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Standing stones at the ruins of the Metsamor site

Metsamor Site, is the remains of the "Metsamor Castle" located to the southwest of the Armenian village of Taronik, in the Armavir Province. It has been populated from the 5th millennium BC until the 18th century AD. The excavations of the tombs of Metsamor Castle began in 1965. The site is noted for its observatory and temple complexes consisted of seven sanctuaries. Neolithic stone circles dating back to ca. 5000 BC stand within the historical site, interpreted by enthusiasts of archaeoastronomy as an astronomical "observatory".

Metsamor Museum[edit]

The Museum of History and Archeology at Metsamor Site was opened in 1968. It is the repository of more than 22,000 items, almost all uncovered at the site.


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Coordinates: 40°7′34.59″N 44°11′12.46″E / 40.1262750°N 44.1867944°E / 40.1262750; 44.1867944