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2PM Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul.jpg
2PM Go Crazy World Tour 2014, Prudential Centre, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A
Background information
Birth name Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul
Born (1988-06-24) June 24, 1988 (age 26)
Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, rapper, model, actor[1]designer [2]
Instruments Vocals, keyboard, piano, guitar
Years active 2008–present
Labels JYP Entertainment
Associated acts 2PM, 2AM, JYP Nation, One Day
Website Nichkhun's Profile on 2PM's Website

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (Thai: นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล, rtgsNitchakhun Horawetchakun; born June 24, 1988), usually known mononymously as Nichkhun (Korean: 닉쿤), is a Thai American singer, model and actor active in South Korea. He sings and raps as a member of 2PM, a six-member South Korean boy band.


Nichkhun was born in Rancho Cucamonga, California to Thai Chinese parents. Nichkhun has one older brother Nichan, and two younger sisters, Nichthima (Yanin) and Nachjaree (Chereen). At the age of five, he moved to Thailand with his family and he studied at Dhepkanjana School and Tangpiroondham School. At the age of twelve, he studied at Wanganui Collegiate School in New Zealand for a year and a half and moved back to the United States to finish his schooling at Los Osos High School in Rancho Cucamonga, California. After high school, he was a coach at Rosemead High School for their badminton team. There, he was scouted by a scout manager of JYP Entertainment at the Los Angeles Korean Music Festival.

After passing the audition hosted by JYP Entertainment, he signed a ten-year contract with the company but later re-signed for an eight-year contract, not including training, and was brought to South Korea in 2006 as a trainee, being put into a class of 24 other students. Park Jin-young informed him that he was required to learn how to sing and to dance, learn Korean and Mandarin Chinese, and to bulk up. He first appeared through MNET's Hot Blood, a program that showed the intense physical training that 13 male trainees had to go through for the opportunity to debut in either a 4-member ballad group 2AM or a 6-member dance group (originally had 7 members until the leader Jay Park left the group) 2PM under JYP Entertainment.[3]


Main article: 2PM

On 4 September 2008, Nichkhun debuted as a 2PM member with their first single "10점 만점에 10점" ("10 Points out of 10 Points") from their single album "Hottest Time of the Day". Nichkhun was one of the hosts for the Korean Music Wave in Bangkok in 2010, 2011, and 2013.

Flower boys 2PM's Nichkhun, CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa, B1A4's Baro, Infinite's L, and Winner's Song Min-ho (Mino) teamed up for project group Lucky Boys (Super 5) for the '2014 SBS Gayo Daejun'! Nichkhun and Baro will be the MCs of 'Gayo Daejun' and members of Lucky Boys. [4]

Solo activities[edit]


Nichkhun played a main character in the 12-minute music video drama, released on February 8, 2010.[5] Nichkhun also hosted JYP's talent competition, Superstar Survival.

In December 2009, he had been confirmed to star in 2010 film "The Shining Diploma",[6] but due to scheduling conflicts with the filming delays, he dropped out of the project in March.[7]

On June 2010, it was announced Nichkhun was to be a cast member to We Got Married, pairing up with Victoria of f(x). Khuntoria was the couple's name in We Got Married.

Nichkhun appeared in the music video of the single "Touch (觸動)" by Taiwanese Mandopop artist Wilber Pan, which premiered on January 31, 2011.[8]

In May 2011, 2PM Nichkhun was selected as the new 2011 models for Everland's Caribbean Bay Aqualoop CF.[citation needed]

In July 2011, on "2PM Show", he met the child actor Moon Mason, who had been called his lookalike since late 2009.[9]

In 2013, he finished filming for One and A Half Summer in China and Greece. It is the first time that Nichkhun played the lead in the Chinese TV play. He used English and Chinese to finish filming. It will be on air on June,2014.[10][11] He also appeared in Chinese drama One and Half summer along with fellow JYP actors Wei Daxun and Jia from Miss A.

In 2014, Nichkhun is set to star in yet another Chinese drama, called "Wishlist". Nichkhun introduced himself played a lawyer in the TV series "In Search of the Northern Lights", he admitted that this role a great challenge for him because the lawyer to be more serious, careful, mature, while he himself was a bit childish.He is also the Daddy-Long-Legs of the female lead at the same time.But then drama's name changed to 'Looking for Aurora'.

