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The following is a list of flying wings, their roles, successfulness, and countries of origin. A flying wing aircraft is one which has no distinct fuselage or tail, and the crew, engines and equipment are housed inside a thick wing, typically showing small nacelles, blisters and other housings.


Type Country Date Role Status Description
Armstrong Whitworth A.W.52 United Kingdom 1947 Prototype twin engine jet.
Charpentier C 1 France 1935 trimotor
Chyeranovskii BICh-3 Soviet Union 1926 Research 1 built
Farrar V-1 Flying Wing United States 1962 Glider 1 built
Freel Flying Wing United States 1937 Glider 1 built school project
Horten H.I Germany 1933 Glider
Horten H.II Germany 1935 Glider
Horten H.III Germany 1937 Glider/Motorglider
Horten H.IV Germany
Horten H.V Germany 1936 twin pusher engines.
Horten Ho VI Germany
Horten H.VII Germany 1942 twin pusher engines.
Horten H.VIII Germany
Horten Ho 229 (H.IX) Germany 1944 Fighter Prototype goal of 1,000 kg load x 1,000 km/h speed x 1,000 km range.
Horten H.X
Horten H.XI
Horten H.XIII
Horten H.XIV
Horten H.XV
Horten H.XVI
Horten H.XVIII Germany n/a Bomber Project jet powered
Horten Parabola
Klingberg Wing 1987 foot-launched sailplane.
McDonnell Douglas A-12 Avenger II United States n/a Attack Project cancelled 1991 before any built.
Northrop B-2 Spirit United States 1989 Bomber Production
Northrop N-1M United States 1940 Experimental Research evaluate various configurations
Northrop N-9M United States 1942 Experimental Research evaluate various configurations
Northrop XP-79 United States 1945 Interceptor Prototype jet powered
Northrop XB-35 & YB-35 United States 1945 Bomber Prototypes
Northrop YB-49 United States 1947 Bomber Prototypes YB-35 converted to use jet engines.
Northrop Grumman Switchblade USA Single-piece variable-sweep wing
NRC tailless glider Canada 1946 Research 1 built two seat glider
Putilov Stal-5 Soviet Union n/a Airliner Project 1933 18 passenger transport, scale model flew in 1935
Vought V-173 United States 1942 Experimental Research
Vought XF5U United States n/a Fighter cancelled before flown in 1947

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