17th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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17th Brigade
17th Infantry Brigade
British 17th Infantry Brigade.svg
17th Infantry Brigade Formation Sign.
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Part of8th Infantry Division
6th Infantry Division
EngagementsFirst World War
Second World War
Montagu Stopford
Dudley Ward

The 17th Infantry Brigade was an infantry brigade formation of the British Army which provided active service in the Second Boer War and both the First and Second World Wars. It was mainly composed of Regular Army battalions.


Second Boer War[edit]

During the Second Boer War, the 17th brigade was active in South Africa as part of the 8th Division from early 1900 until the war ended in 1902.[1] It was under the command of Major-General John Edward Boyes, and included the following battalions:

First World War[edit]

The 17th Brigade was originally part of the 6th Division during the First World War,[2] The commander was Brigadier General W.R.B. Doran CB DSO on mobilisation.[3] It was transferred to the 24th Division, a New Army division, on 14 October 1915.[2] The brigade saw service mainly on the Western Front.[2]

Component Units in World War I[edit]

On mobilisation - August 1914[edit]

Component units included:[2]

November 1918[edit]

Component units included:[4]

  • 8th (Service) Battalion, Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)
  • 1st Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
  • 3rd Battalion, Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own)
  • 17th Trench Mortar Battery

Second World War[edit]

The Brigade served with the 5th Infantry Division through most of the Second World War.[5] On 5 May 1942 it was part of Force 121 in the invasion of Madagascar.[5] After this, the 17th Infantry Brigade served in the invasion of Sicily with the British Eighth Army and the Italian Campaign before taking part in the closing stages of the campaign against Germany.[5]

Component Units in World War II[edit]

Component units included:[6]


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