2008 FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships – Men's 25K

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2008 FINA
Open Water Worlds
5K men's 5K
women 5K
10K men's 10K
women's 10K
25K men's 25K
women's 25K

The Men's 25K race at the 2008 FINA World Open Water Swimming Championships was swum on Thursday, May 8, 2008 in Seville, Spain. It was the fifth of six events at the 2008 Open Water Worlds.

The 5-6 hour race began at 9:00 a.m., 15 minutes before the start of the Women's 25K race. The race was swum in the Guadalquivir River in the city center. 23 men swam the event, 18 f which finished.[1]

The race was held on a 5-kilometer course, which the swimmers looped through five times to reach the 25-kilometer distance of the race.[2]


All times in hours:minutes:seconds

Place Swimmer Country Time Notes
1 Maarten van der Weijden  Netherlands 5:04:01.1
2 Mark Warkentin  USA 5:04:01.6
3 Yuri Kudinov  Russia 5:04:02.4
4 Petar Stoychev  Bulgaria 5:04:08:0
5 Mohamed El Zanaty Abou El Maaty Mez  Egypt 5:04:21:2
6 Marco Mormentini  Italy 5:04:25.4
7 Mazen Aziz  Egypt 5:05:08.7
8 Brendan Capell  Australia 5:06:40.8
9 Daniel Katzir  Israel 5:06:45.2
10 Rostislav Vitek  Czech Republic 5:07:02.6
11 Josh Santacaterina  Australia 5:09:09.7
12 Dmitry Solovyev  Russia 5:09:32.3
13 Andrea Volpini  Italy 5:09:58.5
14 Stéphane Gomez  France 5:17:39.2
15 John Kenny  USA 5:20:22.3
16 Simon Tobin  Canada 5:22:58.4
17 Jan Posmourny  Czech Republic 5:39:22.7
18 Fouad Shkh Bakri  Syria 5:57:46.8
-- Leonardo Exequiel Bastiani  Argentina DNF
-- Csaba Gercsak  Hungary DNF
-- Saleh Mohammad  Syria DNF
-- Gilles Rondy  France DNF
-- Tihomir Ivanchev  Bulgaria DNF

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