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Opus Energy Limited
Industry Utilities
Founded 2002
Headquarters Northampton, England, UK
Key people
Charlie Crossley Cooke,(Chief Executive)
Fred Esiri (Chairman)
Products Electricity Gas
Revenue £369.4 million
£22.5 million
£16.9 million
Number of employees
526 (November 2013)
Website Opus Energy

Opus Energy Limited (trading as Opus Energy Limited, Opus Energy (Corporate) and Opus Gas Supply Limited) is an electricity and gas supplier, based in the United Kingdom, in Northampton.[1] It has an additional office in Oxford, UK. It was founded in 2002 by Charlie Crossley Cooke, Chief Executive. Opus Energy Limited is an independent supplier of power and competes against a number of larger energy companies in the UK.

In October 2014 Opus Energy was ranked in The Sunday Times Top Track 250 for the fourth consecutive year, in position 39.[2] Previously the business had been ranked 56th in 2013,[3] 129th in 2012 [4] and 186th in 2011.[2]


The company was established in 2001 as Oxford Power Holdings Limited. It was renamed Opus Energy Limited on 28 October 2010.

Currently 50.01% of the company’s shares are held by management, 20% are owned by Telecom Plus Plc and the remaining 29.99% of shares are held by International Power Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of GDF Suez .[5] Opus Energy and International Power Plc agreed a power supply contract which gives Opus Energy Limited access to the wholesale electricity markets.


Opus Energy Limited sources its electricity from renewable sources, natural gas (cleaner CHP), natural gas (CCGT), and coal.

Opus Energy provides a power purchase agreement product whereby it offers to buy excess power from companies who create their own renewable energy.[6]

Smart Meters[edit]

In 2007 Opus Energy began providing their customers with smart meters, a meter that records energy consumption and sends data back for remote reporting.[7] The company signed up to the Which? Smart Meter campaign in 2011, this campaign asks power suppliers to install meters without attempting to sell extra services or products.[8]

Opus Energy are also one of the first few energy suppliers to commence installing Smart Meters on gas supplies for their customers and the majority of smart meters installed are provided Free of Charge to the customer. They are on target to reach the Government expectations ahead of time and are pro-actively offering this service.

Sponsorship and Fundraising[edit]

In 2009 Opus Energy Limited began sponsoring a pommel horse gymnast, Daniel Keatings.[9] Opus Energy also sponsored the Sharp Novices' Hurdle horse race in Cheltenham in 2011 and 2012. As part of the sponsorship deal the race was renamed to the “Opus Energy Novices' Hurdle”.[10] During 2010/2011 Opus Energy Limited raised money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.[11] The company has pledged to continue working with the charity during 2011/2012.[12]

Opus Energy continues to support charities, as chosen and voted for by the staff ensuring the charities are chosen for their nature rather than what might 'look good' on the company portfolio. In 2015, they are supporting Rainbows alongside others.


Opus Energy invites all staff to take part in a survey annually to rate the company on key aspects of employee satisfaction and proactively implements incentives to ensure staff are not only happy but well looked after in and away from work.

The company hold six-monthly free events for all employees to attend, giving them something to enjoy and look forward to.


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