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This article is about a skyline in Bangladesh. For other uses, see Motijheel.
Not to be confused with Moti Jheel, a man-made lake in Kanpur, India; Motijhil a lake in Murshidabad, India and Motijheel Avenue, an area in North Kolkata, India.
Motijheel skyline

Motijheel (Bengali: মতিঝিল) is an administrative division (Thana) of Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh. It is situated at the heart of the city (the General Post Office is considered the zero point of Dhaka). Motijheel is the major business and commercial hub of Dhaka city and has more offices and business institutions than any other part of the city.[1] It is the home to largest number of corporate headquarters in the nation. Many news, magazines, print and other media publishers are based here. Motijheel is also close to Kamalapur Railway Station, the main railway station of Dhaka.One of the highest skyscrapers of the megacity are in this area. It is central business district. City Centre Bangladesh and Bangladesh Bank Building are also located in this area.


Shapla Square monument – a prominent landmark in Motijheel

Motijheel Thana covers an area of 4.69 km2, and is bounded by Khilgaon Thana to the north, Sutrapur and Kotwali Thanas to the south, Sabujbagh Thana to the east, and Ramna Thana to the west.

Locally published newspapers and periodicals[edit]

A view of Motijheel area

The following newspapers and magazine publishers are based in Motijheel:

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