List of wars involving Serbia

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The following is a list of wars involving Serbia.

Conflict Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Results
Kingdom of Serbia (1217–1346)
Bulgarian–Serbian Wars
Kingdom of Serbia (medieval) Kingdom of Serbia Coat of Arms of the Bulgarian Empire.PNG Bulgarian Empire Inconclusive
  • Both states had numerous territorial changes.
War of Hum
Kingdom of Serbia (medieval) Kingdom of Serbia Kingdom of Bosnia Defeat
Serbian Empire (1346–1371)
Serbo-Byzantine War
Serbian Empire Serbian Empire  Byzantine Empire Victory
Ottoman-Serbian Wars
Serbian Empire Serbian Empire  Ottoman Empire Defeat
Principality of Serbia (1815–1882)
Serbian Revolution
Serbia Serbia Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1517).svg Ottoman Empire Victory
First Serbo-Turkish War
Serbia Serbia
 Russian Empire
 Ottoman Empire Victory
  • de jure independence of Serbia and Montenegro.
Kingdom of Serbia (1882–1918)
Serbo-Bulgarian War
 Serbia  Bulgaria Defeat
First Balkan War
 Ottoman Empire Victory
Second Balkan War
 Ottoman Empire
 Bulgaria Victory
Serbian Campaign
(World War I)

 Russian Empire
British Empire British Empire
France France
 Ottoman Empire
 German Empire
Yugoslavia (1918-1992)
World War II in Yugoslavia
Democratic Federal Yugoslavia Partisans
 Soviet Union
 United Kingdom
Victory (to the Partisans)
Ten-Day War
 Yugoslavia  Slovenia Defeat
Croatian War of Independence
 Yugoslavia (until 1992)
Republic of Serbian Krajina Serbian Krajina
 Republika Srpska
 Croatia Defeat (limited involvement)
Bosnian War
 Yugoslavia (until 1992)
 Republika Srpska
AP Western Bosnia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Herzeg-Bosnia (until 1994)
Dayton Accords
  • Internal partition of Bosnia.
  • Deployment of NATO-led IFOR.
Serbia and Montenegro (1992-2006)
Kosovo War
 FR Yugoslavia UCK KLA.png UÇK
Both sides declare victory

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  1. ^ Note: The Serbo-Byzantine war was for a long time lead by Stephen Dušan, who was crowned as a Tsar in 1346.
  2. ^ See also the Hadži Prodan's Revolt, an interconflict between the first and second Serbian uprising, which ended with Hadži-Prodan Gligorijević's failure to defeat the Turks.