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List of years in Australian television

This article is a summary of 1980 in Australian television.


  • 20 January - The 0/10 Network became known as Network Ten to reflect ATV moving from channel 0 to channel 10 – although the Brisbane station continued to broadcast as TVQ-0 until 10 September 1988 when the station changed to TVQ-10. In 1987 Adelaide's Network Ten affiliate (SAS-10) and Seven Network affiliate (ADS-7) successfully negotiated to exchange affiliation rights and channel frequencies due to ownership problems. On 27 December 1987, the exchange came into effect and ADS-7, owned by the same owners as the main Network Ten stations, became ADS-10 with SAS-10 converting to SAS-7, operated by TVW-7 in Perth.
  • 30 January - Australian sitcom Kingswood Country (a spinoff of the Australian comedy sketch series The Naked Vicar Show) starring Ross Higgins premieres on Seven Network.
  • 27 May - British comedy drama series Minder premieres on ABC.
  • 14 July - A remake of the 1970s Australian game show Great Temptation called Sale of the Century premieres on Nine Network and becomes the biggest hit of the year. Tony Barber who has previously hosted Great Temptation will return to host this remake along with new co-host Victoria Nicholls.
  • August - TV Times and TV Guide magazines are amalgamated into TV Week.
  • 4 September - Australian drama miniseries The Timeless Land debuts on ABC.
  • 24 October - Special Broadcasting Service was launched as Channel 0/28.
  • The 1980 Moscow Olympics are televised on Seven Network via satellite.



Program Network Debut date
Arcade Network Ten 20 January
Kingswood Country Seven Network 30 January
Sale of the Century Nine Network 14 July
The Timeless Land ABC TV 4 September
Home Sweet Home ABC TV 6 October
All in the Green Year ABC TV 20 October
Are You Being Served? Network Ten 1980

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Ending this year[edit]

Date Show Channel Debut
29 February Arcade Network Ten 20 January 1980
10 May Doctor Down Under Seven Network 12 February 1976
24 November All in the Green Year ABC TV 20 October 1980
1980 Ask the Leyland Brothers Nine Network 1976
1980 Super Flying Fun Show Nine Network 1970
1980 This Is Your Life Seven Network 1975
1980 Young Ramsay Seven Network 1977

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