List of early skyscrapers

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This list of early skyscrapers details a range of tall, commercial buildings built between 1884 and 1939, predominantly in the US cities of New York and Chicago but also across the rest of the US and in many parts of the Western world.

The first skyscrapers 1880-99[edit]

New York's "Newspaper Row", showing the first skyscrapers built in the late 19th century: (l to r) - World Building, City Hall, Sun Building (obscured), Tribune Building, American Tract Society, Times Building

The "First Great Age" (1900-19)[edit]

The Woolworth Building overlooking the Old Post Office and City Hall Park, with the peaks of the Singer Tower and the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower just visible (l)

Inter-war period (1920-39)[edit]

New York's skyscrapers, 1932
Chicago's skyscrapers, 1943

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