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List of years in South Korean music

The following is a list of notable events and releases that happened in 2003 in music in South Korea.

Debuting and disbanded in 2003[edit]

Debuted groups and sub-units[edit]

Solo debuts[edit]

Disbanded groups[edit]

Releases in 2003[edit]


Date Title Artist Genre(s)


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
7 Like the Bible Big Mama K-pop
Hit Song NRG K-pop
Like Them Gummy K-pop
10 Massappeal CB Mass K-pop


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
1 First Tim Tim Ballad
7 Just Listen Se7en K-pop
18 Surprise Party Cleo K-pop


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
3 Devotion Baby V.O.X K-pop
17 1 Story Take Dance


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
2 더북 (The Book) Cha Tae-hyun Unknown
16 《2적 (2 Juck)》 Lee Juck K-pop
22 Jae, Gyebal Leessang K-pop


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
12 U;Nee Code U;Nee Dance-pop
18 2003 Summer Vacation in SMTown.com SMTOWN K-pop
27 Attic Cat OST Various OST


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
1 Summer Scent OST Various OST
7 Missing You Fly to the Sky K-pop
25 Bodyguard OST Various OST


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
13 Run Away jtL K-pop


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
3 The Third Eye Cherry Filter Rock
5 Drunken in Hip Hop Eun Jiwon K-pop
24 Fr.in.Cl. S K-pop


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
1 남겨둔 이야기 (Maybe) Dana K-pop
6 Run Away Lexy K-pop
21 Map of the Human Soul Epik High K-pop


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
22 Un-Touch-Able Lee Min-woo K-pop
26 Once N 4 All 1TYM K-pop


Date Title Artist Genre(s)
8 2003 Winter Vacation in SMTown.com SM Town K-pop
23 Stairway to Heaven OST Various OST
31 Winter Story Shinhwa K-pop

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