Wen Yang (Three Kingdoms)

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Wen Yang
Simplified Chinese 文鸯
Traditional Chinese 文鴦

Wen Yang (238 – 291), style name Ciqian (次骞), was a military general of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. Wen Yang was the son of Wen Qin. It is said that Wen Yang's real name is Wen Shu, but carried "Yang" as his childhood name up into adulthood. Wen Yang wielded his famous steel whip and was compared to Zhao Yun with his uncomparable skill in battle. Wen Yang alone faced off against many troops that were under Sima Shi during Wen Yang's assistance of the rebel leader Guanqiu Jian. After Wen Qin ended up being killed, Wen Yang then went on to rejoin Cao Wei.He later Serve under the Jin Dynasty

Modern references[edit]

Wen Yang is first introduced as a playable character in the eighth installment of Koei's Dynasty Warriors video game series.

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