Party of Italian Peasants

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Party of Italian Peasants
Leader Urbano Prunotto, Alessandro Scotti
Founded 1920 (1920)
Dissolved 1963 (1963)
Newspaper La Voce del Contadino
Membership  (1924) ? (max)
Ideology Agrarianism
Social liberalism
Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
Politics of Italy
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The Party of Italian Peasants (Italian: Partito dei Contadini d'Italia) was a small Italian political party founded in 1920.

Starting from social democratic and Christian social ideas, the party moved to an independent ideological position, with the sole goal to defend the small farmers against the great landowners. Its symbol was an ear between some grapes, and its newspaper was called La Voce del Contadino ('The Farmer's Voice'). The party, born in Piedmont, was never able to rise on a national plan, being limited to the Po Valley.

The party first contested the general election of 1921 and then the 1924 one, where it elected 4 deputies, before being forcibly disbanded by the fascism. After the war, it was re-built by Alessandro Scotti, who was elected deputy in 1946 and 1948. However, the Christian Democracy had strongly taken the representation of the agrarian interests, and the party was consequently marginalized. It survived only on local plan for many years, before being finally disbanded in 1963, merging with the PRI.