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This is a list of media in Sherbrooke, Quebec.


Frequency Call sign Branding Format Owner Notes
FM 88.1 CFPP-FM Christian radio Fabrique Notre-Dame du Perpétuel-Secours French; unlicensed station[1]
FM 88.3 CFAK-FM CFAK 88,3 campus radio Université de Sherbrooke French
FM 88.9 CJMQ-FM CJMQ 88.9 community radio Bishop's University English
FM 89.7 CBM-FM-1 CBC Radio 2 public music Canadian Broadcasting Corporation English
FM 90.7 CBFX-FM-2 Ici Musique public music Société Radio-Canada French
FM 91.7 CBMB-FM CBC Radio One public news/talk Canadian Broadcasting Corporation English
FM 93.7 CFGE-FM Rythme FM adult contemporary Cogeco French
FM 95.5 CFLX-FM CFLX FM 95,5 community radio Radio communautaire de l'Estrie French
FM 100.3 CIRA-FM-1 Radio Ville-Marie Christian radio Radio Ville-Marie French
FM 101.1 CBF-FM-10 Ici Radio-Canada Première public news/talk Société Radio-Canada French
FM 102.7 CITE-FM-1 Rouge FM soft adult contemporary Bell Media Radio French
FM 106.1 CIMO-FM NRJ contemporary hit radio Bell Media Radio French
FM 107.7 CKOY-FM 107,7 Talk radio Cogeco French

Some radio stations from other areas of Estrie, as well as Montreal and the United States, can also be heard in Sherbrooke. Examples include CKGM 690 AM, CKAC 730 AM, CKOI-FM 96.9, WMOO 92.1 FM, WHOM 94.9 FM and WPKQ 103.7 FM.


Digital channel Digital PSIP Call sign Network Notes
9 9.1 CKSH-DT Ici Radio-Canada
11 11.1 CKMI-DT-2 Global Satellite of CKMI-DT Montreal
24 24.1 CIVS-DT Télé-Québec Satellite of CIVM-DT Montreal
30 30.1 CFKS-DT V Satellite of CFJP-DT Montreal


Daily newspapers are La Tribune[2] and The Record.[3] Le journal de Sherbrooke,[4] owned by Quebecor, is published on Friday and La Nouvelle, a community newspaper, publishes for free every Wednesday. Voir,[5] a cultural magazine, also publishes a regional version on Thursday. Also, a student newspaper, Le Collectif, is published at the Université de Sherbrooke.


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