The press conference was held in Shenzhen on August 28, and saw the presence of Jiro Wang, Zheng Luo Qian, and Nichkhun who are leading the drama. The drama also revealed teaser clip and drama photos for the first time to the public. There was also an activity called ‘wish list – what do you want to do the most before you leave the world’, where the lead roles revealed their wishes, and also hear the wishes of fans.

‘Looking for Aurora’ revolves the theme of seeking the true meaning of life, and tells the heart-warming stories of love between couples, and family members in our everyday life. [12]

In 2015, Nichkhun will be a special guest on the sitcom.Sitcom's name is "Yes Sir My Boss" and this sitcom is Thai-drama. First episode will be on air at 20th Feb at true4u channel . [13][14]


Nichkhun is set to star in Japanese live-adaptation film Ouran High School Host Club as Lawrence, the president of a Singaporean corporation.[15]

In 2012, Nichkhun starred in the debut Thai film Seven Something.

In 2014, 2PM′s Chansung talked about his fellow member, Nichkhun, who appeared in a cameo in his new movie A Dynamite Family. 2PM′s Chansung Says Staff was Surprised by Nichkhun′s Cameo Acting, "Nichkhung appeared as a cameo, but I didn′t think he would deliver the lines like that. He was quite good." "After I had finished filming all my parts, Nichkhun came to film. He was supposed to act angry, and he pulled off the lines really well." Chansung added, "All the people on the set were all very surprised at Nichkhun′s acting, saying he did really well and that he was funny." [16]

In 2014, Nichkhun will cameo in the Thai movie Chalouis in.Despite Nichkun will be playing a small role in Thailand movie, (Chalouis), his fans are very much looking forward to see him acting. He has gained tremendous support from his fans in Thailand.This film's English name is Odd Couple.The story revolves around two young men in the countryside who want to become singers and decide to follow their dreams in Bangkok.Nichkhun shot his parts in Chalui for 12 hours a day. [17]

In 2014,Nichkhun is taking on a new role in the entertainment industry.2PM’s Nichkhun transforms into Boxing Manager for Chinese Show ‘Brave Heart’.Nichkhun took his first step forward as the boxers’ manager during the first episode of boxing reality program BTV’s Brave Heart aired on October 5. As the first boxing reality program, Brave Heart features boxing athletes selected out of 20,000 boxers around the world as well as four managers, namely Nichkhun, Taiwanese actor Godfrey Tsao, Chinese actress Zhang Langxin and Chinese actor Jiang Wu. Brave Heart airs every Sunday through Beijing TV and online streaming site Youku Todou.[18][19]

In 2014,2PM's Chansung and miss A's Fei were spotted filming for the Chinese dating reality program 'If You Love'!The show will feature six male and female celebrities including Chansung, Fei, Sunny Wang, Sun Jian, and Liu Yan with Nichkhun as a special guest.

Personal life[edit]

On April 3, 2014, Nichkhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany were confirmed to be currently in a relationship since December 2013.[20][21][22]


Boy band 2PM’s Nichkhun has been selected as an ambassador of the KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency). The agency was established by the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1991 to assist developing countries for better living conditions.

Besides Nichkhun, the KOICA has also officially assigned actress Park Boyoung, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha and actor Park Sangwon as ambassadors at an event that was held at the KOICA office in Gyeonggi-do on November 25, 2013.[23]

From Korea to Thailand, 2PM’s Nichkhun Continues To ‘Open Happiness’ with Coca Cola.[24]

2PM’s Nichkhun chosen as YONEX South Korea ambassador.2PM’s Nichkhun has been chosen as the first celebrity to be the brand ambassador for Japanese sports equipment brand, YONEX, in South Korea.A representative of the brand stated that Nichkhun was chosen because of his manly image and his well-known ability to play badminton.[25]

BANGKOK, 9 April 2013 – UNICEF Thailand today announced two new celebrity supporters, Paula Taylor and Nichkhun Horvejkul, who have been named as the first two “Friends of UNICEF” for Thailand. In mid-March, Nichkhun visited an economically disadvantaged community in Bangkok that is home to many children who have to work on the streets to help bring in income for their families. While talking to and playing with the children, Nichkhun also learned the many problems they face in daily life.

