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Events in the year 1942 in Norway.



  • 1 February - Vidkun Quisling is appointed as the Minister-President of Norway by the German occupiers despite strong opposition.
  • 12 February - Vidkun Quisling meets Adolf Hitler.
  • 13 March - Vidkun Quisling restored the so-called "Jewish paragraph" of the Norwegian Constitution which forbade Jews to enter or settle in Norway (This paragraph was originally abolished on July 21, 1851). This paragraph was in force until 1945. Quisling was convicted after the war on illegal amendment of the Constitution.
  • 15 April - About 500 Norwegian teachers are sent to forced labour in Kirkenes.
  • 30 April - German forces destroy the entire Norwegian fishing village of Telavåg as a retaliation action after having discovered four days earlier that two men from the Linge company were being hidden in the village.
  • 25 September - Allied bombers tried to bomb the Victoria Terrasse building in Oslo, which was used as the Gestapo headquarters, but missed the target and instead hit civilian targets. 4 civilians are killed.
  • 6 October - Martial law is declared in Trondheim: During this time, 34 Norwegians were murdered by extrajudicial execution.
  • 21 October - The German prisoner ship Palatia is sunk off Lindesnes by a Royal New Zealand Air Force torpedo bomber, in the second deadliest ship disaster in Norwegian history
  • 26 October - All Jewish men in Norway over 15 are arrested; all Jewish property is ordered confiscated. See the Holocaust in Norway for more.
  • 17 September - The prime minister Vidkun Quisling reintroduces the death penalty
  • 24 November - All Norwegian Jewish women and children are arrested.
  • 26 November - 548 Norwegian Jewish men, women and children are transported on the ship SS Donau to Stettin. And from there they were later taken by train to Auschwitz concentration camp. Only eight of those deported on the SS Donau survived.

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