
Edward Bloom Fish Big Fish His true form is that of a giant fish in the film.
Wanda Angelfish A Fish Called Wanda Otto West threatens to eat Wanda to try and get information out of her owner Ken Pile.
Pudge Fish Lilo and Stitch a deleted character who was Lilo's friend, Lilo introduced Pudge to Stitch. But was grabbed by seagulls with Lilo trying to fend them off with Stitch watching happily, Pudge was killed by the seagulls and Lilo buried him near her parents grave with Stitch learns the consequences of his actions and gains a better understanding of mortality.
Unknown Shark Jaws

TV Series[edit]

Name Type TV Series Notes
Trevor Goldfish Being Human Trevor is a goldfish, who is given by the main character John Mitchell to a woman that he fancies, after she lost her own goldfish.


Name Type Author Work Notes
Babel fish Alien Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy a fish which can translate any language, which one puts in one's ear in order to understand alien tongues
Terrible Dogfish Sea monster Carlo Collodi The Adventures of Pinocchio
Otto Goldfish Helen Palmer A Fish out of Water
Unnamed Goldfish Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat


Name Type Origin Notes
Abaia Eel Melanesian Mythology
Fur-Bearing Trout Trout North America a fictional creature native to the northern regions of North America.
Ikaroa Māori Mythology A long fish said to have given birth to all the stars in the Milky Way or to be the Mother Goddess of the all the stars.
Jasconius An enormous fish in the story of Saint Brendan
Leviathan A biblical sea creature from Talmud.
Namazu Catfish Japanese Mythology A giant Catfish who causes earthquakes.

Video games[edit]

Name Type Game System(s) Notes
James Pond Fish James Pond PC a computer platform game based on a James Bond styled fish.
Freddi Fish Fish Freddi Fish Series PC A yellow fish with orange fins and blue eyes. She volunteers to investigate any mystery or crime that has recently affected her friends. She often counters the crooks she catches with morals of wrongdoings.