“The children in this community spend a lot of time working on the streets, and because of this they miss many days of school, which hurts their opportunity to get a good education,” Nichkhun said. “By being on the streets, these children are also at great risk of abuse and exploitation.”[26]

2011 Nichkhun became a wax model for Madame Tussauds Bangkok. Nichkhun, to be the first K-pop singer to enter the Madame Tussaud’s. Nichkhun is the first Thai person to have passed the stringent audition process of JYP Entertainment.

Nichkhun was listed as one of the 40 most internationally acclaimed Thais by The Nation.[27]


Main article: 2PM Discography

Thai songs[edit]

  • 2008: "We Become One"
  • 2009: "Let's Take a Break"
  • 2009: "Cute"

Korean songs[edit]

English songs[edit]

Japanese songs[edit]

  • 2014: "So Wonderful"


Year Artist Song title Album
2011 Wilber Pan ft.Nichkhun "觸動(Touch)" 808

Original soundtrack[edit]

Year Song Title Album
2011 "My Valentine" (with J.Y. Park & Taecyeon) Dream High OST
2014 "Let it Rain" One and A Half Summer OST


Television drama[edit]

Year Title Role Network
2010 All My Love Cameo as Ok Yub's human subsitute (ep 16) MBC
2011 Dream High Cameo as Ri Ah's CF partner (ep 8) KBS2
Welcome to the Show Nichkhun SBS
2014 One and A Half Summer Zhang Hao Dragon TV
Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Mataichi NTV
2015 Looking for Aurora Wang Yi Lin LETV


Year Title Role Notes
2012 Ouran High School Host Club Lawrence The film was released on March 17, 2012 (Japan)
Seven Something(Rak Jet Pee Dee Jet Hon) Produced by GTH, was released July 26, 2012 (Thailand)
Beyond the ONEDAY ~Story of 2PM & 2AM~ Himself (Japan)
2014 Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Mataichi (Japan)
2014 Five Eagle Brothers Cameo as policeman (Korea)
2015 Chalouis Cameo Thai movie[28]

Variety shows[edit]

Year Title Network Role
2008 Hot Blood Men Mnet Himself-Pre-debut days
Yashimmanman Season 2 (SBS) Himself
Schoolympic Happy Sunday (KBS) Himself
2009 2PM Wild Bunny (Mnet) Himself
Sunday Sunday Night Body Body Body Himself
Woody Talk Show Thai Himself
Punch!Punch! <NA> Himself & Chansung
2009–present : Star King (SBS) Himself
2010 We Got Married (MBC) KHUNTORIA 2010-2011
Running Man -current (SBS) 4-5, 19, 40, 50-51,104, 195 Himself
Strong Heart (2010 -2013) (SBS) Himself
MCountdown as MC (for 3 month) Himself
Happy Together(Korean Show) (KBS2) Himself
2011 2PM SHOW (SBS) With 2PM
Running Man in Thailand (SBS) With Kim Min-jung
Dream Team (KBS) Himself
Hello Korean Star YAAKTV -Thai With 2PM
2012 2012 KOICA’s Dream (MBC) Himself
Woody Talk Show Thailand Himself
Night Society Show Thai Himself
2013 NHK Music Japan Japan (2PM)
Incarnation SBS (Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Chansung)
MBC Radio Star [Broadcast] with 2PM
VITAMIN KBS2TV (Khun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung)
Mamma Mia (KBS) Himself
Korean Talk Show Hello KBS2 Himself
Strong Heart 2 SBS (Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Chansung)
Sketchbook KBS2 with 2PM
Dreamteam Season2 KBS2 with 2PM
TV TOKYO’s B Kyuu News Show Japan with 2PM
KTV’s mu-Jack Japan with 2PM
MTV “MTV A Class : 2PM” Japan with 2PM
Mezamashi TV ‘Maruze no Hanamichi’ Fuji TV with 2PM
Space Shower TV Plus Japan with 2PM
MTV “2PM Music Video Selection” Japan with 2PM
NTV Happy Music Japan with 2PM
Super Star (china) Himself
2014 Music Billboard (china) Himself
C-radio idol true colors (MBC) Himself
Star Talk Show (china) Himself
Sina Show (china) Himself
Toudu Show (china) Himself
God&Goddess (china) Himself
Tonight 80's Show (china) with wei da xun
Top Chinese Music Special Segment (china) Himself
Youku All Star Show (china) Himself
Dream Music Charity Event (china) Himself
Happy Camp (china) with Wooyoung
SBS Gayo Daejun 2014 SBS MC with L,Jung Yong-hwa,Mino,Baro,Song Ji-hyo
If You Love! (China) Cameo ep 1&2
Brave Heart show (China) Himself (Box Manager)
2015 Idol Star Athletic Championship MBC with Chansung
Yes Sir My Boss Thai-Sitcom[29] Cameo (First episode will be on air at 20th Feb at true4u channel)

