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List of active Brazilian military aircraft is a list of military aircraft currently in service with the Brazilian Armed Forces. Figures are sourced from the latest annual editions of Flight International (

Brazilian Air Force[edit]

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Current inventory[edit]

A-29B on a training mission
A Brazilian Air Force P-3AM on patrol
A Brazilian Air Force C-95CM in flight
roll out of the Embraer KC-390
A EC725 designated VH-34 for VIP flights
Brazil’s Air Force one at Zürich Airport
A Embraer E-99 AEW&C aircraft in flight
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
AMX  Brazil  Italy attack AMX-A 47[1] 43 to be upgraded to A-1M[2]
F-5  United States fighter F-5EM 43[1]
EMB 314  Brazil COIN A-29A 31[1]
JAS 39  Sweden multirole JAS 39E 36 on order[1]
EMB R-99  Brazil AEW&C E-99 5[1]
Electronic Warfare
EMB 110  Brazil electronic warfare 4[1]
EMB R-99  Brazil SIGINT 5[1]
Learjet 35  United States reconnaissance 6[1]
Maritime Patrol
EMB 110  Brazil maritime patrol 12[1]
P-3  United States maritime patrol P-3AM 12[1]
KC-130  United States aerial refueling / transport KC-130H 2[1]
KC-767  United States aerial refueling 3 on order[1]
A319  France VIP 1[3] presidential flight - Brazilian Air Force One
EMB-190  Brazil VIP 2[3]
ERJ 145  Brazil VIP 6[1]
EMB-120  Brazil utility / VIP 20[1]
EMB 110  Brazil utility / transport 51[1]
C-130  United States transport / SAR C-130E/H/M 15[1]
C-295  Spain transport / SAR 12[1] 12 on order[1]
Cessna 208  United States utility 32[1]
Learjet 35  United States utility / transport 1[1]
KC-390  Brazil transport / aerial refueling 23 on order[1]
EC 725  France transport / VIP 4[1] 12 on order[1] - manufactured by Helibras
AS332  France transport / VIP 7[1] 2 designated VH-34 for the VIP mission - manufactured by Helibras
EC135  France VIP 2[4] manufactured by Helibras
AS355  France liaison / VIP 4[1] manufactured by Helibras
AS350  France liaison 29[1] manufactured by Helibras
UH-1  United States utility UH-1H 24[1]
Bell 206  United States communications 1[1]
UH-60  United States utility UH-60L/M 16[1]
Mil Mi-24  Russia attack Mi-35 12[1]
Flight Inspection
Hawker 800  United Kingdom calibration 4[1]
EMB 110  Brazil calibration 6[1]
Legacy 500  Brazil calibration 6 on order[1]
Trainer Aircraft
AMX  Brazil  Italy attack AMX-T 8[1]
EMB-312  Brazil trainer 105[1]
EMB 314  Brazil advanced trainer A-29B 61[1]
F-5  United States jet trainer F-5FM 3[1]
JAS 39  Sweden jet trainer JAS 39F 8[1]
Hermes 450  Israel reconnaissance 4[5]
Hermes 900  Israel reconnaissance 1[6]

Brazilian Army Aviation[edit]

Current inventory[edit]

A Brazilian Army HA-1 Pantera performs an insertion demonstration
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
EC 725  France transport / utility 4[1] 12 on order[1] - manufactured by Helibras
AS532  France transport / utility 9[1] manufactured by Helibras
AS565  France utility 33[1] manufactured by Helibras
AS550  France liaison 33[1] manufactured by Helibras
UH-60  United States utility UH-60L 3[1]

Brazilian Naval Aviation[edit]

Current inventory[edit]

A Brazilian A-4KU in flight
A Brazilian Navy SH-3 Sea King on approaching USS Bunker Hill.
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
A-4  United States carried base fighter A-4KU 2[1]
C-1 Trader  United States Aerial refueling / COD KC-2/C-1 4 C-1A order to be upgraded to KC-2 by Marsh Aviation[7]
EC 725  France utility / SAR 3[1] 13 on order[1] - manufactured by Helibras
AS532  France utility / SAR 7[1] manufactured by Helibras
SH-3  United States ASW / SAR A SH-3D 9[1]
SH-60  United States ASW / SAR S-70B 4[1] 4 on order[1]
Lynx  United Kingdom ASW Mk. 21/ Mk. 21A 12[1]
AS355  France utility 9[1] manufactured by Helibras
AS350  France utility 19[1] manufactured by Helibras
Bell 206  United States plane guard 17[1]
Trainer Aircraft
A-4  United States jet trainer TA-4KU 1[1]

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