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Random! Cartoons
Format Anthology
Created by Fred Seibert
Starring Various
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13 (39 segments)
Running time 30 minutes (7 minutes per segment)
Original channel Nicktoons
Original run December 6, 2008 – August 14, 2009
Preceded by Oh Yeah! Cartoons
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Random! Cartoons is a spin-off of the Nickelodeon animation showcase Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Produced by Frederator Studios and Nickelodeon Animation Studios for the Nicktoons, it was premiered on December 6, 2008 and ended on August 14, 2009. As of August 15, 2009, the series currently reruns on Nicktoons.


Creator Fred Seibert[1] ordered thirteen full-length episodes for the show, which is also known as Oh Yeah! Cartoons fourth season.

Unlike Oh Yeah!, there is no host. On January 10, 2006, ASIFA-Hollywood hosted an advance screening of six shorts as well as a question and answer session with the filmmakers at the Nicktoons Studios in Burbank, California. Two of the shorts were selected to become television series and one of the shorts was selected to become a web series. Those shorts were Adventure Time, The Bravest Warriors, and Fanboy. Adventure Time began airing on April 5, 2010 on Cartoon Network. The Bravest Warriors, under the name Bravest Warriors, began airing on November 8, 2012 on Cartoon Hangover's YouTube channel. Fanboy, under the name Fanboy and Chum Chum, began airing on November 7, 2009 on Nickelodeon.

Despite not being picked up by any networks yet as of 2013, the shorts "Teapot", "Kyle + Rosemary", "Mind the Kitty" and "Hero Heights" have grown successful through the internet by being spun-off to different merchandises such as video games, artwork, fans, websites and online games.

In late March 2013, the show finally returned to a daytime airing slot at 10:00-11:00 am after only being aired two times a month at 5:00 am for a long time on Nicktoons.

List of shorts[edit]

