Sangiin Dalai Lake

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Sangiin Dalai Lake
Sangiin Dalai Lake, Mongolia, Landsat.jpg
Locationbetween Khövsgöl and Zavkhan aimags
Coordinates49°15′N 99°00′E / 49.250°N 99.000°E / 49.250; 99.000Coordinates: 49°15′N 99°00′E / 49.250°N 99.000°E / 49.250; 99.000
Typesalt water lake
Primary outflowsnone
Basin countriesMongolia
Max. length32 km (20 mi)
Max. width12 km (7.5 mi)
Max. depth30 m (98 ft)
Surface elevation1,988 m (6,522 ft)

Sangiin Dalai Lake (Mongolian: Сангийн далай нуур) is a salt water lake in northern Mongolia, located at the border between the Tsagaan-Uul, Shine-Ider, and Bürentogtokh sums of Khövsgöl aimag, and the Ikh-Uul sum of Zavkhan aimag. It is surrounded by mountains, hills, and rocks. The 8.4 MwBolnai earthquake occurred nearby on July 23, 1905.

In the middle of the island lays the remains of the Khökh Bürd Süm, a 10th-century temple, later a temple built in the 18th century.[1]


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