Uan Muhuggiag

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Uan Muhuggiag is a place in central Libyan Sahara, and the name of a mummy found there in 1958 by Professor Fabrizio Mori. The mummy, a small boy who is of black African origin displays a highly sophisticated mummification technique as like the Egyptian and when carbon dated the mummy was around 5,600 years old which makes it much older than any comparable Ancient Egyptian mummy.

The culture that produced the mummy were cattle herders, and occupied much of North Africa, at a time when the Sahara was a savannah. Possible links with later Egyptian culture have also been found, including the representation in rock art of dog-headed human figures (resembling Anubis), and a type of pottery decoration later found in the southern Nile valley.


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Coordinates: 24°54′N 10°22′E / 24.900°N 10.367°E / 24.900; 10.367