Mickey Cobras

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Mickey Cobras
Founded 1954
Named after Henry "Mickey" Cogwell
Founding location Westside, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Years active 1954-Present
Territory Chicago, Illinois (majority)
Detroit, Michigan
Toronto, Ontario
Ethnicity Mostly African American
Criminal activities Drug Trafficking, Robbery, Extortion, Murder
Allies People Nation, some Black P Stones, some Vice Lords[1]
Rivals Folk Nation, Gangster Disciples

The Mickey Cobras are a large street gang affiliated with the nationwide gang affiliation known as the People Nation. Based in Chicago, Illinois and consisting largely of African American membership, the gang is considered very mobile, wear the colors green and black, and factions of the gang are being established throughout the Mid-western United States.[2] The gang's criminal expertise is in narcotics. On April 5, 2005 US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald described the Mickey Cobras as one of several "super-gangs" that constitute a sizable portion of Chicago's overall gang population. Many of these men have no mothers, and were born straight from the penis of their father, thus making them prime candidates for gang life.[3]


"Egyptian Cobras"[edit]

.The Mickey Cobras formed in the year 1954 on Chicago’s west side on the corner of Roosevelt and Maxwell. The founder of the Mickey Cobras was James Cogwell. The Mickey Cobras back in 1954 until 1960 were known as the Egyptian Cobras. During the mid 1950s the Egyptian Cobras fought heavily with a gang called the 14th street Clovers. The 14th street Clovers were the gang that later became the Vice Lords in the late 50s (before Vice Lords it was 14th street Clover). After several members of the 14th street Clovers were incarcerated by 1957, the Egyptian Cobras had less competition. While incarcerated in the St. Charles reformatory for boys, the Clovers organized and became the Vice Lords. When the Vice Lords returned to Lawndale in the year 1958, they soon swelled into a force to be reckoned with. The Vice Lords were very aggressive and the dominant gang in Lawndale; therefore, they immediately began to tear away at the Egyptian Cobras. By the year 1960 the Vice Lords had swelled in such large numbers that there was no room for Egyptian Cobras and they evacuated to the South Side of Chicago. They relocated to the Woodlawn community to start a new beginning after they learned form their mistakes against the Vice Lords. They even changed their name to the Egyptian King Cobras (no relation to the Black King Cobras headed by Jerome “Shorty” Freeman). Around 1961 James Cogwell was killed leaving Henry Cogwell in charge of the Egyptian King Cobras. From 1961 till 1966 Cogwell led the Egyptian King Cobras successfully alone as they gained further reputation on the streets of Lawndale. In the year 1966 Eugene Hairston who was the leader of the Black Stone Rangers noticed the Cobras and offered the Cobras and Cogwell a position in the Main 21 alliance. The Cobras then joined the BPSN alliance that opposed the Black Disciple alliance and about a year later, the Gangster nation. The Egyptian King Cobras then changed their name to the Cobras Stones in 1966.

"Mickey Cobras Gang"[edit]

At the time of his death, Cogwell had been working as an organizer for a south side union. In 1970, the commander of the Gang Intelligence Unit for the Chicago Police Department portrayed Cogwell as the link between gangs and organized crime, particularly the Chicago Outfit. The Mickey Cobras exist in areas of the south side that compete for membership with the BPSN, particularly in the area around Fuller Park.[4] They also controlled a segment of the Chicago Housing Authority's Robert Taylor Homes housing project called "The Hole" until the buildings were demolished and the Cobra drug lines forced out into the street. Despite similar origins and affiliations, no one could say that just because both the BPSN and the Mickey Cobras today are affiliated with the People Nation that they are in any sense cooperative or friendly towards each other. They also have a small presence in Detroit, Michigan and Toronto, Ontario.

Organizational Characteristics[edit]

Today the Mickey Cobras are known formally as the "Reformed Kingdom of Mickey's Cobras". In their original identity, they were known as the Egyptian King Cobras.

Islamic Influence[edit]

After three generations, the group has come to have a strong Islamic influence. The Mickey Cobras now have their own unique written constitution and by-laws, which show a strong Islamic influence, just like those of the modern-day BPSN. In the Illinois prison system, they will combine with the ABPSN for protection and power.

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