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Round Table Pizza
Type Private (Employee-owned)
Founded 1959
Menlo Park, California, United States
Founders William R. Larson
Headquarters Concord, California, United States
Number of locations 500+
Round Table in Menlo Park, relocated to 1225 El Camino Real from its original location at 1235 El Camino Real.[1]

Round Table Pizza is a large chain of pizza parlors in the western United States. The company's headquarters are located in Concord, California.[2]


The company was founded in 1959 by William R. Larson Sr. (1933–2006).[3][4] The company opened its first restaurant in Menlo Park, California.[5]

In 1961 a friend of Larson's drew some sketches of members of King Arthur's court eating pizza, and Mr. Larson then adopted the King Arthur theme for his restaurants.[3] The three shields in the official logo were added in 1970, and are intended to symbolize the letters "F-U-N."[3] Round Table Pizza began to expand through franchising. Larson sold his restaurants to a group of investors in 1979.[6]

From around 2003 until 2005, Round Table Pizza's official mascots were two muppets, Matt and Marcus, who appeared in the company's television commercials.[7] In the third quarter of 2007, Round Table Pizza's mascot became the Pizza Knight, "defender of family night."[8] The current spokesperson features the "pizza whisperer."

As of 2007 there were more than 500 franchised and company-owned locations,[5] located in Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Round Table Pizza now has seven branches in Dubai and is expanding to additional locations in Asia, including Mongolia and Vietnam.

On Wednesday, February 9, 2011, the company filed a petition for protection under Chapter 11 with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Oakland. This action did not impact Round Table’s 148 franchisees that operate 355 independently owned Round Table Pizza restaurants on the West Coast. Round Table Pizza, Inc. said that it would close some unprofitable, company-owned restaurants but stressed that most of its company-owned locations and all of its franchised locations will remain open, with minimal impact on consumers.

In December 2011, Round Table emerged from Bankruptcy Court The Consensual Plan of Reorganization provides for 100 percent repayment of obligations to its secured and unsecured creditors and for its employee owners to retain 100 percent ownership of the company. The company is 100 percent employee owned, with ownership spread among 2,500 current and former employees. According to the company’s bankruptcy attorney, Scott McNutt, “It is unusual, maybe unique, for a company to emerge from Chapter 11 in ten months, pay all creditors 100 percent, and preserve equity. The company’s successful reorganization is a testament to the strength of the Round Table Pizza brand and to management’s restructuring efforts and relentless focus on retaining ownership for its employee owners.”

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