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List of years in Australian television



New channels[edit]


Free-to-air television Domestic series[edit]

Program Network Debut date
Funky Squad ABC TV 24 April
Cheez TV Network Ten 17 July
Lizzie's Library ABC TV 6 November

Free-to-air television International series[edit]

Program Network Debut date
United Kingdom Victor and Hugo ABC TV 14 March
Spain The Wisdom of The Gnomes ABC TV 9 April
United Kingdom What-a-Mess ABC TV 3 May
United Kingdom Art Attack ABC TV 3 July
United States Rocko's Modern Life ABC TV 24 July
United States Fantastic Four (1994) Network Ten July
Canada Are You Afraid of the Dark? ABC TV 14 August
Canada The Busy World of Richard Scarry ABC TV 21 August
United Kingdom Avenger Penguins ABC TV 6 September
United Kingdom United States Canada Magic Adventures of Mumfie ABC TV 13 October
Canada The Real Story of ABC TV 7 November
Canada Katie and Orbie ABC TV 24 November
Canada The Legend of White Fang ABC TV 4 December
United States The Nanny Network Ten 1995

Subscription premieres[edit]

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on Australian subscription television that had previously premiered on Australian free-to-air television. Programs may still air on the original free-to-air television network.


Program Subscription network Free-to-air network Date
A-Team, TheThe A-Team[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Battlestar Galactica[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Benson[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Bionic Woman, TheThe Bionic Woman[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
B. J. and the Bear[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Dennis the Menace[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Dragnet[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Fonz and the Happy Days Gang[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Friday the 13th: The Series[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Gimme a Break![3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Incredible Hulk, TheThe Incredible Hulk[3] TV1 Seven Network April
Jeffersons, TheThe Jeffersons[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Knight Rider[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
McHale's Navy[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Miami Vice[3] TV1 Nine Network April
Rockford Files, TheThe Rockford Files[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
She Wolf of London[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
TJ Hooker[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Webster[3] TV1 [citation needed] April
Rugrats Rugrats[6] Nickelodeon ABC TV 23 October
The Simpsons Fox8 Network Ten 23 October

Television shows[edit]


Seven Network

Nine Network

Network Ten


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