Telephone numbers in Cape Verde

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Cape Verde telephone numbers
CountryCape Verde
Access codes
Country calling code+238
International call prefix00

The following are telephone codes in Cape Verde.


Telephone numbers in Cape Verde are 7 digits long (except for special 1xx codes), and must always be dialed in their entirety (a closed dialing plan). The first 3 digits of a fixed-line (non-mobile) number correspond to its geographic area. Calls within a given 2xx area, and between certain areas, are considered local calls and priced accordingly. Mobile numbers have no geographic area, and calls to or from national mobile numbers are treated the same regardless of location.


On July 3 2004, 2 was prepended to all fixed-line numbers, and 9 to all mobile numbers, increasing the number length to 7 digits.[1]

Calling format[edit]

  • xxx xxxx - calling inside Cape Verde
  • +238 xxx xxxx - calling from outside Cape Verde

The NSN length is seven digits.

Numbering plan[edit]

Number ranges[edit]

In all cases listed, when a 2x range is split between two islands, one takes 2x0 through 2x4, while the other takes 2x5 through 2x9.

List of fixed allocations[1]
Number range Area
22 Santo Antão
221 Ribeira Grande
222 Porto Novo
223 Paul
224 Coculi
225 Ponta do Sol
226 Chã de Igreja
227 Ribeira das Patas (Lajedos / Alto Mira)
23 São Vicente / São Nicolau
230 Mindelo
231 Mindelo
232 Mindelo
235 Ribeira Brava
236 Tarrafal de São Nicolau
237 Fajã
238 Praia Branca
24 Sal
241 Espargos
242 Santa Maria
25 Boa Vista / Maio
251 Sal Rei
252 Fundo das Figueiras
255 Vila do Maio
256 Calheta
26 Santiago
260 Praia
261 Praia
262 Praia
263 Praia
264 Praia
265 Santa Catarina
266 Tarrafal
267 Cidade Velha
268 São Domingos
269 Pedra Badejo
27 Santiago
271 São Lourenço dos Órgãos / São Jorge
272 Picos
273 Calheta de São Miguel
28 Fogo / Brava
281 São Filipe
282 Cova Figueira
283 Mosteiros
284 São Jorge
285 Nova Sintra
List of mobile/non-geographic allocations[1]
Number range Usage
800 Toll-free numbers
808 Non-geographic numbers (billed as local calls from anywhere in the country)[2]
9 Mobile phones
59 Mobile phones

Special numbers[edit]

  • 102 - Information
  • 130 - Hospital
  • 131 - Fire protection
  • 132 - Police


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