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Phoenix Natural Gas is the largest gas distribution business in Northern Ireland, being the owner and operator of the licence for the distribution network in the Greater Belfast area. The distribution business is responsible for the development of the pipeline network and also for providing a 24/7 operational and transportation service platform to suppliers under the rules of the company's network code. The ongoing investment within the Phoenix Natural Gas licence area does not attract any grant or support from local or UK government. The investment is a standalone private venture.

The Phoenix Natural Gas network currently extends to over 3000 kilometers of intermediate, medium and low-pressure mains, which distribute natural gas throughout the licence area, representing around 50% of the population of Northern Ireland. Approximately 70% of the gas infrastructure has been completed using 'No Dig' technology.

Phoenix Natural Gas manages the development of both the physical network and market in Greater Belfast; already some 140,000 customers have been connected to natural gas in the 12 years it has been available to them. the business is regulated under licence by the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation (NIAUR). A former subsidiary of British Gas, it has become separate since 2003.


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