List of tallest structures in South America

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This is an incomplete list of the tallest ( pinnacle height > 200 metres) man-made structures of any kind that exist or existed in South America. Please expand and correct this list, if necessary!

Structure Country Town Height (m) Height (ft) Year built Type Remarks
Trelew Omega Tower Argentina Trelew 366 m 1201 ft 1976 Guyed mast (insulated against ground) demolished in 1998
Amazon Tall Tower Observatory Brazil São Sebastião do Uatumã 325 m 1066 ft 2015 Guyed mast Tower for atmospheric science
Costanera Center Chile Santiago 300 m 984 ft 2006 Mall, Offices and Hotels  ?
Amazonas Crossing of Linhão de Tucuruí Brazil Almeirim 295 m 968 ft 2012 Lattice tower 2 towers
Buenos Aires Radio Rivadavia AM Broadcasting Mast Argentina Buenos Aires 252 m 827 ft Guyed mast insulated against ground
CX-6 Radio Mast Uruguay Santiago Vázquez 245 m 804 ft Guyed mast insulated against ground
Orinoco River Crossing Venezuela Caroní 240 m 787 ft  ? Pylon 3 pylons
Bonaire TWR transmitter Bonaire Tera Kora 231.6 m 760 ft  ? Guyed mast (insulated against ground)  ?
Eldorado Do Sul RBS Radio Mast Brazil Eldorado Do Sul 230 m 755 ft 1986 Guyed mast (insulated against ground)  ?
Torre Espacial Argentina Buenos Aires 228 m 748 ft 1997 Additionally guyed tower
Parque Central Torre Este Venezuela Caracas 225 m 738 ft 1979 Skyscraper
Parque Central Torre Oeste Venezuela Caracas 225 m 738 ft 1984 Skyscraper
Brasilia TV Tower Brazil Brasilia 224 m 735 ft 1967 Lattice tower
General Pacheco Radio Nacional Radio Masts Argentina Buenos Aires 215 m 705 ft Guyed mast
Torre TV Bandeirantes Brazil São Paulo 212 m 696 ft 1997 Lattice Tower
Mast of Radio 10 Argentina Buenos aires 211 m ? 693 ft ?  ? Guyed mast insulated against ground
Cali Tower Colombia Cali 210 m 689 ft 1997 Highrise Building
Torre de la Escollera Colombia Cartagena 206 m 676 ft 2007 Highrise Building never finished, demolished
Rosario Telefe TV Mast Argentina Rosarios 202 m 663 ft 2009 Guyed mast
Chimney of Candiota III Generating Station Brazil Candiota 200 m 656 ft Chimney
Torre Colpatria Colombia Bogotá, D.C. 196 m 643 ft 1978 Skyscraper