Prod. No. Segment Creator Original airdate Synopsis Cast Series/Short
1 "Solomon Fix" Doug TenNapel December 6, 2008 A teddy bear named Solomon Fix is assigned to protect Ned, only that the child finds him lame. Rob Paulsen as Soloman Fix
John DiMaggio
Maurice LaMarche
"MooBeard the Cow Pirate" Kyle Carrozza December 6, 2008 Moobeard with his companion searches the treasure of the lost island of Hookamookapookalat. Billy West as Moobeard Short
"Two Witch Sisters" Niki Yang December 6, 2008 Twin witch sisters are causing magic-induced havoc at a park. S. Scott Bullock as Dorothy
Dee Bradley Baker as Carrot
Candi Milo
Niki Yang
2 "The Finster Finster Show!" Jeff DeGrandis December 7, 2008 Two Finsters battle anthrophomorphic frozen chickens in the supermarket. Short
"Adventure Time" Pendleton Ward December 7, 2008 Penn and Jake battle the Ice King to save Princess Bubblegum. Zack Shada as Pen
John DiMaggio as Jake
Paige Moss as Princess Bubblegum
John Kassir as Ice King
TV Series
"Mind the Kitty" Anne Walker December 7, 2008 Three teens have to babysit a psycotic kitten girl. Short
3 "Ivan the Unbearable" Andrew Dickman December 13, 2008 A clumsy viking gets hiccups that causes destruction. Short
"Boneheads" Polygon Pictures December 13, 2008 Roccos and Bone search for babanas. Short
"Tiffany" Adan Henry December 13, 2008 A doll must help her friend overcome a fear of horses. Short
4 "Hero Heights" Raul Aguirre Jr., Bill Ho December 27, 2008 In a town where everyone's a superhero, two best friends fight over the new girl in town. Short
"Yaki & Yumi" Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft December 27, 2008 A bat and a dragon participate in a dance competition. Candi Milo as Yumi Short
"Gary Guitar" Bill Plympton December 27, 2008 A guitar tries to make a picnic for his girlfrend, in educational format. Short
5 "Call Me Bessie!" Diane Kredensor, Dana Galin December 20, 2008 A cow enrolls her friend in a scuba-diving class...but her friend does not want to go! Short
"Teapot" Greg Eagles December 20, 2008 Two African-American kids that are fans of rap music are going to meet a famous rapper. Greg Eagles Short
"Hornswiggle" Jerry Beck December 20, 2008 Jeff Bennett
Maurice LaMarche
6 "Krunch and the Kid" Adam Henry January 3, 2009 Kevin Michael Richardson as Krunch
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
"Bradwurst" Jason Plapp, Angelo di Nallo January 3, 2009 A grumpy sausage sabotages his friends' party. Tom Kenny as Bradwurst Short
"Dr. Froyd's Funny Farm" Bill Burnett, Jaime Diaz January 3, 2009 Dr. Froyd needs someone to test out a science experiment, but none of the animals on his funny farm want to! Nika Futterman
Candi Milo
Charlie Adler
7 "The Bravest Warriors" Pendleton Ward January 10, 2009 Chris, Beth, Wallo, and Danny save the brain dogs from the tickle monster. Charlie Schlatter as Chris
Tara Strong as Beth
Dan Finnerty as Wallo
Rob Paulsen as Danny
Web Series
"The Dangerous Duck Brothers" Patrick Ventura January 10, 2009 Two ducks want to crash the dangerous record Short
"Sparkles and Gloom" Melissa Wolfe, Anne Walker January 10, 2009 Sparkles and Gloom, two daughters of handsome prince and an evil witch, have their powers switched before the talent show at the Geevil School, where good and evil are best friends. Kari Wahlgren as Sparkles
Jessica DiCicco as Gloom
8 "The Infinite Goliath" Mike Gray, Erik Knutson January 17, 2009 A super villain on parole moves into a neighborhood. Kevin Michael Richardson as Infinity Goliath
Darran Norris
"Kyle + Rosemary" Jun Falkenstein January 17, 2009 A geek and a goth who play MMORPG games must break their shells to be together Short
"Garlic Boy" John R. Dilworth January 17, 2009 A garlic with a healing tonic wants to do good for folks. Short
9 "Flavio" Mike Milo January 24, 2009 An Italian goat wishes to be an inventor. Rob Paulsen as Flavio Short
"SamSquatch" Adam Muto January 24, 2009 A cryptid hunter finds a Bigfoot named SamSquatch Daran Norris Short
"Girls on the Go" Aliki Theofilopoulos Grafft January 24, 2009 Short
10 "Victor the Delivery Dog" Niki Yang January 31, 2009 Victor has to make deliveries before dinnertime. Short
"Bronk and Bongo" Manny Galan, Alan Goodman January 31, 2009 Short
"Thom Cat" Mike Gray January 31, 2009 A talking cat (surprising to everyone) helps a troubled girl from a bully. Short
11 "Sugarfoot" Erik Knutson April 4, 2009 A boy whose a fan of cowboys and dinosaurs goes to a field trip to a museum with both of his interests while dealing with a bully. Charlie Schlatter as Sugarfoot
Dee Bradley Baker as Socko and Delivery Man
Jennifer Hale as Ms. Penelope
"Dugly Uckling's Treasure Quest" Guy Vasilovich April 4, 2009 Short
"Dr. Dee and Bit Boy" Seo Jun-Kyo, Kang Yo-Kong, Larry Huber April 4, 2009 Two kids and a scientist in a dog suit stop a corporation from creating a donut addiction. Short
12 "Super John Doe Jr." Lincoln Peirce April 11, 2009 A superhero loses his powers but one of his fans gets them instead. Jim Connor as Super John Doe
John Zee as Mayor
Marc Graue as Anchorman
Betsy Foldes as Moma
Kimberly Brooks as Super John Doe, Jr.
David Shaughnessey as Blimey
Sandy Fox as Robin
Andy Morris as Evil Butthead
"Six Monsters" Alan Goodman, Dave Pressler, Fred Seibert April 11, 2009 Adventures of six monsters in high school presented in different styles of animation Jeff Bennett as Grandpa, Gaillard
Chuck McCann as Buck
John DiMaggio as Roy
Nika Futterman as Cathy
Teresa Ganzel as Lulu
"Ratzafratz!" Karl Toerge, Jim Wyatt April 11, 2009 Three hungry rats must escape a security guard Jess Harnell as Crank, Man at Cookie Nook
June Foray as Mall Walker, Old Man #1, Man at Garbage Can
Debi Derryberry as Pop Singer, Teen at Cookie Nook
Scott Fresina as Urban
Jim Wyatt as Cyrus
Don Cameron as Swuawk, Old Man #2
13 "Squirly Town" Doug TenNapel August 14, 2009 Short
"Fanboy" Eric Robles August 14, 2009 Fanboy and Chum Chum buy their first Frosty Freezy Freeze. David Hornsby as Fanboy
Nancy Cartwright as Chum Chum
Don LaFontaine as Announcer
Jeff Bennett as Fanman and Lenny
Kevin Michael Richardson as Ice Monster
TV Series
"HandyCat" G. Brian Reynolds, Russ Harris August 14, 2009 Short

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