Music video appearance[edit]

Year Song title Artist
2007 Irony Wonder Girls
2010 The End is Coming 8Eight
2010 This Christmas JYP Nation
2011 觸動(Touch) Wilber Pan

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2009 Mnet 20's Choice Awards Hot Mr. Beauty Award Nichkhun Won
Tourism Authority of Thailand PR Ambassador [30] Nichkhun Won
2010 Nine Entertainment Awards (Thailand) Popular Vote Nichkhun Horvejkul Nominated
MBC Entertainment Awards Popularity Award We Got Married Won
Korea Jewerly Awards Diamond Award Nichkhun&Chansung Won
2011 3rd Bugs Music Awards OST of the Year "My Valentine" Nichkhun & Taecyeon Won
KBS Best Idol Icon Awards Icon of the year Nichkhun Nominated
Mnet Media Awards Most CHARMING Boy Nichkhun Won
MTV K’s very first Valentine King and Queen Valentine King Nichkhun Won
TVCF Awards 2011 Most Popular Cf Star Nichkhun Nominated
2012 Kerd Awards Kerd of the Year (Thailand) Nichkhun Won
TVCF AWARDS CF Model of The Year Nichkhun Nominated
Top Award in Thailand Rising Actor for Seven Something Nichkhun Nominated
6th.Nine Entertainment Awards The public's favorite actor Nichkhun Nominated
Komchadluek Popular Awards Popular Movies Seven Something(Thai film) Nominated
2013 STYEBIBLE.PH International celebrity collab NICHKHUN for Bench (Philippine clothing brand) Nominated
Nine Entertainment Awards The public's favorite celebrity Nichkhun Nominated [31]
Singapore Blog Awards Most Popular Overseas Celebrity Nichkhun Nominated
The Goodness Idol Thailand Awards The 9 Idols for The King Nichkhun Won
2014 n/a Asian's Male God Nichkhun Nominated[32]
2015 Microblogging Star 2014(China) Weibo Star Nichkhun Pending[33]
K-pop Gaon Chart Award Social Star Nichkhun Nominated
n/a Asian's Male God Nichkhun Pending[34]
Micro-star Magazine (Chinese) Star Scoreboard in February(Overseas) Nichkhun Pending[35]

Social contributions[edit]

  • Nichkhun is goodwill ambassador of Thailand since 2010.[54]
Year Title Work
2009 Tourism Authority of Thailand Promotional/Awarded Ambassador [36][37]
Children and Youth Human Rights Ambassador with 2PM Honorary Ambassador
G-Star with 2PM Promotional Ambassador [38]
2010 Ambassador of Seoul for Japan with 2PM Honorary Ambassador(2PM releases a new song 'Fly to Seoul (Boom Boom Boom)[39]
2011 Singapore Tourism Ambassadors with 2PM Promotional Ambassador [40]
Visit Korea Committee with 2PM Honorary Ambassador [41]
Save energy at 2 PM with 2PM Promotional Ambassador [42]
2012 Brands's Ambassador in Thailand Promotional Ambassador [43]
"Touch Korea Tour" with 2PM& Miss A Promotional Ambassador [44]
Ambassador of Peace in Japan with 2PM Honorary Ambassador [45]
Coway 2012 with 2PM Promotional Ambassador [46]
2013-current Seoul Hot Summer Sale 2013 with 2PM Promotional Ambassador [47]
LINE PLAY Brand Ambassador Promotional Ambassador [48]
KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Honorary Ambassador [49]
“Friends of UNICEF” for Thailand with Paula Taylor Honorary Ambassador [50]
2014-current YONEX,in South Korea Promotional Ambassador [51]
Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup in Thailand Promotional Ambassador [52]
K-Pop Expo in Asia with 2PM Honorary Ambassador [53]

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