1999 Istanbul bombings

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1999 Istanbul bombings
Location Istanbul, Turkey (geographical coordinates 41°00′44″N 28°58′34″E / 41.01224°N 28.976018°E / 41.01224; 28.976018)
Date March 13/March 14, 1999 (UTC+2)
Attack type
bombings and arson attack
Deaths 13
Suspected perpetrators
Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)

The 1999 Istanbul bombings were a pair of bombings that took place in Istanbul, Turkey on March 13 killing 13, and March 14, 1999, injuring 2. A third bomb was found in a Burger King outlet but successfully defused.

A Turkish court sentenced Cevat Soysal to 18 years and 9 months in prison on June 25, 2002, for allegedly having ordered the attack.[1] Kurdish sources have disputed this verdict and claimed he was framed for the attack by Turkish authorities.[2]

The attacks[edit]

  • Blue Market massacre: The March 13 attack was a petrol bomb that was detonated at a crowded shopping centre killing 13.
  • The March 14 attack was a bomb placed under a truck, injuring a soldier and a person suspected to had placed the bomb. The bomb was detonated at 7:50 pm local time in the Bahçelievler district.

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