Ögii Lake

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Ögii Lake
Ogii lake.jpg
Ögii Lake side in 2010.
Location Arkhangai Province
Coordinates 47°45′39″N 102°46′02″E / 47.76083°N 102.76722°E / 47.76083; 102.76722Coordinates: 47°45′39″N 102°46′02″E / 47.76083°N 102.76722°E / 47.76083; 102.76722
Basin countries Mongolia
Max. length 7.9 km (4.9 mi)
Max. width 5.3 km (3.3 mi)
Surface area 25.7 km2 (9.9 sq mi)
Average depth 6.6 m (22 ft)
Max. depth 15.3 m (50 ft)
Water volume 0.17 km3 (140,000 acre·ft)
Surface elevation 1,337 m (4,386 ft)
Designated 6 July 1998

Ögii Lake (Mongolian: Өгий нуур) is a freshwater lake in eastern Arkhangai, in central Mongolia. The lake, designated as a Ramsar Site of International Importance, is known for its fish and for birdlife. It is a stopover point for migrating waterbirds of the family Anatidae. Almost half the lake is less than 3 m deep.[1]

There are several ger tourist camps around the lake, as well an information and training center.

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