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Industry Internet Advertising
Founded 2012
Headquarters U.S.
Parent (1996–2005)
SBC/AT&T (2005-2006, 60%; 2006-2012, 100%)
BellSouth (2005-2006, 40%)
YP Holdings (2012-present)
Website, rebranded as in 2002, is an Internet web site operated by YP that employs a very aggressive, vast army of scripted telemarketing and field sales representatives to sell preferred positioning on their site, in addition to marketing additional products that purport to move their clients' businesses toward the front of major web search engine pages. It was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T.[1]


YP, the developer of, was acquired by Cerberus Capital Management in 2012.

Both sites' operations (SMARTpages and RealYellowPages) were merged into in 2005. As a result of SBC Communications' merger with AT&T, the post merger AT&T wholly owned an additional telephone directory website, though owned by AT&T Knowledge Ventures, was never merged into due to stake conflicts with BellSouth. The acquisition of BellSouth by AT&T on December 29, 2006 led to both companies being wholly owned. The AT&T family includes and 1-800-YellowPages.

In July 2014,'s YPMobile application for the iPhone was ranked #37[2] out of the top 100 applications downloaded for Apple's smartphone.

BellSouth and SBC purchased reportedly for US $120 Million. The companies formed a joint venture to run the business. The two companies had been working together on another joint venture called Cingular, a wireless carrier in the US. Each company had its own Online YellowPages: BellSouth owned and SBC owned The two sites effectively merged into the newly acquired

In 2005, SBC acquired AT&T and took on the stronger AT&T brand. One year later, AT&T acquired Bellsouth for US $67 Billion. At this point, the business was no longer a joint venture but, instead, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T.


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