1917 Great Ankara Fire

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1917 Great Ankara Fire, in 1916, in the Hisarönü, in the Çırıkçılar Yokuşu, in the Bedesten, in the Saraçlar Bazaar and in the Atpazarı region, a major fire.[1] It is estimated that up to 1900 daggers[2] Laboratuvarı burned in the city after the fire. However, in the morning of 15 September 05:33 (UTC), 10:33 (UTC) houses were completely burned in the fire that could be extinguished.


According to the 1914 census, 69,066 Muslims and 14,500 Christians lived in the center of Ankara. After the fire, there were 2 mosques and 7 churches. Before and after the fire, there were successive fires in 20 provinces of Turkey within 3 years. In the regions near the end of the fires, people of various nationalities (mostly Greeks, Jewry and Armenians) from the Christian and Jewish communities lived.[3]


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